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  1. Hello Bimmer Fam i have a Question I have a 118i F20 2017 B38 and I’m trying to find Downpipes for my build. do you guys know where I can find? or source them out? thanks in advanced
  2. Thank you Leak down test? i will give this a go thank you :) i really hope its not serious
  3. Hi Bimmer Fam i currently owned an 2014 116i F20 I've had it for 2 years done its regular servicing ODM 112Km just Got my WOF done passed with flying colours 1 week later my car started Shaking and jerking so i took it back to my mechanic to take a look at it it turns out that one of my Cylinders was Misfiring( Cylinder number 4 to be Exact) changed all the spark plugs same issue and so my Mechanic did a compression test. Cylinders 1,2,3 wer pushing over 100 PSi while Cyclinder 4 pushing over 20 PSI has anyone had this problem? or similar? if so does anyone know if this is repairable? i was informed from my Mechanic that i would need to get a new Engine But Wanna See my options first thanks Fam
  4. Hi Bimmer family okay so i hope someone can help me out? so i currently own a 2014 BMW F20 Pre LCI i want to buy a side skirt body panel off a 2015 BMW F20 LCI. QUESTION .. does anyone know if this part will fit? or is this conversion possible?? i have attached two photos First Photo Pre LCI whic i have second photo is an LCI they both look identical im curious to know
  5. awesome thank you guys so much ive been trying to find bodyshops and there has been a few ive been too that quote charge ridiculously expensive price its crazy lol
  6. hi BIMMER FAMILY does anyone here know where i can find a good bodyshop that can Scuff and spray paint side Skirt Panels? i got 1 Quote from a certified BMW Bodyshop that was asking for $333.50 for 1 side skirt panel to be scuff and Spray Painted is there anywhere i can beat this price or get a better deal??
  7. omg thank you so much for that its hard to find these specific M sport side skirt panels for my f20 been looking through SD European Eurospares and BMW world in papakura these dont have them its the fact that i have to check in frequently so see if anything poped up
  8. Hi Bimmer family I recently brought this Used/ damaged M sport side skirt Panel I was wondering is this type of damage repairable from a panel beater? Or is it worth getting a new one? I went to one BMW certified body shop but was turned down because they don’t repair used parts with damages any help and advise would be helpful cheers
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