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  1. Found it. Future reference for anyone that stumbles on this thread it's 38nm.
  2. I'm going to replace my belt tensioner on my 2012 320D with the N47 but I first need the torque spec for the T50 bolt that holds it all in place. I have a Haynes autofix login which gives me loads of torque specs but annoyingly this particular spec is not listed. Does anyone have the number? On a side note, if anyone has any good resources for this engine please let me know!
  3. Looking for a tidy set of style 340 OEM wheels (no tires required) to replace my current style 161 wheels on my E90 LCI. These > https://www.bmwoemwheels.com/en/rim-model/bmw/bmw-wheel-style-340 Pic for attention:
  4. Brand new Uniden R7 Radar Detector, only used for one day. Purchased as a gift for my wife, however, she tried it for one day decided that she doesn't need it. Comes with hard shell travel case, two mounts, soft pouch etc. Happy to provide receipts and demo it working if needed. Amazing detector but surplus to requirements! Pickup in Christchurch - Free shipping in New Zealand! https://www.trademe.co.nz/a/motors/car-parts-accessories/radar-detectors/listing/3542985306?bof=nS9H07sp $920 for Bimmersport members with free shipping NZ wide. They are over $1200 new.
  5. Where does everyone here get their parts from? I'm looking for either OEM or OE parts and want a supplier who is reasonably price with decent stock and shipping times. Based in Christchurch but online is fine as well.
  6. Wanting to upgrade the halogens on my E90 LCI. Wondering what experience people have doing this in NZ with WOF checks etc. Lots of people online seem to use LED replacements which mimic the halogen but emit a much brighter and cleaner white light.
  7. All sorted. Ordered some brand new from FCP Euro in the US.
  8. As the title suggests I am looking for replacement front door trims for my E90. I need trim that has the tweeter grills as I am replacing my base audio system with a totally new one. The parts I am after are shown in the picture below. Ideally no logo but beggars can't be choosers. If anyone has any suggestions on where in NZ I could source something like that I am all ears.
  9. After a set of OEM Style 340 wheels to replace the set that is on my E90 LCI which I really don't like >> https://www.bmwstylerims.com/bmw-wheel-style-340/ If anyone has a set they are looking to sell please let me know.
  10. Jeeze you only paid $400 for the lot? That is tempting! I will give some parts yards a call and see what they have.
  11. I have a 2012 E90, LCI Sedan with the base audio system which wants upgrading. I was planning on using a JL Audio amplifier and also a JL Audio FIX 86 which will sort out the audio coming from the base system and get it ready for a bigger system. That said, as far as I can tell nobody stocks JL Audio in New Zealand and most retailers in the US don't ship out of the US. Does anyone know where I can get JL Audio from inside New Zealand? If not, how have others upgraded their base audio systems here in New Zealand. There are lots of threads on other forums but they're all based in the US or UK/Europe etc so the availablility of parts and brands changes the dynamic.
  12. Thanks mate! Brilliant reply. Tossing up whether to go with their sollution or to order my own from BimmerTech and install it myself.
  13. Just purchased an E90 in anticipation for our move back to NZ. It has been some time since I have owned a car or lived in NZ so wanted to get peoples experiences with different insurers. I have a clean history, am 30 years old and it will just be me listed on the insurance however I want others to be able to drive it if necessary (don't mind if the excess is high in these fringe secnarios as it won't happen often).
  14. That interior is so early 2000's. I love it! I hope you can track it down!
  15. Hey mate, I just picked up an E90 with the CIC system and want to get Apple CarPlay fitted. What system did they fit to yours?
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