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Found 35 results

  1. Hi Guys, I've decided that I need another E30 in my life, and this time I planning to do it right. Rewind to 6 weeks ago, some friends and I are having a few drinks on a Friday evening. One friend was browsing facebook and mentioned that he found a '96 328i factory manual for sale. Only $1000 he said. This sounded too good to be true....and it was...sorta... The car was water damaged - I'm not 100% on the details, but something something Dunedin floods. Surely if it's a factory manual, the manual parts alone would be worth the money and effort. I thought about it for a while, and then tried to convince myself that it was a stupid idea and to forget about it...I failed. I called the guy, and told him I would take the car and pick it up tomorrow. The car was located in a wreckers yard in Dunedin. I managed to persuade a friend of mine with access to a car trailer and shop to make the trek from Christchurch down to Dunedin with me the next morning. Jumping forward a couple of days and this is my view: After decoding the VIN number of the car, it turned out the car was actually a factory automatic and must've been converted at some point. We started tearing into the car, and it quickly be came evident that, yes, this car was very water damaged. A thin layer of silt covered everything. As we dug deeper, things started to look worse (not unexpectedly). We found water sitting atop cylinder 1's intake valves, but 2-6 all looked perfectly fine. Draining the sump resulted in roughly 10L of water with mixed about 6L of chocolate milk...not great. Further investigation found that the car has a ZF 310 5 speed transmission, an OEM 328i dual-mass flywheel + clutch. Cool, at least the conversion looks like it was done properly. At this point I still hadn't decided what I wanted with to the parts from this car, But I'd been looking for a project car, and I felt I needed another E30 in my life. As it turned out, my friend's father has this little beauty that he's willing to sell. It's by no means perfect, but it's a straight, rust free, registered, '89 318i automatic coupe in my favourite colour (Delphin grey). A good starting point for my project E30. Jumping back to the present, I've pulled the engine and drivetrain out of the 328. The engine is sitting on a stand, and I intend on stripping it down and rebuilding it. Once it's ready, I plan to swap it into the E30 with the manual transmission. From there I plan to do new suspension, med-case LSD, wheels + tyres, and general tidying up. Eventually I would like to have the car's paint redone as it's a little rough in places. Looking at the task at hand, I know I have a fair bit of work ahead of me. But I'm ready for the challenge! Any help finding the various 24v swap components would be great. I know I need the sump, oil pickup, dipstick, and throttle cable from a 525i E34. Not 100% on what to do about the brake booster, although moving it over a bit seems like the easiest solution. The water-damaged ECU is toast, so I need a new one. I would like to keep OBD2. Thinking of getting a (red-label?) ECU and having it flashed (EWS delete, rear O2 delete, M50 manifold, maybe even a higher redline?) E28 535i engine mounts seem to be the way to go, although I've read mentions of an additional spacer is required? Subframe reinforcement is also something I want to do. I would like to use as much of the 328i's factory exhaust as possible as it's still in good condition. Not sure how much of a plain it would be to chop it up. I want to use the E36 radiator and do an electric puller fan conversion.
  2. Picked up a project for cheap that i’ll be building in to a hopefully reliable and presentable daily driver. 2001 Jap Import 530i Touring with 279,000kms What was really appealing is that it’s been fitted with a gen M5 front bumper but the factory xenons have been replaced with halogen headlights. That’s going to be sorted soon. It’s in pretty average condition but the paint and body panels are good which makes this an ideal project for me. The engine is a beaut too. The list of to do’s go something like... -Front Suspension o’haul including msport shocks and 25mm lowering springs -18 Staggered wheels -a slight drop in the rear (factory self leveling suspension) -Fit a business rds radio to get nz stations and fit a bluetooth adapter that integrates with the factory setup -Replace the povo interior with Leather seats and door cards, fit the technical graphite/cubic finisher strips -Fit the correct Msport parts behind and under the front bumper -Cooling system overhaul, fuel filter, mictofilters. Give the paint a polish and wax and a heap of misc bits n pieces to bring it back to its glory.
