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  1. Awesome, will give them a call tomorrow. Thanks again!
  2. I recently bought the car at the beginning of January, however I'm not aware of any recent windscreen replacement. Reading about your ordeal through them sounded like a nightmare.. Did you wind up working with them to get the parts you needed or sourcing them yourself? I can only imagine how frustrating and awkward that would've been. I've had a great experience with them, particularly with the parts department. Luckily, one of the advisors called me before proceeding, explaining that there is a high probability of the windscreen cracking. Given the possibilities and costs, I decided not to go ahead. It's not a major "issue" for me, it's mostly appearance. Do you have any recommendations for glass shops? Thanks Aaron!
  3. Is it worthwhile to take my car to an Auto glass shop to get the windscreen seals installed? I have all of the necessary parts - Took it to Winger today, and they advised me to take it to an Auto glass in case the windscreen was to crack (higher cost) during removal etc. I've read on a few forums that there's no need to remove the windscreen as all that has to be changed is the rubber seal/windscreen cover? I'm a bit stuck on this one, so any suggestions or advice would be greatly appreciated. 🙂 Update: I ended up replacing the surround myself - Followed a video which was extremely helpful.
  4. Nice, I'll look into them as well. I sent Auto38 an email around 2 weeks ago - it's good to know from others that they aren't here anymore, else I would've been forever waiting for a response 😄. Thank you Peter!
  5. Thank you, Olaf. All has been noted down. Good to hear, I've been wary of VTNZ as my mum has had persistent issues with them. Appreciate the recommendation!
  6. I'm certain it it was!! My grandparents had both a 97' 318i and a 98' 328i, so to see yours, as well as your mother's, is very nostalgic. However, unless you looked past all the muck and dents from neighbouring farm animals, their ones weren't as spectacular, but the number of memories I had in both will not be forgotten. That's a shame, I was narrowing it down to use them. May I ask where you go to now if you're still located in WGN? The WOF is in early February, so perhaps I'll post an introduction before then, and if not, definitely after I get a rundown from VTNZ. Thanks Boston!
  7. Aah, I just finished reading your 540i thread!! It looks fantastic, and I'm sure it gave you that extra power/joy you were seeking for!! That's great to hear as well - the previous owner took excellent care of it, and aside from some paint lacquer peeling in some areas and umm some seals that have nearly perished it's a fantastic car. I spotted through your E39 540i Motorsport thread that you use Auto 38? My parents' cars are Japanese imports, so I'm not familiar with euro specialists. As you go through them, I'm presuming they're excellent and trustworthy? Newtown isn't too far away, and depending on the hour, I'm sure it'd be a fun drive 😄 Will definitely look into making a thread on here and since I'm new to this whole thing, it'd be great to learn many things from others who have a much greater knowledge than myself. - And yes, the Oxford green is stunning, plus green is my favourite colour, so what more could I ask for?
  8. Hi Boston! Curious to know, do you still have ownership? Recently bought my first car - It being an 03 530i with same, Oxford Green and black leather interior. I've admired BMWs since I was much younger, thanks to my grandparents of course as they both owned them while I was growing up. The fact that I finally have one is truly a blessing (could also turn into a possible nightmare haha) especially considering it's my first car. Whether you still have it not, I'd really love to know how it's been/was?
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