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  1. aw man definitely sounds like a big job for the dealer! BMW dealers would never use this right? Their mandate is to fix it with OEM parts?
  2. Managed to speak to my service dealer and they reckon it would be covered but just want to verify that's the problem. Hopefully it's all good. I was thinking about that, but did notice that my coolant tank was rather low when the message did show up.
  3. Ah yes the old valve stem seals. Was in the shop for about two weeks getting those sorted. I’m nowhere near qualified to even attempt to see what’s wrong with it. But it’s good to know what to look for. Are there any mechanics or anyone here that would know if this kinda work can be claimed under my Autosure MBI?
  4. I did it to mine the other month. Got a limcet box with CarPlay and works a treat. I paid around $650 for the box here in Auckland. I know you can order them cheaper online/overseas but figured I'd get it here from a shop so i've got the warranty etc. You can still access the CCC without any issues too which is great! Check out "Auto Retrofit NZ"
  5. So something I've noticed is that my 550i seems to be drinking coolant somewhere? I get the coolant level low warning come on. When I took it in to the dealer to get it serviced, they said just to monitor it - and using distilled water to "top it up" was okay. I went on to purchase some of the BMW coolant and mixed it accordingly, and topped it up. Generally I can go say 4-6 weeks without seeing the coolant level low message. Today I got the message again (3rd time) which makes me think perhaps there could be a leak somewhere? I'm not sure. I've had a look under the car and there hasn't been any visible leaks. Any thoughts? Would this be something I could call my mechanical insurance guys about if its serious? Seems like even diagnosing the problem may be time consuming? Thanks in advance - and happy driving
  6. Based in Auckland CBD @LemonHunter
  7. Was there a bulletin I can read about with this issue? I saw a chap on trade me selling new Century DIN88LAGM’s for about $500 which isn’t too bad.
  8. Thanks all! Will check out all the options. On a side note - how often should the batteries be changed?
  9. Hi All, Looking to replace my battery in the 550i and was wondering where the best place to purchase them from, and what "brand" is the current flavour of the month. Are there any pros to buying a Varta as opposed to a Century or Bosch? Looking like needing a DIN88LAGM. I am aware of the process of registering the battery as I have an IBS on it. Any info would be much appreciated! Happy driving!
  10. So I got my service report back for my 550i and they have indicated I need to have the front discs replaced when I change my pads next. 28.4mm is the minimum thickness and I am currently at 28.2mm. What sort of cost should I be expecting for something like this, and are there any recommendations on who would be able to carry this work out at some point? Auckland based. TIA.
  11. Does anybody know where to obtain a copy of NZ maps for the iDrive CCC system? I have read it’s a DVD rather than a HDD version. Some say there are maps floating around online but others have reported it needs to be coded specific to the vehicle so those maps may not work. I am aware the latest and final update was from 2014 or around that time. I was quoted something like $400 or so to have it updated in the shop (eeek). I don’t need it but my OCD definitely kicks in when trying to keep the car as stock standard and functional as possible, and driving through Japanese waters on the map messes with me ?? If it helps, my iDrive is the Professional version. TIA
  12. I've done a bit of reading on it - its very different from the normal jap cars aint it (sorry again as im new to euros!). I was thinking of getting it done properly because I did read somewhere there was a particular way of installing it so to not lose some kind of memory or code? Maybe I read wrong. Why exactly do you need to tell the DME that the battery has changed? Why does the car need to know that out of curiosity? I did read that on that bulletin that you posted thank you - i noticed it said not to change the body and do the wiring harness first.. So far, so good and nothing is out of the ordinary but they didnt really give me a report of what they did other than on the receipt saying "throttle body repair loom" so far, no message since ive given it a drive around or so. will keep an eye on it. I am assuming the IBS is the cable connected to the battery in the boot? Totally agree with your first point there - I still don't know what happened, what caused it and why it did what it did. I guess if continental deemed it a knock on affect from the previous issue, they could relay that to Autosure? Although I'm sure they wouldn't want to admit they didnt diagnose it correctly to start with.. Its a little bit hard too as the person I am dealing with at Continental is not actually a mechanic but a service consultant.. Interesting RE: battery. I was watching on YouTube a guy who has a similar vehicle (E60) - i think the channel was BMW Doctor and he mentioned it was beneficial that I purchase an ISTA-D setup.. I'm not too savy with car programming although I am knowledgeable in electronics (elec eng here). Would it be helpful to get a setup like that or shall I leave it to the professionals?
  13. Hmmm yeah okay - I actually thought my excess was something like $600 but in this instance it was only $350. Just for my understanding - do you think it’s each and every unrelated claim to the incident, or to every repair they did ie: first doing the wiring harness to then work out it wasn’t that and perhaps was say the alternator? Would it be my problem if it was diagnosed incorrectly?
  14. Good call - where’s the best place to buy a new battery for them from? Is there a way to test the voltage of the battery while it’s running using the iDrive system or would I need to get my multimeter out? Do you know what sort of voltage I should be expecting while it’s running vs when stationary?
  15. Well it turns out yes it was the TPS wiring harness. All sorted now - although I’m surprised they never mentioned anything about the high battery drain. As I left the shop, that message came up.
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