  3. N52 2500cc straight-six engine 6 speed Tiptronic transmission 182,000kms 4 brand new tyres Push button start, central locking Light package with xenon headlights and door handle lights. Automatic wipers Automatic headlights Cruise control Multifunction steering wheel Heated seats Full leather interior Carbon wrapped interior, can be removed for original wood finish Windows tinted Professional OEM stereo with AUX input, 6 CD changer etc. Regularly serviced Current rego and wof. Located in Christchurch but happy to discuss shipping etc Looking for $7500 $7000ono Call or text 0221983768.
  4. Hi All, I have finally decided that I am looking to put this on the market, with plans to go to an E92 335i I feel I can't really own two hefty cars (although I'd love to). It's a great car, Drives extremely well and has been very reliable. It is quick as you can imagine, Breaking traction very easy at WOT. I have taken this on long drives across the country and it is an awesome car to drive. It's an 1989 320i NZ New Touring. LVV Certified, WOF and Rego. All parts are near new and have been installed since 5000kms done since the swap. Drivetrain: Engine: 2003' S54b32, At approx 110,000kms. New OEM parts done within last 5000kms (Since and during swap) New coils, Spark plugs, Gaskets throughout, Waterpump, All coolant hoses, MAF, CCV and hose to airbox, O2 sensors. Fully rebuilt VANOS with Beisan kit, Beisan anti-rattle kit, Beisan Oil Disk, Upgraded Cam bolts I have a valve shim kit, may do the adjustment sometime soon otherwise available, plus I have all the valve cam timing tools. Gearbox: 6-Speed Getrag 420g from the E46 M3 Lightweight Aluminium flywheel, 14lbs Sachs clutch kit. Rogue short shift kit. Delrin bushed shifter linkage. Diff 3.73 LSD, Completely rebuilt by Kayne Barry Motorsport. 4x new clutches (~40% lock). Z3M coupe 3 core radiator, 16" thermo switch controlled fan. AFE Stage 2 air intake, custom Fiberglass airbox E30 S54 Ergen Motorsport Headers, Exhaust system runs from headers twin 2.5" stainless to behind the gearbox, then merges into a 3" Stainless system with Vibrant Resnator and Borla rear muffler. Aftermarket oil cooler mounted behind the front grills Walbro 255lph fuel pump, New fuel lines throughout, with new E46 M3 external 5bar FPR mounted in the engine bay. Steering and Suspension; Z3 Steering rack, New tie rod arms XYZ Coil over suspension, 450/670 spring rates Rear Powerflex trailarm bushes, Subframe mounts New rear handbrake shoes New rear UUC OEM E30 brakes, Hawk Pads UUC E30 BBK in the front, 300mm rotors, Hawk pads Braided brake lines Body and interior; Lachsilber original paint, cleans up very well but has some small dings and scratches, notable the front and rear bumpers have some scuffing and paint damage. Genuine Mtech 2 kit Recaro cloth interior Illuminated 6 speed M shifter, E36 Window switches M Sport button Genuine 16' ACS Wheels I'm going to start quite high, I really can't put a price on all the money I've put into this and the list above is no way near complete. I have tonnes of receipts totaling stupid amounts of money for the swap. If you are serious, flick me a PM and we can talk. 25k ono, to get the ball rolling. And yes I'm asking 'e46 m3' money, but this E30 is something else
  5. Hi Guys, I just bought my first wagon (2008 Msport 320i) and wanting to make a couple changes. 1. Wheels: I have purchased a new set of 19 x 8.5 inch m3 wheels with a set of 225/35/R19 tires (rims centre bore hole is 72.6mm) only to find out wagons generally run a staggered fitment so my rims at the rear may sit too far in the guards and therefore cause issues or just straight up look bad. I love the wheels so thinking I can buy a pair of these exact 25mm adapters to address the issue. https://www.trademe.co.nz/a/motors/car-parts-accessories/wheels-tyres/other/listing/2504454179 Will these adapters fit properly without vibrating and be able to be certified? Will I need locator rings? 2. Suspension: I am wanting to lower it as much as possible but without rubbing etc (I don’t mind rolling guards)so will adjusties work in this case if the above is completed? If I did adjusties and got certed does anyone know how low I can go legally if I get it certed due to camber angle restrictions etc? Or is it better to go with an alternative like super lows? Sorry for large post guys but just want to get some help on this before I spend waste time / money on mods that can’t be done/certed! Thanks for your time!
