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  1. Yep still in the area. Welcome to check out, always cool to compare e30s!
  2. Hi all. This car was posted in the for sale section earlier in the year and I ended up buying it to tidy up so thought I may as well show my progress so far. When I bought it it is misfiring badly, paint was peeling in many places, it looked like it had lived outside much of its life. The interior was all there but needed a good clean and some parts replacing. I stripped the car myself to get it resprayed ("closed door").The respray came out pretty well. It needed some rust repairs around the rear valence which turned out to be more than I first thought. I had to replace the drivers side door as hidden rust had taken out so much of the lip the door seal sits on (only saw this when removing the rubber for painting). A rust free door was pretty easy to find, I was worried as I had been told prefacelift and facelift doors are different (different trim, and one mount for the motor is different). I took a risk and purchased a door which I was told was prefacelift (maybe seller was wrong), turns out it was 100% identical to my door, so no worries there. I transferred over the facelift window motor and other components and trim with no issues. The misfire turned out to be a simple fix, i replaced the coils and leads and it now runs perfectly. I have spend nights and nights in the garage tinkering and tidying it up but a few things I did include; - replace all the seals in the boot inc. rear lights, boot vents behind pumper, and the aerial gromet. Water leaking into the boot caused almost all the rust in the rear. - Odometer had recently (according to carjam) stopped working, I ripped it apart and replaced the gears. Easy fix. - Replaced the headunit with one that doesn't look like total crap. Got some new speakers also. - Replaced the fuel neck rubber - Painted the black trim with SEM PAINTS 39143 TRIM BLACK spray paint, a product I would 100% recommend for any DIYer. I was going to just buy new bumper trims, they are not that expensive, however I thought I'd try this product first and I am totally happy with the results. - I tidied up a lot of the other black plastics with 'Solution Finish' which basically blackens faded plastic trim, another amazing product I'd recommend. - Replaced many many clips which were damaged when disassembling car, BMW clips are not cheap! - Gave the interior a thorough clean and replaced some odd bits. I ripped up the carpet to check for rust and found none thankfully. - The car had this totally bonkers hydraulic headlight adjuster system which was not working. It had a switch under the steering wheel which you can turn which would pump water to the headlights to adjust their angle. I ripped it out and replaced it with normal adjusters, no way I'm trying to fix that. The car is now by no means in show room condition, it has a rip on one of the driver seat bolsters (going to be a mission finding the proper fabric), and the dash is cracked. However these are things I can live with for now, as all I wanted was a nice weekend cruiser, not a show car. The lip, after painting and spending probably $60 on clips, has already been ripped off multiple times. The joys of iS lips, but at least it looks good. The car probably owes me around $25k now including the purchase price. I am happy with that for the condition it is now in. Even passed a wof! Here are some photos of current product, and some photos from along the way. Really should've taken more photos of the progress.
  3. 1990 BMW 316i just came up. Looks tidy, painted bumper trim looks a bit odd, but surely a manual facelift coupe in that condition will sell at that price. No sunroof is a bonus.
  4. If it's not that brand, they definitely have something very similar. Saw it there the other day
  5. Don't be afraid to buy off ebay either. I have bought a heap of stuff from Latvia and Lithuania and its all been good aftermarket, or genuine parts, and good prices with shipping.
  6. Depends what it owes him, $5 or $6k of paint work can still make a car look pretty good. A 320i 14 years ago was probably $2500.
  7. mark247

    E30 318is

    I purchased this car in the end. Needs an exterior respray, anywhere where it has seen sun the red paint is stuffed. The engine had a bad misfire which the owner said was a fueling issue, thankfully it was just a coil. Has a few other cosmetic issues, but all fixable. Drivers seat has a tear in a bolster, and the dash has cracks for Africa. Good bones though and drives nicely. Definitely keeping me entertained in the garage! Currently stripped for painting.
  8. Hi all, I'm selling my e39 as I want something smaller for around town as a daily driver. I purchased it when I was commuting regularly between Wellington and New Plymouth. I've done 40000km in the car in the last 4 years and it has been a great car to drive. In the time I have owned it I was replaced a few parts listed below new coils and plugs new cabin filters new crankcase ventilation breather new tyres, heaps of tread left new headlight lens (as one was badly chipped) new front shocks lower and upper front control arms rear bushings WOF expires 17/06/2022 Rego expires 12/06/2022 $2000 for bimmersport members Air con, cruise control, stereo etc all work well. On/Off knob on radio has stopped working however volume still works, probably a simple fix. 0272336690
  9. Sounds like a promising idea, but I'd be too afraid of making a mess!
  10. I have updated the description above as well as added some better photos and put the car on trademe (where there are even more photos) https://www.trademe.co.nz/Browse/Listing.aspx?id=1430576877
  11. That was my thoughts exactly when I bought it but it really isn't that bad in the flesh.. very 90s
  12. Thanks Pete. For its age I think it's pretty damn tidy, I wouldn't say mint but it's all there and hasn't be modified at all. It's a good reliable car also. I plan to take some photos this weekend when the sun is out.
  13. SOLD Hi all. I'm selling my very original e36. It has around 127,000km on the clock. Auto trans. I am the third owner and have only owned it for 5ish months and done about 9000km in it, mostly between Wellington and Napier. The owner I purchased it from had owned it since near new. I bought it to quickly replace my previous vehicle which was written off but now it is surplus to requirements. The previous owner had owned it for over 15 years and said the vehicle had recently had the waterpump etc done. I have no proof of this (his son is a mechanic and did it for him) but the car gets to temperature and stays there perfectly so I have no reason to not believe him. He seemed very genuine. From the factory it came with: - M Sports suspension (handles amazing)- Sports seats - M Sports package (the bodykit etc) - For the entire list type in ET20658 into www.bmwvin.com Since I have owned it I have put 4 new tyres on it and replaced the brake light switch. I have had the bonnet/guards panel/painted through insurance due to a decent stone chip. This car has a few minor blemishes (see photos) which pretty much all 3 series of this age have including: - saggy glove box, still works fine - door cards, as per photo, they are pretty good compared to most. - Paint peeling on spoiler - The roof could do with a decent polish, as it is fading a bit although I'd say its recoverable. - one minor supermarket scrape on the back left corner, and another one the bottom left of the front guard. Both are purely superficial. I have done 9000km in the last 6 months and it has run great. I cant fault the engine/transmission. $3800ono 0272336690 Car is now on trademe https://www.trademe.co.nz/Browse/Listing.aspx?id=1430576877
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