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    Not every ones choice of vehicle but hat off for the effort http://318ti.org/forum/showthread.php?t=43252
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    Caught a AIr NZ flight last week as was flickering through the NZ music section and came across a new to me band. Was L.A.B self titled album. So play the first track thinking Pink Floyd / Dave Gilmore type guitar type intro and then the drums hit .... listened through the Album twice and promptly brought it when back in NZ( hopefully the do another vinyl pressing !)
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    I have had Rhonda look after all our legal stuff since the early 90's. When and if you meet her you will see why. She is currently managing the sale of my building for me . She is a no nonsense battler you would want on your side all the way and she knows her stuff
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    Agreed, I didn't know the upgrade was (finally) happening! One of the technical clever admins must have done it. I will try and get them to have a look at the settings and see if they can change the colours a bit.
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    Welded the 4.44 diff: Made a floor plate so my feet don't have to hover: Did a few autocrosses at the end of 2017: Convinced the wife to have a go at the HCMC Christmas autocross too - at first she was worried/scared due to a big, cambered corner in the paddock, but after the first run came back in with a huge grin and then went faster and faster each time:
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    I got asked if I wanted to be a stand-in co-driver for the Maramarua Rallysprint. I wasn't sure how I'd feel in the passenger seat, being thrown around blind corners, but I said "Why not?", because motorsport in the passenger seat is still motorsport. Had a few good runs in the mighty 316ti, but it was so wet and slippery, that most of the field ended up leaving before the 3rd run - which is where our day ended. We saw a warning triangle indicating someone got in trouble after the next corner or two, and sure enough came flying around towards a BMW 2002 parked in a tree. Letting off the accelerator resulted in our car understeering into some deep mud, where we got stuck and had to wait until all cars passed so we could get pulled out. We decided to call it a day at this stage. The 2002 only had a minor dent on the front lower valance, so no biggie either. Goals: The plan for the 316ti is to drop in a M42 so it can stay in the under 1800cc class for now.
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