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  1. Are you aiming for equal lengths with your layout. The space for the rear cylinder makes this a challenge!
  2. MLM

    E46 M3 V10

    and getting cheaper by the hour... http://www.nzherald.co.nz/business/news/article.cfm?c_id=3&objectid=11662600
  3. MLM

    E36 M3 Project

    Looks good though I hope I don't ever have to follow you anywhere - i have enough stone chips as it is!
  4. MLM

    E36 M3 Project

    Paint on the conical bolt face can cause the nuts to come loose, clean off the paint and it should improve. Also check the wheel to hub face is clean. Wheels look great btw
  5. I have done exactly as pictured using a CMM on my m42 cams to compare inlet and exhaust. I had to ask the operator nicely as it has to be done after-hours and takes a fair bit of set up. This generates a point cloud which is imported to cad. Can I ask what is your intent? Cam shops may have better processes for this. Edit - Are you asking for someone to create a cam profile from scratch FOR a cam shaft? or Create a cam profile FROM a camshaft? Your wording is for yet the picture is from...
  6. http://bimmersport.co.nz/topic/22291-tightening-torques-reference-document/#entry584833 May have what you need.
  7. Replaced the clutch slave cylinder on my e36. Had to improvise a pressure bleeder from a coke bottle which worked a charm. Tight arse mod of the month is a adjustable clutch pedal stop, or an washing machine foot..... Fits up perfectly (OEM on the right) not that a proper one costs much https://www.turnermotorsport.com/p-3807-uuc-clutch-stop/ but you cant beat near free mods for almost zero effort.
  8. Soul for me is a descriptor of of character. Partially inherent in the design but also earnt over time. Does the old stuff have more soul, yes because it have been part of our psyche for a longer period of time, we learn to love the traits of a design good or bad. The new stuff hasn't had this effect yet so is perceived as less soulful even if the designs are equally good. increased cadence of model release makes it even harder to judge. Its also the cadence of model release where bmw could loose its way where designs only need to cover a shorter period of time. Design errors are tolerated because of this bringing with it short bursts of bad product. A "fixed in the next release" mentality combined with a arrogance of "you will have to buy the next model" marketing bs encouraging shorter design service life. The new car buyer will not notice, the second hand owner will damaging the brand name in that segment. I see this in many forms of product development. Is bmw doing this, have to wait till I buy my next "new" car...
  9. MLM

    E36 front shocks

    Anti roll bar...
  10. I like those speed bumps! In my street we have speed bumps however they do not always work. On occasion they are deliberately used as launch ramps or as a leading car slows for the bump the following car overtakes on the ramp, this usually incites a drag race to the next bump on a blind crest...our street is full of young children.
  11. Does this mod require a cert given the seat belt anchor is part of the eom seat and to remount it requires Modification? Or does the recaro have a seat belt anchor on it
  12. Kolbenschmidt? http://www.elringparts.co.uk/products/kolbenschmidt/
  13. The next vid in the queue is a compact that is impressively fast as well.
  14. Agree, its not a economic issue but an attitude one. Areas of the world pride themselves on doing thing correctly, efficiently and strive for improvement. Not minimum pass, scrape through and least effort. Kids roaming around the back seat, tailgating and other poor driving are the daily socially accepted standard so why strive for better...
  15. FEA is going to be a complex and difficult thing to do right. I suspect the cert guy has suggested it only because he is aware of it as a tool for stress analysis and probably doesn't understand the complexity of doing it right. Most mortals don't have the $$ or computing power to offer a real answer For a FEA to be done properly you will need to know the material thickness, type/grade, local existing connection strength ie spot welds? bonded? again what strength, single skin mullti skin let alone the accurate CAD to support this. You will need to know string rate for loading, assuming no solid loading is applied ie bumpstops and design this all to avoid fatigue etc. This will give you an indication of what's required. unless you did further testing to validate any assumptions. This work is long and complex to do right. For example your new design may be 4x stronger, but stronger than what? is the original strength known? Is the new design strong enough? Sorry im off on a tangent here but deal with this daily at work. One would hope the cert guy can be shown existing examples of structures which work in this configuration, and apply engineering judgement. Build it blatantly strong along side some known functioning examples will prove every bit as much and more than a FEA exercise. Hopefully some members can share their examples of what works.
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