  6. After weeks of successfully ignoring the classified, I finally cracked and messaged @qube about the car. He was extremely patient with my questions, at first general, then specific, and finally random as it became increasingly clear that I was very keen on the car. I had a yarn on the phone with @EUROHO, whose enthusiasm for the car tipped me right over the edge. My father-in-law and I flew up from Vellington last weekend, and Kyu picked us up from the airport. We chatted with him and his dad in a supermarket carpark before shaking hands and promising to treat it right. They were both gentlemen, and it was a pleasure to meet them. We filled up at a motorway services on the southern motorway. I was impressed that when we got home the obc still promised 150km of good times in the tank. We stopped at Good Union in Cambridge on the way - a lovely church that has been converted into a great pub/restaurant. Apart from a leg stretch in Bulls, we knocked the drive out in one from there, and had a great drive, SH32 from Cambridge down to Turangi was a lot of fun.
  7. zero

    e46 v8 wagon

    So after my grief with the N46 in my 318i I decided to turn it into a project car. The car is a 2004 318i auto msport wagon with 130,xxx kms. It will be getting a m62b44 non vanos v8, mated to a 420g 6 speed manual, and a m3 rear end. I'll also be upgrading suspension and brakes, and setting the car up for flex fuel to run e85. Cosmetically it will get some upgrades, but nothing too over the top. The goals for this project are; #Do as much myself as possible. #No compromises except on budget. #Make something unique. #Learn as much as I can in the process. So lets get started - heres the car; First job was to completely strip the exterior of the car. Everything came out, engine, trans, suspension, subframes, fuel tank, even the fuel lines and brake lines. Up on stands and ready to do some work With everything out I set to work cleaning the underbody. This took ages because I'm a perfectionist. I used degreaser and a waterblaster, and eventually degreaser with a rag to get the real stubborn areas. There was no damage to the underbody but because I'm increasing the power output I wanted to strengthen it. I made strengthening plates out of 2mm steel. A huge thank you to forum member @Karter16 who posted me paper templates to make them from. I bought myself a cheap gasless mig welder and taught myself to weld. This enabled me to make plates like the one below. There are 6 plates in total, 2 for the front subframe mounts, 2 for the rear subframe mounts, and two which are like spacers. Welding is really difficult, but I managed to weld in all 4 of the subframe plates. First I used a grinder with a flap disc and a drill with a wire brush, to get the places to be strengthened back to bare metal, then I coated the area with weld through primer. I coated the back of the plates in weld through primer also and then I welded in the plates. Then I used the grinder to grind the welds back. I then coated the bare metal with crc rust converter primer to protect it - I really like this product. https://www.crc.co.nz/Rust-Converter/6895-2548b7ca-2a00-4114-b2e1-17eb0e6a576b/ Then I used a Vht top coat, followed by seam sealer, and finally Septone stone shield rubberised coating. I coated the whole cleaned underbody in Septone stone shield. Its black, but looks green in the photo for some reason. The side skirts were removed to clean and paint behind and then reinstalled with new clips from Schmiedmann. The inner arches were cleaned and painted, and the cleaned plastic pieces were reinstalled. The cleaning process takes ages. Inner arches before cleaning and painting; And after; While all this was going on I was accumulating parts. All suspension and brake parts I sandblasted in my mates sandblaster. This took many days, and would have been more cost effective paying a professional, but I want to do as much myself as possible. Then they were expertly powdercoated by forum member @aja540i who really does a nice job. Here is a pic of the before and after the sandblasting; And a pic of the same part powdercoated and assembled;
