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  1. What clutch and flywheel combo are you going with?
  2. Do you know what offset and width these are?
  3. Can anyone recommend a good source for 17" lips? Currently looking at http://www.felgenfuchs.de/en/Outer-Lips/17-Inch/ACSchnitzer-Outerlip-17.html
  4. Looking for the lower 4 point strut for my e36 coupe. Included bolts would be handy too. BMW part number #51-71-8-410-212
  5. The 8"s will fit and have a nicer dish over the 7.5"s but I agree the ET47 is a bit sunken for my taste. Spacers fix that up but that's not ideal..
  6. I have two 7.5" x 17 ET41 I think and four 8" x 17 ET 47. The 7.5"s are in grey same as my display pic. Two 8"s are white and two are silver peeling back to primer.. I collected these in search of my 8.5" square setup on the car now, so I could spare a set...
  7. Can I ask which car park? Had mine hit and run in the city civic during the day.. Would require police report for the security footage to be recovered
  8. Would the 325 be significantly lower than the 328 in the front? I'm curious what kind of guard rolling is involved.. I'm running 225/45r17 front
  9. Nusse


    Yea I'm working on my 8 to 18 button upgrade this weekend but later on down the track I'm interested in doing some further experimenting with OpenOBC.
  10. Nusse


    Does anyone here have experience with the OpenOBC modifications for the 18 button e36 OBC?
  11. Nusse


    Guess that settles it A nice Bridgestone deal on at the moment
  12. Nusse


    Can anyone recommend the S001s over the RE003s? People seem to think they are soft and knowing New Zealand roads I don't expect many kms from them.
  13. Cheers for the replies, went with the style 32s for now. Would love a pair of 17 x 8.5" et41 for the front though if anyone knows anything
  14. Yea how's the condition? Price?
  15. Looking for some 17" wheels for my E36. Options up to around $1000? I'm a fan of the CSL style and would love to find a replica 17" at a decent price but I'm open to ideas
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