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  1. elias

    Elias' 135i project

    yeah will be looking into turbo options once the engine is out. Will all depend on how much the new engine and all the gaskets, bolts, seals etc cost me
  2. elias

    Elias' 135i project

    haha ill have to strip it first and see if its worth rebuilding, my guess is no, crank is probbly way too cooked. At this stage the plan is to buy a sub 100k kms motor, do rod bearings, baffled sump, all new gaskets and maybe a turbo refresh, and then put it in the car. Yeah from what i can see so far there's no damage to anything, will probably replace oil coolers if i find large amounts of metal in the oil though. In regards to how i afford it, i guess the secret is I live at home still while studying, I barely attend uni lectures and I work one day a week during the semester, and full time every holiday, break etc. Last summer for example I worked for a company doing Louvre roofs. Did that 9hours a day 5 days a week from the day my last exam finished for the year in November until the first day back in February. You'd be surprised how much money you can make even at 25/hr. The other secret is not spending much money on anything else. I made about 800/week and spent 750 on car parts haha.
  3. elias

    N54 Engine

    Looking to buy a N54 engine. Dont need all the ancillary bits, will just swap everything over from my blown one. Preferably 6 bolt crank but open to anything, dont want high kms and cheap is good.
  4. elias

    Elias' 135i project

    Raced the car at a Hampton downs single car sprint where it performed flawlessly ad managed to take home 9th place. Was a big day for the car, literally melting tires on track. Oil temps were perfect, not getting hot at all, cooling upgrades working well. Then this past weekend, drove down to Ngutunui for the 9km long hillclimb. Raced the fist run, and as I was rolling back down the hill the car stated making some very bad noises. Didnt want to hold up the event but eventually had to pull over and stop because the noise kept getting worse. Inspected the car and couldnt see anything. Tried starting it again, slow crank, turned over and made the most horrible metal clanking noise ive ever heard. Got towed down the hill by the race control ute. The trailered it home, was a long day. Havent had a chance to open it up yet but 99% sure it has a spun rod bearing, and judging by the noises the crank is beyond fcked. So its time for a new engine. Waiting for garage rennovations to be done (about a month or two) then i will start tearing the car/engine down and hopefully source a new one, swap everything over and slap it in. Planning on doing a baffled sump, and fresh rod bearings for the replacement engine. Pretty gutted that it died, but still came 10th on the day with only 1 run, so clearly the car's potential is there to do well.
  5. https://eurofina.co.nz/pages/mhd-tuning-products
  6. elias

    Elias' 135i project

    Been getting an intermittent misfire on Cylinder 3. Really odd one, some days when driving down the motorway and trying to smoothly accelerate (high load, low rpm) it breaks up and starts shaking, doesn't recover until you pull over and clear codes, then drives fine as long as you stay out of boost. Swapped coil and plug to Cylinder 2, went for another drive, same issue. Try do some data logs the next day to log fuel mode to try diagnose potential injector fault and car drives perfectly under WOT all the way to redline no issues. Decide to swap out nectar in Cylinder 3 anyway as I need it running properly for Hamptons sprint this coming weekend. Install new seal on injector, compress it etc, start pulling out old injector and notice a part of the injector is missing, the metal claw shaped bracket is missing a piece, the bit that rests against the head. Luckily I manage to catch it between my finger tips before it fell into the bore, scary moment!! New injector goes in, coded with protools and so far no issues, but then again neither was there on the last drive... Will drive it a couple more times during the week to see what happens but hopefully the new injector has sorted it!
  7. Selling a M-Sport Paddleshift steering wheel for e90, e91, e92, e93 or e82, e87, e81, e88 cars. Has some wear in the leather, particularly on the right hand side. Does not include steering wheel buttons or airbag, wheel and trim piece only. $250 but feel free to make me an offer
  8. elias

    Elias' 135i project

    thank you, yeah its been doing pretty well! Definitely a lot of fun, doing my best not to crash it. haha I don't think my car would be any good for drag racing, would be nothing but wheelspin! Hopefully the VQ goes well
  9. elias

    Elias' 135i project

    Signed up for a couple more events in November, one of which is a 9km hillclimb near raglan. Longer event has me worried about oil temps, as they were getting high after a 1minute hillclimb, despite already having two big oil coolers right behind the vents in the front bumper. Managed to find a good deal on a oem oil thermostat delete plate and mishimoto inline oil thermostat. Installed that yesterday, took a little while to do, had to redo quite a few an lines, figure out where to put everything, bumper had to come off etc. Got it all plumbed in now, fresh oil and filter and should be good. This is a 85C thermostat, oem is 100C, only done a couple little drives but definitely significantly lower oil temps so far. Will post photos soon.
  10. elias

    Elias' 135i project

    Had so much fun at the hillclimb I decided to take it to another event, Hooncorp event at the mere mere drift track. Was great fun and ended up 4th/37 on the day, only one second behind a purpose built turbo 1UZ swapped e36 coupe on 265s. Car performed flawlessly once again, albeit oil temps getting up there, not an issue on a short 2 lap sprint, but definitely something to think about for longer events. Stoked to be putting the car to use, halfcage, harness and bucket seats aren't just for decoration.
  11. elias

    Elias' 135i project

    Been a while since I posted in here, been very busy with my (hopefully) last semester of uni. Took the 135 to tis first msnz event, doctors hill road hillclimb. Really enjoyed it and the car did really well! Managed 13th/34 on the day, not bad considering it was my first event and there was quite a few pretty serious racecars. IMG_7673.MOV
  12. i know the guy that owns it, pretty tidy car, the rear end 'aero' is a bit questionable though, but to each their own.
  13. yes e9x 335i have reached an all time low in depreciation. Not really in a position to talk too much since my 135i isn't exactly unmolested either, but the majority are now driven by yobos with heinous burble tunes and never see any maintenance but a bunch of aliexpress bolt ons. Also quite a few being crashed. Not many tidy ones around.
  14. im on the shore too, car looks great, let me know once you fix the oil leak, id be keen to catch up for a drive
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