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  1. Hello,, please share more information how many Miles done? your maintenance history would be helpful ~ Rattle Noise: "Have you noticed any rattle noise at low RPMs that might be coming from the turbo, specifically the wastegate? A malfunctioning wastegate can lead to inefficiencies and should be checked to ensure it’s operating correctly." Injector Maintenance: "Have you ever had the injectors cleaned? Faulty or dirty injectors can significantly affect fuel efficiency." Spark Plug Condition: "When were the spark plugs last replaced? Worn spark plugs can cause inefficient combustion and increased fuel consumption."
  2. Hello everyone, I'm excited to join this community of BMW enthusiasts! After an unfortunate incident where my 2012 535i Active Hybrid (N55 Engine, F10) was written off, I spent a considerable amount of time researching BMW's engines to find a reliable and budget-friendly option. I decided on the B48 engine near 250HP, and I'm thrilled to share that I've just purchased a 2018 430i with 100,000KM on the odometer. It's NZ new with a full service history, recently fitted with new Zeta tires and M brakes this year. I'm the third owner of this beauty. it has WB6 digital clock with it! I've already scheduled some maintenance work to ensure it stays in top condition: Injector cleaning Vent pipe replacement (proactive change due to common failures around this mileage) Spark plug replacement Air filter change These services are booked for next week at a BMW workshop. The costs quoted were: Injector cleaning: $28 + GST Vent pipe change: $165 + GST Spark plug change: $218 + GST Air filter: $88 + GST I'm eager to learn more about maintaining this model. Any advice on specific parts that should be regularly checked or replaced would be greatly appreciated. Looking forward to engaging with you all and gaining insights into the best practices for keeping my 430i in prime condition. Cheers!
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