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  1. How much for the front 2 floor mats ?
  2. How does everyone go about changing their diff oil ? What oil should be used ?
  3. Cheers , thankfully I didn't pay much for it... thought people only stole badges 😕
  4. Go out to the car this morning and someone's decided to rip my spoiler off for themselves. Joy.
  5. I'll have a look. What you said about E87 compatibility is most likely the issue. Had a look on eBay for a new module but nothing for a good price.
  6. I listed the E81 as I thought I'd take advantage of the free list weekend, few nice cars got posted that I'm keen on (330ci). The FRM issue is something I've been meaning to sort out, I think it needs an FRM3 module instead of the FRM2 it has in it. Unless @NZ_InFerno tried an FRM3 to no avail? Funnily enough I have actually come to not mind the window issue as i usually just crack them open a bit anyway.
  7. duluth

    E46 330CI

    saw you talking about the clubsport on another topic so thought you might be interested in this
  8. You were considering selling your E61 530i no?
  9. If i remember correctly i saw a manual conversion sell on FB Marketplace for something like 3-4k This might interest you https://www.manheim.co.nz/damaged-vehicles/000000000006261915/2008-bmw-130i-hatch?referringPage=SearchResults
  10. Thats the spoiler i managed to snag 😁
  11. Drivers side coupe seatbelt for E46. Good condition just needs a wipe down after installation. $35 Located Auckland Central Can post at buyers expense
  12. https://www.trademe.co.nz/3095161405 Wow.
  13. Yep, just bought 3M outdoor mounting tape. Put strips around the edge of the whole spoiler with two strips in the middle just for peace of mind. Had my sister help me line it up so it sat in line with the part where the roof and back end meet. Oh and I wiped down each surface thoroughly with isopropyl alcohol and put pressure on the contact points for around 30 seconds. You can do it yourself but makes things a lot easier with two people, less chance of putting it on wonky.
  14. Hahah , with the spoiler on I'm almost leaning towards keeping the rod
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