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  1. right I see, I thought you were able to drive a motorsport car on public roads with an authority card since it allows you to obtain a WOF, provided that all modifications meet he required standards? So a fully caged motorsport car, with an authority card cannot be used for a sunday drive on public roads? This might be the deciding factor as I definitely want to be able to drive the car on public roads on weekends, as I won't be able to take it to a track every time I want to drive it. cheers
  2. this is a good point, I guess what I was saying was useless in the sense of what events you can participate in under msnz regulation, obviously even if not required, it doesn't hurt to have a half cage and the added safety that it provides
  3. Didn't want to derail the other thread so thought id start this here. Am considering putting a rollbar or roll cage into my 135i over summer. Was originally planning on just putting in a basic half cage to keep things simple but be able to use harnesses and have some more safety. however upon doing some research, it seems that there is absolutely no point in a half cage (or rollbar as msnz calls them) in a closed car. If you want to take a passenger you need a roll cage, if you don't then in club sport events you don't need any form of cage or rollbar. If you want to do a rally event you need a full cage. So it seems pointless to go with a half cage/rollbar, either go full cage, bucket seats, harnesses, remove airbags etc then get a authority card or leave the car as is but maybe with some more supportive seats. Any insight, recommendations or opinions are appreciated. Cheers
  4. elias

    1M Clone Build

    cheers thank you, will take a look!
  5. elias

    1M Clone Build

    Car looks fantastic, what my 135i would love to be when it grows up haha. Curious about the half cage, have you got any photos of it? Been debating putting one into my 135i, but it seems that there is almost no point from my research as most MSNZ events that you can do with a half cage you can do without one, and ones you can't do without a cage you need a full cage for? Maybe I am wrong though, I am not sure I want to do a full cage and everything that goes with that, so any info on the half cage would be much appreciated! cheers
  6. Hi about to try install an LSD, anyone got the 50mm spanner that you need to remove e82/e90 driveshaft? Happy to pay to borrow it/beers etc Cheers
  7. elias

    Elias' 135i project

    Diff has arrived, looks great, very excited to get it installed and test it, ordered new seals which will be here this afternoon, then on to try remove the diff out of the car, need to find a thin 50mm wrench to remove the driveshaft... came with new ring gear bolts and some haribos, can't complain
  8. got a photo of the wheel, which style are they?
  9. elias

    Elias' 135i project

    Thank you! Yeah finally getting closer to a point where im happy with it, but still got a lot planned, most importantly The LSD which has now been stuck in customs for almost 10 days...
  10. elias

    Elias' 135i project

    Oh true yeah security wasn't stoked on the meet haha, glad you're enjoying the tread , definitely have a chat at the next one man.
  11. elias

    Elias' 135i project

    At the Westgate meet? Cheers man appreciate it, been a long process
  12. elias

    Elias' 135i project

    Some photos of how the car looks now
  13. elias

    Elias' 135i project

    Diff is stuck in customs as expected, filled out the paperwork for the code that you need this morning so hoping to have it in a week or so. Got my wheels back from vapour blasting , decided to leave the raw vapour blasted aluminium for now, will probably have them gone over again in a year or so when they start to show corrosion and then either get them painted or clear coated. The current finish is quite unique, not a shiny silver almost grey, quite like it. Tires put on, fitment is pretty good, rear should be fine with no rub I hope but front are a little bit close, and camber is already at its maximum on the bc golds. Unfortunately the hole in the top of the strut tower isn't big enough so the bolts that are used to adjust the camber plates hit the edge of the cutout meaning I cannot make full use of the factory camber adjustment. Am yet to give it a proper test drive to see how much it rubs, and it definitely needs an alignment. Will adjust my ride height and take it in for an alignment next week. Unfortunately being back to uni means no more money and little time to work on the car. excuse they messy garage, house is half way through being renovated.
  14. don't have any photos of what it would look like, but wheelfixit in Wairau Valley would be the ones to talk to about getting your wheels refinished a different colour.
  15. that is true, easy to fix on old cars though, wire switch into the positive lead going to the odometer 😁
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