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  1. I still have a soft spot for BMWs and I4, first EV I have driven. If you haven't bought an EV and looking for one, this maybe a good option because of low price $75k (relative from new price $110-120k). That said if you just add 10k more already fetches a Model 3 performance, which arguably better in a lot of aspects. But if you want a softer ride, conventional looks, feels like a BMW, etc. this might be a good choice. Roughly 40+k depreciation. 2023 BMW i4 I4 Edrive40 | Trade Me Motors
  2. I think the hot V creates a few issues and the oil consumption is probably least of the issues. I am biased on the S85 as that is what we have, but here is a controversial take on S63. Maybe the later versions S63 on F90s maybe better. Either way budget more than expected any M car.
  3. Jun

    i3 Purchase

    Not yet, still in the step of "- convince wife this is a good idea" 🤣 I have joined the E38 FB group already, it's been tempting. The 750iL EV conversion (code name: i750L) should be better use of 💰 over a brand new i7... I just need to solve the generating the funds part first.
  4. Took it for a Sunday drive, another M5 had the same idea. We are also now pass the 70k mark, hoping we get less dramas going forward.
  5. I think our M5 still has this, utterly annoying pretty much occupying the whole space. I am not sure if it has a USB printed on the button but definitely has a button. I will try to remember to take a photo of it see if the part will be useful for you to scan.
  6. We went for a Sunday drive, someone else had the same idea. For photographers, you might notice something 🤫
  7. Jun

    i3 Purchase

    No but Matte Rimac started with an E30. I think EVs are better suited for limo type of cars like the 7 series or small cars like Isetta. That is just my opinion, everyone has their own. It the meantime EV is our daily.
  8. Jun

    i3 Purchase

    Thanks Richard for the kind words, I also get the opposite sentiment whenever I say good things about Petrol engines, BMW, etc on EV/Tesla forums. Most annoying is only old folks like me know that M3 is a BMW, everyone there use M3 as shortcut for Model 3 🤪 Regarding the slow speed this is not a Tesla thing but an EV thing. They are trying to save electricity, by going slower… super annoying. In detail, drag coefficient goes up exponentially. Since electric motors are very efficient 80% compared to ICE 20% the effect of drag is more obvious on consumption. Most EV also don’t have a transmission, as it got flat torque while ICE runs similar engine speed on 100kph to 50kph as one of gears will be in the sweet spot rpm torque curve. So on ICE you want to be on the fastest possible speed to cover the most ground. While in EV you want least amount of resistance, downhills are the best as you charge your EV. I am still dreaming of that E38 750i that has 1,000nm EV motor, nice plush limo but can leave most Tesla scratching their heads. I haven’t convinced Tina yet, but it is possible. I think a limo like 7 series would suit the silent motors than a 8 series coupe https://www.speedhunters.com/2020/08/converted-the-tesla-powered-bmw-8-series/
  9. Jun

    i3 Purchase

    I guess you didn’t even bother to read my reply as you already made up your mind. I am a BMW fan hence why own a M5 and here on bimmersport. Before we bought a Tesla my first EV test drive is a BMW I4. The price difference is just too big and too many compromises. Similarly with the OP if the primary reason is transportation there are 2nd hand model 3 in low 30k, occasionally high 20k. There are other newer and better options than an I3. 190wh/km I3 vs 150wh/km model 3, this can be big difference especially if just charging at home. Placing the BMW fan aside as I found out myself after owning a Tesla they are actually good daily’s. I am here trying to help out. He is right that that there is no small character car other than the I3 in NZ market. i have clearly stated that I don’t want this be a Tesla vs BMW. Contrary to popular belief Tesla are actually not that heavy. Model 3 performance is about similar weight as comparable G80 M3. Even for us we replaced a Cayenne with model y which is lighter by 300 kg. The packaging and engineering underneath is surprising hence the efficiency compared to other EVs. We have more storage in it than our Cayenne, so I can’t objectively say it’s worse (minus off-road, another story). I don’t like that it’s a common car, it has also other things I don’t like but it’s livable. Anyway I hope this doesn’t degenerate to name calling thread.
  10. Jun