  8. Picked this up from Hamilton the other day, and it's great to be back in a BMW again. Obviously its a pre-LCI 2006 E91 335i with Motorsport spec. So fast, so comfortable and so damn nice to drive. Im smitten! She isn't exactly stock, Externally it’s mostly stock, with just aftermarket grilles on the front, tinted reverse lights, carbon wrap on the rear bumper and painted exhaust tips. Under the hood, it’s a bit more special…. Its had fitted, Rob Beck 2″ silicone intake pipes 3″ catless downpipes AMS intercooler BMS catch can Uprated low pressure fuel pump MHD OTS Stage 2+ tune xHP Stage 3 transmission flash Quaife ATB mechanical LSD It also came with some extra parts, like a pair of K&N pod filters and fitting kit, and a charge pipe with a blow off valve on it. I’ll be playing with these later. Heaps of common issues have been sorted, including a pair of brand new turbos, new injectors, new coils, new HPFP, and various other bits. Needless to say it pulls like a damn freight train, and will overcome the traction control if you aren’t careful. The LSD makes the rear just push hard, and if it does get a bit lairy its a nice progressive slip. Previous owner claims about 380hp ATW, and the car has done high 12s on the 1/4 Mile. The other side to it though, is that it’s a nice, quiet and comfortable cruiser. It’s a pleasure to drive around in, knowing that if you have to whip past someone, all you need to do is give that pedal a push. Love the cruise control with braking too, just a shame it doesn’t have the full “active” cruise control, although it can be retrofitted. There probably won’t be too many updates on this car, as I intend for it just to be a nice regular driver, taking it on trips and things.
  9. Hey folks, I'm looking for an E39 Touring sand beige interior. Specifically from the B-pillar back, but would consider buying a whole car if anyone knows of a Touring being wrecked - especially if it still has its factory xenon headlights.
  10. I originally missed out on buying this Touring when it came up for sale in October (and settled for this instead). It sold within a couple of hours of it being listed on Trademe to a friend of the seller, despite the seller promising me the car was mine after I had negotiated to buy it sight unseen... To my surprise it came back up for sale on Trademe just before Christmas. Once again I pounced, and this time I was successful in acquiring it. So, the car: NZ New E46 330i Motorsport Touring (1 of 4 NZ New examples so I am told). Sapphire Black. 207km. Facelift. Leather electric seats. No mods other than the TSW Valencia wheels (great fitment but not my taste...will be changed in due course). The seller had mentioned that the shocks were due for replacement, and this was confirmed on the first Auckland to Coromandel drive over the new year break. Compared to my lower km E46 325i MSport, the car lacked dampening and felt considerably harsher (partially due to the 18" wheel/tyre combination). A set of adjustable Koni Sport shocks have been ordered to tighten things up and provide rebound adjustability if and when so desired. After that, a set of Style 68's or other OEM BMW wheels will replace the TSW's. Cosmetically the car is in great condition given the mileage. I have started a deep leather clean and condition on the interior (Pears soap method) which is lifting an unbelievable amount of grime from the leather. A time consuming process, but ultimately worth it!
  11. Having been in an E39 530i Touring previously, this has been a long time coming. I’m trying to get my head around the Idrive. As well as the size of the car. It’s long! Ride is not bad on 19” RFT. Needs a Towbar and some tints and I think she’s good.
  12. Just in 2008 335i e91 62ks msport package bkack leather sport seats idrive 20" wheels one needs repairs or replacement Miltek cat back exhaust system cts catless down pipes and filters etc all only 2 months old bare engine is sold all other parts available 021433600 brent@bmworld.co.nz
  13. Hey Everyone ! Pleased to back - haven't belonged to a BMW car club group for several years when I had a nice E36 M3.. Enjoying my new drive, F31 340i M Performance Touring. Looking forward to being part of the discussions and events. Alan
  14. After a set of wheels for an E46 MSport Touring - preferably OEM i.e Style 68's (factory E46 MSport wheels), or other MSport styles considered such as Style 135's/193's/194's etc. Will also consider reputable aftermarket brand wheels too. The OEM wheels don't necessarily have to be from the E46 chassis line; just something that looks the part and are in good condition.
