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  1. After a set of 16x7 style 5 wheels but will consider individual wheels in any condition with caps or not. These came on E39's only. I will also consider the 16x8 version off E38's or even the 15x7 E34 ones if cheap enough. Let me know what you have.
  2. slideways


    My one I offered you ticks all those boxes but with what you want to spend, you'd need to be looking at 4 door sedans only. Does it have to be a coupe?
  3. Yes they are interchangeable. I have some Koni adjustables from an E30 series car that I am willing to part with. These are adjustable at the top and in the car as opposed to the proper E30 Konis that require you to remove from the car to adjust.
  4. Yip that was mine. It was a really clean car underneath but jeez I didn't think it was worth what he's asking for it now. Needed a lot of paint work to bring it up to being a minter.
  5. Definitely has all the signs of being a 85 car like no side indicators and the old engine to body loom adaptor etc but when you look at the rear guards and lights, they are Facelift. Looks like a FL shell has had near everything swapped in to it from the 85 car. Or they really have put the lower rear PFL guards and lights section on to the old car which seems unlikely. Id easily be able to tell what's up if i had the car in front of me.
  6. Here's the old posts. Looks as if its been sitting on TradeMe for over four years now. Crazy. 1987 M3 E30 Evolution1 NZ new! - TradeMe discussions - bimmersport.co.nz Anyone seen this beauty - RHD E30 M3 - TradeMe discussions - bimmersport.co.nz If I was to one day get an M3, I wouldn't mind it being RHD as it would make it so much better to drive on our roads. I've been stuck many times behind imported LHD Camaros & Mustangs etc who cant pass the truck or campervan in front of them on the open road. They just have to sit there at 80kph while Nissan Micras pass them both. Then again, if I was to spot a RHD M3 driving past, my first thought would be "is that a 318i with a fiberglass kit?"
  7. Your car will be awesome once the M42 is in there. Will perform as good, if not better than a 325i. I have an early E36 non EWS DME if you need one. Also, have a copied Turner/Mark D chip to suit too.
  8. Correct. Seemed to be the next best option for me when finding good condition E30 sport seats is next to impossible.
  9. Thanks Richard. At the end of the day I realised I wasn't going to do what I wanted with it which was a 318is replica so thought best to move it on. Having it sit on the side of the road under trees was taking is toll on it. I hadn't done too much to it, just the seats, LSD and a taco cluster. Wanted to tidy up the bits where the paint was rough but thought it wasn't worth my time and money involved to do that. I may regret selling it one day just like the last coupe I sold. A basic spec M42 E30 coupe has always been a dream of mine.
  10. Its not too tidy, needs paint work in places but the body was solid. Also, it is just a 316i at the end of the day. I thought it was a fair price and I'm happy with it.
  11. This was mine. Sold in 15 minutes of listing it. The guy is flying down today from yes, you've guessed it, Auckland. Maybe I sold it too cheap. Factory manual, new clutch, Fresh LSD, full black leather and flew through a VTNZ wof the day before.
  12. Anything considered even a small case 3.45 (E36 Ti diff??). Will also consider an E36 diff to rob the crown and pinion from and if that's the case I will still need an E30 medium case diff (any ratio) to swap it in to. Cheers
  13. If its the one I'm thinking of, I know of the guy and pretty sure he works for a mate of mine. He should still have a Tech2 kitted 318i coupe that had a M20b25 in it as well.
  14. Only have three now. Much more manageable amount. The Tech1 is the only one worthy of Megameet.
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