    i3 Purchase

    yes I agree. Also got excited about Honda-e when it was announced, but alas the technical underpinnings was a bit poor. The microlino is the car that I really really like... I wish it will be sold here and the price would go down. This is the perfect use case of electric drive train. Hmmm the BMW Isetta was ahead of its time.
  11. Jun

    i3 Purchase

    For me what probably more important is the efficiency bigger priority, unless you actually need the small compact size. Ironically Tesla's are still the most efficient, Model Y will use less watts/km than a Leaf (I don't know about I3). This practically means my electricity plan can charge our car and house within the $0 hours 7kw x 3 hours. If we get an inefficient BEV that means running cost will be higher, if I can't fill in 21kw of power. You can get older Model 3 for low $30k which is one of most efficient cars, since you get OTA its practically has the same features as a new one. Minus some hardware limits, like low visual display and/or matrix lights. That said I do miss the BMW more traditional driving dynamics, the 2 turn lock to lock is ridiculous for a Model Y. Ok for Model 3. So the M5 feels less pointy than our daily driver, also the suspension is stiffer on the Model Y than comfort setting on M5. My brain just sometimes can't comprehend these things. I would have taken the i4 and sacrifice the space/packaging, last generation battery for some softer suspension and more feeling seats... but the price difference is just ridiculous ($40k difference 2 years ago, now $60k). In fact some of these are addressed with bucket seats and adjustable suspension of the latest Model 3 performance which just cost $85k new, faster than announced M5 G90 🙄 I don't want this be a debate of Tesla vs BMW, just more of look at some practical stuff. Even though my heart is not in our daily, I can't really fault it. It does the daily duties really well for its price. For me to be honest my 3 car garage dream will be: M5 E60 (already there), X5 45e G05 (too expensive) and 750i E38 stealth convert to EV drivetrain (drawing board, unlikely to get past that).
  12. Jun

    i3 Purchase

    I suggest to look at current BEV, for the money you are spending it is much better than an old I3. BEV are not as cheap as before, RUC except is gone. I have to drive a BEV in order to afford to drive a S85 V10 😅 But to be honest after using EV, it’s definitely different and there are positive experiences. You still get free charging on restaurants and hotels. Car is precondition, always ready, destination is set as it looks at my calendar, etc.It is definitely best transportation, then just use the M5 if I want to drive.
  13. Yes with all this negative sentiment it will be feasible to add another M5 in depreciated price 10 years later 🤣
  14. Jun

    E61 M5 Touring life

    I think you got most of it covered. The wiring loom of the SMG is very delicate, we also put in a good amount of liquid electrical tape to hopefully prolong it (see photo). This can't be bought separately, need the whole SMG to get one. Someone used to refurb and resolder this but in 2020 he is not doing it anymore. I also replaced some parts after the transmission, here is what I had on my post: Driveshaft flex joint, Driveshaft center support bearing, Driveshaft end bushing Transmission mounts Exhaust pipe gaskets, hex nuts, torx bolts
  15. Jun

    E61 M5 Touring life

    Sorry I wasn't able to graph the water temp over the weekend. The car was already running more than 5 mins when I remembered, so likely the water will be close to 80C by then. I did try to observe the oil temp, about 8-10 mins it's on the 75C (the first line). Then by about 12-ish mins it's about 85-90C a little less than your photo above, rpm gauge on the full 8250 limit. Then this slowly creeps just before 100C from 15-20 mins. So it really goes up really fast, then the last 5-10C it's slowly gets there. It would not go lower/colder once it is near the 100C, will only get hotter when you floor it then goes back quickly below 100C. Ambient temp was about 13-16C outside, as a reference. Good luck and let us know what eventually the root cause is. I don't think something is totally broken, but there are definitely some symptoms of something is not working 100% correctly.
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