  15. Hey guys, So about a year ago I picked up a 1995 525i auto touring with 275,000 kms (now has 302,000 kms) which has been my daily driver and now turning into a project car. The car is in alright condition but does need some love to bring it back to its former glory. It will be getting a manual transmission from a second e34 sedan that I own. I'll also be upgrading suspension, brakes, wheels and eventually tinkering with the motor once I decide what I want to do (m60 v8 vs turbo m50b25 open to opinions). Cosmetically I would like to clean up both the interior and exterior to what should be original condition and maybe some minor upgrades, but nothing too over the top. Exterior paint is in pretty rough condition with the clear coat peeling in many areas. Inside, the leather seats have torn where you sit (already bought replacement seats), headliner is sagging, and steering wheel is fairly worn, instrument cluster lcd has gone out, would like to install factory radio or something similar back in. The goals for this project are; #Do as much myself as I can. #Learn as much as I can in the process. #Teach others what I've learnt in the process. #Build a pretty neat car by the end of it. Obligatory pictures below! Oh and if anyone has any ideas or parts for sale that might help me out, please shout out!
  16. http://www.trademe.co.nz/motors/used-cars/bmw/auction-1291456118.htm $48K ono 106KMs Pictures are a bit meh ... but awesome car!
  17. modz

    WTB E30 Touring

    Per title, wanting to buy an E30 Touring. Any condition, let me know what you have Cheers (and yes I know I missed out on the white one recently...)
  18. http://www.trademe.co.nz/Browse/Listing.aspx?id=1339658347&permanent=0 On Trade Me. Reserve met. Interior pix added............ M40, 5 speed manual. We have owned the car since 2002, 15 years. 172 312 kms when we bought it now at 312 000kms 4 tyres are all new this year. All servicing kept up to date. WOF till September Reg till July owners = 4 1. BMW NZ 92-96 2. Jerry Clayton BMW 96-97 3. private 97-02 4. Dawsons Catering Limited 02-current Don't know what it's worth and there aren't any others to base a price on. On Trade Me. Reserve met. Interior pix added............ Plates available for additional consideration.
  19. Hi Bimmersport, Want to stand out from all the other wagons on the market? Want a E36 that is different to the rest? Look no further than my beloved E36 Touring. A perfect car to keep as-is or start working your magic on. Due to work being less than 2km from me, I need to downsize and unfortunately that means the techno-violet touring has to go! Specs: -M52B28 with a Getrag 220 -239,XXXks (Will go up as its my daily) -Factory M-Sport (New diffuser on the rear) -M3 Mirrors -New clutch, master and slave cylinder 2 months ago -Interior is in great condition! Minus small tear in driver's seat -All electrics work perfectly -Polk audio front speakers -ZHP type light up shift knob -Digital Voltmeter -Has had new crank, cam & temp sensors, changed TPS, cleaned ICV. -Armrest and....cupholders! -17" ACS wheels -Subtle lowering -Monsoon guards -Does not come with the strut brace, will come with standard OBC Plenty of power to get you round. Makes a nice noise on overrun.The only issue is when it gets to temperature, the idle hunts. Has taught me to heel toe so take that as you will. I have my next car lined up so need this gone ASAP If you have any questions, fire away! Can do a deal if you don't want the wheels. Will come with 3 months registration for the new owner Located in Auckland More details on TradeMe http://www.trademe.co.nz/browse/listing.aspx?id=1301945762&/listing?rfm=1 Thanks!
