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  1. good point, my bad, ideally something along the lines of 18x8.5" ET45 front and 18x9.5" ET58 rear for a staggered setup or Front & Rear: 18x8.5" ET45 for a square set up. Cheers
  2. Hello, I am looking for a set of wheels for my 2008 e82 135i. Due to the high offset ive had a hard time finding anything, apart from a set of apex from Autoform for 3.5k which is more than I want to spend, spent all my money trying to make it go fast. If you know where to find some, where to look, or are selling some please let me know. Am looking for 18s mostly, open to most styles. Staggered or square, but no narrower than 245 tires on the rear. Photo of my car for reference: Any help is appreciated, Elias
  3. Hello, Looking to get my e46 330ci converted to a manual. I can source the tail shaft, gearbox, pedal box and clutch kit myself, but would need a workshop to install all the parts and will obviously need a few other bits and pieces as well as the coding done. What shop would you recommend in the auckland area? Looking for a place that will do a good job but won't break the bank. Cheers
  4. Ok ive removed absolutely everything now, still cannot find out where it has come from, has rained pretty hard recently and no new water so Im hoping the issue is solved. Only thing I can find is cracked weatherstripping on the rear quarter windows where the window motors are, but couldn't see any water coming in from there on the inside. Not sure if these actually do much since there seems to be another seal behind them. Any way of replacing these?
  5. Hello, I have recently acquired a 2004 e46 330ci. Im having some issues with waterleaks. First issue was that a lot of water had accumulated inside the spare tire compartments as well as underneath the battery and where the CD stacker is on the other side. I dried up all the water I could see in all three compartments. After some research I narrowed it down to taillights leaking, and I used some silicone as a temporary fix (ordered new taillights still waiting on them too arrive). Since then ive had little to no new water come in except for maybe 3 drops. However now, about 2 weeks after fixing the taillight leak I notice that the rear window has fogged up and there is a bit of mould showing in the gap between the backrest and bottom of the rear seats. So I take the rear seats out and find a fair bit of water has accumulated under the rear seats. My question is, is this because I have another leak or is this just water that is still there from the old leak? Is it possible for the water to have gotten there? Ive removed most of the interior trims, carpets and seat pieces and couldn't finding water coming from the rear window (hasn't been replaced, still original) the rear window seal looks fine, and I don't have a sunroof. I honestly have no idea how the water has gotten underneath the rear seats. Any help is much appreciated! Elias
  6. Hello, I have recently bought a 2004 m sport 330ci and have been advised by wof that my left hand side tail light isn't working properly. 2/3rds of the LEDs don't work. Any recommendations for where to get a new one? Don't really want to spend $800 + shipping on a used genuine set. Any wreckers in NZ that are likely to have one? Anyone on here got one for sale? Any help would be much appreciated! Cheers, Elias
  7. Im thinking of getting some spacers to get the wheels to sit a bit nicer, especially for the Rear wheels which seem to sit quite far inside the arches. Does anyone know what spacers to get for front and rear, its all stock at the moment. I don't want any rub or anything too extreme just something os they sit a little more flush
  8. thanks guys! I haven't got too much planned for the moment because im pretty broke right now and want to put some money aside so I can maintain it properly and for when the water pump/thermostat fails. But I will put some roof mount bike racks on and am getting my apple car play headunit fitted soon as well. Transmission service getting done on Thursday.
  9. yes theyre amazing, i see you had an e91 as well
  10. thank you! im loving it so far, and its faster than i had expected because a lot of people told me 325is were slow, maybe they have driven too many 335is.
  11. Hello, Im new here, just bought my first bmw. A 2007 325i m sport touring. Its done 81,000km. Loving it so far, so much fun to drive. Heres a few photos i took the other day. Needs a few little things sorted out but i am getting that done next thursday. Cant wait to take this thing on some longer trips and backroads.
  12. elias

    E91 325i

    Ive kept an eye on trademe for similar wagons. Im not sure where youve seenany decent cheaper 325i m sport tourings. The other ones are all over $10k with similar miles/spec. Eg: https://www.trademe.co.nz/a/motors/cars/bmw/325i/listing/2866137828?bof=eLcLhEV7 and thats the auction start price reserve not met. So im not sure ill find one any cheaper, plus with the silver 80,000km one i know what im getting because of the thorough prepurchase inspection by bavarian motors.
  13. elias

    E91 325i

    right ok, thing is he originally wanted $9500 for it then i got the prepurchase inspection and "low-balled" him with $7500, he then said $8000 is the lowest hell go. they're only charging 220$ in labour but the $800 is excluding the leaking washer bottle, its for the rocker cover gasket, transmission serivce and coolant. The other shop wanted $700 for the transmission service alone.
  14. elias

    E91 325i

    hmmm ok, its a decent spec though, msport, towbar, roofracks. Cant find anything else thats particularly interesting at that price and looks as good, the nice audis are all 11-14k. Any recommendations? Looking for a nice european station wagon that looks good, has got some power and is fun to drive.
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