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  1. Hi all I have a 2009 E91 335i LCI Japanese import. I'm wanting to do a trans service and replace the pan/filter etc. Just wondering if anyone can confirm whether I have a GA6HP19Z or GA6HP26Z transmission? It's LCI but still has the N54 engine. Thanks in advance
  2. I have an AUX Bluetooth adapter in my e91 335i and the call quality and music is perfect! Way less hassle than trying to integrate the OEM solution which is more than 10 years old now.
  3. I use Gull E10 in my 335i with zero issues!
  4. I'm about to buy a set of coils for my 335i, I was looking at the Delphi ones. Good reviews etc
  5. Interestingly enough, Eurosurgeon don't recommend a full flush. They only do a drain and refill. To do with releasing the sludge holding old seals together.
  6. Thanks guys. I'd be happy with $3-400 so will see how I get on.
  7. Hi all I have an OK (bit of curbing, scratches etc) condition set of Style 193 wheels off my E91 335. Tyres are shot. Any idea what they are worth roughly? Here's a pic from google of the same wheel.
  8. Still haven't got this sorted. Anyone got a e90/91 tow bar setup? If not is there a recommended one installed in Auckland?
  9. Still after a e91 335i tow bar setup if anyone has any leads!
  10. Yup I already have an aftermarket charge pipe, did that early on just to be safe!
  11. Ah sweet i'll look into a cable. I think i'll just go with the stage 1 and pair it with the Xhp trans flash. Good enough for a daily driver haha!
  12. I still need to get around to doing MHD on my e91 335i. What stage are you on? Have you got a recommended cable? I don't want to cheap out and get one that doesn't work.
  13. I bought a tidy 2009 335i LCI wagon about 9 months ago for $10700. It has done about 158000km's but has been well looked after. I have done the waterpump and thermostat so far, apart from that it has been smooth sailing.
  14. Pretty sure all M3 wheels are staggered so you must have a set of copies?? I have an E91 335i LCI and I have a set of Breyton 8.5" +35 235/35/19 (front) and 9.5" +30 265/30/19 (rear) which sit nicely! I had to trim the rear inner guard liner, but apart from that, no issues.
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