  20. 1999 BMW 528i Touring - UK Import - $2,800 reserve, $4,000 buy now Advertised on Trade Me... http://www.trademe.co.nz/Browse/Listing.aspx?id=1309572208 Phone James - 021 2870730 216,868km (ODO is in miles) Factory headunit - if you pay asking price I will throw in the stereo: Brand new WOF - Rego will have 3 months when sold Removable Westfalia towbar All leather seats - no major cracking, just some scuffed edges Load cover and cargo net in very good condition Air suspension in rear w/2 new airbags in recent years Sunroof w/new seal recently All electrics work - windows, seat lumbar, cold aircon Front tyres near new, Rear tyres only 50% - WOF says 7.7mm, 4.2mm M5 front bumper and spotlights New clear lights and lenses Rare Type 49 BMW wheels LED Angel Eyes Car drives extremely well, lovingly maintained over the years but have no time or space as have upgraded to newer model. Note: 1. Check Engine Light is on. I've checked the code with a Peake reader and they are: O2 Sensor Control Limit - Cylinders 1-3 and 4-6 O2 Sensor Adaptation Limit - Cylinders 1-3 and 4-6 Most likely points to a vaccum leak 2. Fuel transfer pump needs looking at - basically it runs out of fuel at 1/4 left in tank. Both not hard or expensive jobs, I just don't have time to look at them.
  21. Hi guys, looking for some cross bars for e46 touring roof rack, ideally Thule, or compatible for Thule bike rack to be mounted on. What is out there??
  22. Hey guys! Trademe/facebook and walking in to random dealerships for the past 2 weeks have failed me so i thought id flick a post up here and try my luck! I am looking for a 335i wagon in black or silver. Facelift or prefacelift not to botherd. Must be motorport sub 100kms and in mint condition. I am in need of a car asap so if you have anything i may be interested in then please PM me! Cheers!
  23. http://www.trademe.co.nz/motors/used-cars/bmw/auction-1236464017.htm
  24. Hi Guys, A mate of mine is interested in finding an e36 touring. 6 cylinder preferred. Cheers,
  25. Dear all My 2002 e46 325i Touring has been with me for more than 4 years now. During this time - focussing on suspension department - it has had the following: 112000kms Bog stock, non M-sport, 16 inch rims on 205/55/16. got rid of the crappy JDM tyres and went to Toyo Proxes4. 1. 125,000kms - replaced front LCR bushes, LCRs, Endlinks with Meyle HD. 2. 150,000kms replaced front and rear shocks with OEM Sachs standard, strut bearings, bushes (ARB and others), tie rods. Better. 3. Found it a bit pogo-like (trying to stay with the e38 mafia on a twisty road), did lots of research, ended up with a staggered set of Style 194's (refurbished) with 225/45/17 and 245/40/17s. Improved, but a little tilty. 4. Added MSport ARBs front and rear (24mm and 20mm). Replaced ARB bushes again. And had the rear trailing arm busges replaced with Meyle HD and some poly edge bushes to stop articulation. Ahhhh, much better. Still rides comfortably, holds line better, grip vastly improved. BUT A small clunk coming from the rear. Long story short: inspection by Page European yesterday, found broken LH rear spring. SO: Options. 1. Find the right touring spring, and replace OEM. 2. Get a set of Motorsport Touring Springs. Upside is better match to my wheels and ARBs, slightly lower, should be a little stiffer without getting crashy. Downside is that it'll cost more, and more importantly - the valving of my OEM shocks won't ideally match the MSport springs. Still prolly better than worn-out springs. 3. Get some Eibachs. Hmmm. A little low for Family touring duties I think. 4. Get some H&Rs - no, I've read they're just too hard for daily commute (80kms or thereabouts per day at the mo). 5. Coilovers? No, not interested - it's not a racecar, doesn't have to be "super low". 7. Get Konis, Bilsteins, or replace your current shocks with MSport shocks? No thanks, I don't want to take out those rear shocks again, there's a huge amoiunt of interior Lego to deal with, and hate spending twice. What do you think? Glenn - appreciate your thoughts Brent - what do you have in stock for my e46 325i Touring 325i? John - what do you think? do you still have those Eibachs? Ron - what do you think? Thanks in advance guys. It would be awesome if I could get this sorted before next weekend... Olaf.
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