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  1. Mop

    08 E60 M5

    Also curious about this, need to get rid of the dealer surrounds and Japan plate holders on my E61 530i. Would this be the tape? https://nzsafetyblackwoods.co.nz/en/3m-vhb-tape-5952-black-clamshell-19mm-x-13-7m-roll-07077175
  2. Finally had a chance to get to a few bits yesterday, started with cabin and air filters and a oil/filter service. Also replaced the headlight gaskets as they were falling to bits and I noticed a bit of condensation staring to form in the top part of the headlights. I pulled the engine cover off to have a good look around, I figure better to look now in case there are any obvious issues to bring to the dealer's attention. Pulled a couple of coil packs, tiny bit of oil around the spark plugs by the look of it so it might be time for a valve cover gasket job soon. Probably not something the dealer is going to be interested in addressing. Should the below distorted spark plug tube concern me? Looks like it's been bent enough that it's started to crack. I've never seen this before but have only ever worked on our r53 mini and my old Caldina - maybe this is an aluminium valve cover so easier to damage and it's had something dropped on it or something? It's the last cylinder, closest to the firewall so I'd have thought it would be hard to drop something there.
  3. Is that shipped to nz? I’ve just ordered filters and some headlight gaskets and tried adding trans fluid to the cart out of interest but the shipping looked incredibly expensive
  4. What does everyone use in their E6x ZF 6 speed auto transmissions? Or E90 etc, I understand these are found in a lot of different cars. The 2005 E61 I have just bought only has 52k on the clock but I'm looking to do some preventative maintenance over the next couple of months, will do a couple of drain/fills and the filter/pan/mech sleeve on the second round I think. I found a couple of threads here from a few years ago but there didn't seem to be any final consensus, and most of the offshore solutions I find seem to be unavailable or extremely expensive here. Seems that ZF Lifeguard 6 is recommended, this is $540 for 20L from cooldrive (bring it in), or $790 from Alltranz (in stock). A couple of threads here mention Fuchs Titan 6006 - $415 for 20L from BNT. Theres a fair bit on the Jaguars etc. which use the ZF about Ford Motorcraft Mercon SP ATF being virtually the same as ZF L6, apart from the colour. The Ford parts store in AKL I tried had never heard of Mercon SP, but had LV (not the same) at about $22/L so $440 for 20L. BM Workshop bring in "SWAG" to suit the ZF 6 speed apparently, $22+GST/L so $505 for 20L for comparison. So far the Fuchs from BNT or ZF L6 from cooldrive are looking best, still spendy though! Anyone used any of these fluids for drain/fills and had good or bad experience?
  5. Looking for a space saver for e60/e61. Keen on a kit with the jack etc if anyone has one from a wrecked car? 135/80 R17 is the size I think.
  6. Ended up picking up the dark blue 2005 530i msport wagon I linked. Drove a 325i as well which was a bit sportier but felt a tad small for me. Not many low km diesels around at the moment in my budget, excluding gray/silver/white (fussy I know). It seems in great nick and drives well, it’s back at the dealer today sorting a spare key and checking out a couple of codes (purge control valve or maybe petrol cap by the look of it). Looking for a spare wheel kit now and investigating options for Bluetooth integration, might put one of the replacement screens in that retains idrive. Will no doubt have a few threads in other areas of the forum in due course. Thanks for the assistance.
  7. I know colour shouldn’t be a deciding factor but why is nearly everything available at the moment white or grey/silver? I think the darker colours, dark blue and black etc. look way nicer, might have to hold out for the right one. Looking to go drive a couple at the weekend to get an idea, might start with these and see how I go: https://www.trademe.co.nz/motors/used-cars/bmw/auction-3005600026.htm https://www.trademe.co.nz/motors/used-cars/bmw/auction-3005435097.htm https://www.trademe.co.nz/motors/used-cars/bmw/auction-3117655158.htm
  8. Subaru is the other way to go but there doesn’t seem to be much in a gt with lowish kms in my price bracket. If I go 530i I’ll definitely put some parts money aside, learned that the hard way with the mini
  9. Sounds like I should look into these diesels. More reliable than the n52 engine?
  10. High kms on that tm link, I hadn’t thought about diesel options though. I assumed a 3 series was more compact than my old caldina, whereas a 5 would be similarish? Seems to be a few 530i cars on the market at the moment, is BM Workshop still the go to for a PPI in Auckland? I spent a heap with them recently on parts needed in a hurry when my wife’s clutch failed. It’s been a while since we purchased a car but I’m assuming even with CGA through a dealer that a decent PPI would be advisable?
  11. Hi all, I'm looking to upgrade from my current 1999 Caldina GT (NA, VVTI beams - not turbo), I've done close to 200k in this car over the last 8 years or so and it's nearing 400kms now. Still runs pretty well but a lot of the mounts and bushings etc. are end of life. I'm looking to keep it around for a bit longer for dirty stuff like picking up plants, running the dog down to the park etc. if it passes it's upcoming warrant. Budget is 10 - 15k all in, unless stretching this a little further makes a huge difference. Happier at 10k if I can swing it. I've looked around for a week or so now and whilst I've always avoided euros for (perceived) reliability and parts cost reasons I'm just not seeing anything else in a station wagon with lowish kms in this price range that excites me, except perhaps a GT legacy etc. Looking for a wagon, reasonable power (my Caldina is way too sluggish) and ride quality. Would probably fit an aftermarket stereo myself. Towbar would be a bonus, but only used for the odd trip to pick up a few building materials for diy, or to hire a trailer to go to the dump etc. I'm new to BMW and still getting my head around the model numbers etc. Searching some threads on here it seems like the 6 cylinder engines have a better rep for reliability generally? It appears tidy mid to late 2000s 530i msport spec wagons (e61 I think?) would be up my alley and can be had for 9-15k depending on kms - are these well regarded? Not afraid to do some maintenance myself, I did my Caldina's major cambelt service some years ago, radiator, hanger bearings etc. and have recently dropped the subframe on my wife's R53 Mini Cooper S to replace the clutch , various seals, control arm bushings and ball joints etc. - this was a pretty big job for me. If theres a reasonable manual or youtube video and a lift isn't needed I can generally handle it, albeit rolling around under the car in my driveway. Appreciate any advice you can offer - what would you look for in this price bracket?
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