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Noob member - Seeking advice about future of my manual M4 comp..

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Hey team,

Good to be here, should definitely have come on sooner but never been one for forums, til now!

Anyway, I've got an M4 Comp 2016 with a manual box. Tossing up what to do with it after 3 years. Don't need to sell it but don't have much opportunity to drive it these days, so it mostly holds down the carpet in the garage. 34k's on the clock.

So my questions really are:

1. Do you think there'd be many people interested in buying? If so, what sort of price range?
2. Anyone think it's a good/terrible idea to sell?
3. Seen many other manual M4's around? I was told by the original owner there was only a couple of other NZ new ones

Appreciate your thoughts / comments. Feed free to set me straight if I've missed the mark here too!



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Welcome and nice car!

I don't really have the answers you're looking for but the car will continue to decrease in value for quite some time, how quickly I couldn't tell you. On that basis, if you're not using it your simply burning money, on the other hand, if you get a great deal of value (enjoyment) from it when you do drive it then any loss might be acceptable to you.

Purely from a subjective standpoint, if I had it, and didn't need the money or care about depreciation, I'd keep it just to have it in my garage!

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Its one of those weird cases where its a rare car being M4Comp + Manual so in theory should hold value well but at the same times there is a smaller market of people who are looking for a manual so might just take time to find the right buyer.

If you dont really need it then doesnt hurt to put up a listing with a price and gauge interest. It may take a week or may take 6 months. Until then its got a spot in the garage.

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Unusual combo for sure for definitely a selling point as plenty of choice at the moment for DCT comp cars.

Certainly appeal to the die hard manual fans as none for sale.

In terms of value it’s a bit hard to tell. I’ve had my e46 m3 for a decade and in that time the value dropped by half in the first 4. Years , stayed around the same for another three and had almost come back to my original purchase price in the last two. 

Good luck with what you decide. Either way a really nice car to have owned.



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