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  1. It is refusing to move out of park! Selector light stays in P. Yeah - I too am surprised they didn't change out all solenoids too. Yes it is an e-shift transmission and is the solenoids on the mechatronic unit. I am hoping the mechatronic unit is fine cause the devil be walking on earth if its stuffed. I was suggesting to the mechanic that I bring in my INPA/ISTA system to have a look but they have not said anything, and are relying on an aftermarket scanning tool. I did witness when I was there to collect it the first time, it wouldn't go into gear. The mechanic got in and was trying all sorts of things. As I got went to book an uber, miraculously the damn thing shifted into gear - which was what happened to me the first time i noticed it go bung. I'm pretty sure the battery is all good - i changed it last year from a standard battery to an AGM one, and updated it in INPA to reflect the change in battery and battery type.
  2. Yeah transmission fluid is correct. They also did a transmission fluid change as well when they did the first solenoid. it’s so bizarre what’s going on with it.
  3. Hi Team, Got a random one here for you. So few months ago I jumped in my e61 to drive off and the damn thing wouldn't go into Drive. I sat for a while and tried to put the car to sleep and wake up again and had the same issue. Eventually it got into gear so I took it to the workshop to have it scanned. Turned out one of the solenoids was gone in the tranny. All good, sent it to the auto transmission chaps to sort it out and replace. They did the job while I was overseas. I came back to pick it up, paid for it and was ready to drive off and the issue was still there. The mechanics said they fixed everything and it was all good the day before. They ran a diagnostic tool and it wasn't showing any errors that would cause that issue. Couple weeks later they called me to say that the 2nd solenoid had gone and that they are replacing it. I checked up today and the mechanic mentioned to me that it was very strange - when he got into the car to change the gear, it wouldn't go into gear, however when one of the other mechanics bounced on the back bumper, it then was able to change into gear. Has anyone seen this before or know what it could be? I know that the car doesn't go into gear if there isn't anyone in the drivers seat or if the door is open - could it mean an occupancy sensor is stuffed? If it is stuffed, would we see it on a diagnostic scan? Appreciate any advice. Cheers, Jimmy
  4. So got the report back today, including images of the things that need attention - keen for peoples thoughts on the suspension. Alternator Drive Belt AC Drive Rear Brake Hoses Rear Brake Hoses Rear Right Suspension (weeping)
  5. Sounds good - was just having a browse on FCPeuro - are those prices in NZD or USD? Looks like my car has the S704 M Sport Suspension. I'll wait to see the quote from the dealer which I'm sure will have what parts they are likely to be changing and see if I can buy those online and find someone to carry out the work. I've already fixed one of the problems (fender indicator) myself.
  6. Sounds good - do you have a recommendation of where to purchase the parts from overseas? Also, are workshops happy to install parts that I’ve supplied? I’ve had dealings in the past where they aren’t keen, and only want to install parts that they have supplied. I did see the trim needed to be removed in the e61 - I might do that myself to save them a bit of time. Re: shocks, I’m wondering if it was the shocks misting, or if they really are leaking.
  7. Nothing yet - they’re gonna give me a quote on Monday.
  8. So I just took my 550i in to have its service today at the dealer, and a few things came up that needed attention. My rear shock is leaking, and the brake hoses have surface cracks. I would think both need to be repaired as soon as possible. Does anyone have any recommendations on where would be a good place to get this work done? How complex is the repair job? There are some other bits that need attention ie: alternator/AC belt replacement due which I could look at a little later.
  9. Thanks man! I actually managed to get it sorted. Found a cable online that worked, and I used ISTA to do the registration then used NCSExpert & NCSDummy to do the coding - it seemed that my CAS was coded for a 90AH Standard battery even though there was a factory AGM installed. Updated it and all is good now.
  10. So just wondering if anyone has any leads or ideas where to get an IBS sensor for an e61? I suspect mine is faulty. thanks in advance
  11. Just popping in to say I managed to get a Century DIN88LAGM battery from Supercheap just before Christmas for $420 which was a bargain!
  12. Hi All, Just wondering if anyone has had any luck with registering a battery with an K+DCAN cable? Or any of those OBD scanners? I bought a while ago off TradeMe one of those cables and it worked with ISTA/INPA on my mates ‘06 E90 but not on my ‘09 E61. I did see Bimmergeeks selling those cables and considered buying one but shipping is probably gonna take a while. Or, if anyone has one they would like to part with? Happy holidays!
  13. nzpanda92

    E61 Wagon Project

    What sorta paint did you use to paint these? I have blacks on my E61, but just wanted to touch up some stone chips which has peeled a bit of paint off. Nothing major, but if you look closely enough, youll notice it.
  14. Another update in the coolant level low saga. The wonderful guys at BM Workshop replaced the expansion tank on the 550i without too many issues. Autosure did ask for proof for service history to make sure I was sticking to my service requirements. Anyway, Sunday morning I went to hop in my car and go for a drive. After parking up at the supermarket for about a half hour, I got back in and the ol' iDrive came up with a low coolant message again. Luckily I lived a 5min drive away so quickly shot home and let it cool down. After an hour or so I opened the expansion tank to find it really low - almost empty (noting that it was filled up when I had the tank replaced). I didn't have any coolant on me, so just topped it up with a bit of demineralized water and left it overnight. This morning when i went down to the garage I found that the car had leaked coolant all over the floor (hadn't done that in the last few days). Threw a bit more demineralized water into it and drove to BM Workshop (another 5 min drive from me). They checked it out today and informed me that it had a leaking heater tap assembly and is covered under Autosure as well. Forgive me for not knowing as I have bugger all knowledge of cars/engines etc, but what is the function of a heater tap? How do they work?
  15. howd you get on with this?
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