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  1. Hello , I have swap e36 from 318is in m54b30 , I have some problems but I see post of thermostat I want ask more for that , when you can help tell me I have email and fb 
    and fb Fisnik L Makolli 

  2. Eddie

    e46 v8 wagon

    how is this going?
  3. Yes it's the oil tank for the engine. The tank can hold 8l but only holds around 4-4.5 l while running as the extra oil is circulating around the engine, filter,pump and oil lines. The only pic I took while I was making the tank
  4. I have been tidying up the last of the wiring. Got the reversing lights and camera going again
  5. The car has done just over 1000km now and it's had a small oil leak on the left side since I first got it running, so I thought it's best I fix it
  6. I've just been sorting out the little things like the air filter and washer bottle
  7. I put the e38 fuel pump in the e46 holder
  8. starting sort out the little things. I found a standard shifter surround to replace the tiptronic surround
  9. I have overfilled the oil tank so if you cane it, oil comes out the breather. Need to sort that.
  10. To get dash to work was turning into a bit of a problem, all the sensors like water temp, oil light, alternator light are wired to the factory e46 DME plus theres the tacho. . To get around the problem I decided to still run the 4 cylinder DME, I removed anything that wasn't going to be used , leaving only the crank trigger, water sensor, oil pressure, alternator light and power supply. I made an extra bracket to mount the crank trigger at the front of the motor and pick up off the M60 crank pulley. I then started to wire in the M60 DMe and trans , ecu. It still have to mount the computers and wire in the P/S button, reverse lights, Park/ neutral starter lock out. And then move on to suspension and brakes But in the mean time it runs and can be driven.
  11. It runs and drives. time for a midnight drive.
  12. I have sorted the dme. But having problems with the starter park/neutral circuit
  13. I got the oil tank back from powder coating today
  14. I have finished making the exhaust. not the best looking system as I just used up what was laying around.
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