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FS: E81/E87 LCI LED Taillights Genuine BMW (2 Sets)

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Hi there,

I've got two sets of these for sale, both are genuine BMW with 4 x LED bars. The first set comes with bulb holders and bulbs, the second set is the lenses only although all come with the LED that lights up the four light bars (it's fixed in the lenses). Both sets are in great condition with no cracks or other damage.

  • First set w/lenses, bulb holders, bulbs, gasket and LED: $250 ono
  • Second set w/lenses, gasket and LED, no bulb holders: $150 ono (E87 pre-LCI bulb holders do not fit in these lenses)

These are regularly advertised for $250 each and BMW NZ want over $500 each. 😂

These are plug-and-play on any E81 or LCI E87 equipped with Xenon's, if you have a non-Xenon LCI or any pre-LCI you need a simple DIY to wire them in and activate the LED strips by following these instructions with pictures: https://www.babybmw.net/forum/viewtopic.php?t=15081 and there's further description here if needed: https://www.1addicts.com/forums/showthread.php?t=730693

If you buy either set then any coding you need to set the lights up as you like them is free if you drive to my place (Ellerslie). 

Can ship at buyer's expense.

SET #1



Set #2



Genuine BMW


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Bumpity bump.

Surely one of you PRE-LCI owners are pining for the full set. And somebody with an LCI must need the lens only set to tint.


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3 hours ago, leichtbau said:

So if I buy a pre LCI I’ll need the bulb holders as well?

I *believe* so, and I would suggest you assume so unless somebody with a pre-LCI can confirm otherwise.

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