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  1. I contacted VMR in America for a set of wheels. They said the following will fit perfectly with the OEM setup. I would like to know with our NZ roads, me living in Ardmore driving to the city 2/3 times a week how good / bad is it? Here is the blueberry from VMR, “ Thank you for your interest in VMR Wheels. I see that you are interested in a set of 19" V710's in Satin Bronze for your 2016 BMW M235i. The recommended fitment for your car is going to be 19x8.5 ET43 in the front with a 235/35/19 tire and 19x9.5 ET50 in the rear with a 255/30/19. Some have squeezed a 265/30/19, but I can't guarantee a rub free bolt on fitment. This is based on stock to mildly lowered ride height. I'll leave some detailed pricing information below based on the recommended fitment for your car. If you have any further questions or concerns, or if you'd like to place an order, feel free to reply to this email or call me directly at 714-442-7916 x108. 2x VMR Wheels V710 19x8.5 ET43 5x120 72.6 $455 2x VMR Wheels V710 19x9.5 ET50 5x120 72.6 $455 Shipping to NZD: $399 Total Shipped: $2219 USD + applicable duties - 4-5 week lead time for Satin Bronze powder coat finish“
  2. Thanks, I had a an e30 325iM, a 330ci, a Z4 Coupe, F30 320d, a terrible F20 118i (don't know what I was thinking). All M Sports and throughout that time missed the compact go cart e30. As the Coupe M135i is now the M235i and the smallest coupe you can get which is only slightly smaller than the e46. It is for that reason I purchased it, smallest, fastest coupe daily driver.
  3. So there 1st thing I am investigating is redoing the wheels in BRONZE or Copper. Any advice or images of this being done?
  4. If anyone knows good websites at competitive prices for OEM M Performance or better for my 2016 F22 M235i, please post here. e.g. considering / on the hunt for an M2 exhaust. As I work with my project I will post what I find, where I find it, how it looks over here if anyone else is looking at doing the same. If I slightly deviate I will explain why. Look forward to all the advice and feedback.
  5. Hi, it’s so good to be back here after a few years. Bought this baby over the weekend from Auckland City BMW. It’s an F22 M235i. My favourite thing about Mr Grey, is his colour obviously. I would love to add all the OEM M performance parts to keep him authentic BMW. If you know the best place and prices I can get his bits shipped to New Zealand, please let me know. So happy to be part of the BMW family again.
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