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    e46 v8 wagon

    how is this going?
  2. Yes it's the oil tank for the engine. The tank can hold 8l but only holds around 4-4.5 l while running as the extra oil is circulating around the engine, filter,pump and oil lines. The only pic I took while I was making the tank
  3. I have been tidying up the last of the wiring. Got the reversing lights and camera going again
  4. The car has done just over 1000km now and it's had a small oil leak on the left side since I first got it running, so I thought it's best I fix it
  5. I've just been sorting out the little things like the air filter and washer bottle
  6. I put the e38 fuel pump in the e46 holder
  7. starting sort out the little things. I found a standard shifter surround to replace the tiptronic surround
  8. I have overfilled the oil tank so if you cane it, oil comes out the breather. Need to sort that.
  9. To get dash to work was turning into a bit of a problem, all the sensors like water temp, oil light, alternator light are wired to the factory e46 DME plus theres the tacho. . To get around the problem I decided to still run the 4 cylinder DME, I removed anything that wasn't going to be used , leaving only the crank trigger, water sensor, oil pressure, alternator light and power supply. I made an extra bracket to mount the crank trigger at the front of the motor and pick up off the M60 crank pulley. I then started to wire in the M60 DMe and trans , ecu. It still have to mount the computers and wire in the P/S button, reverse lights, Park/ neutral starter lock out. And then move on to suspension and brakes But in the mean time it runs and can be driven.
  10. It runs and drives. time for a midnight drive.
  11. I have sorted the dme. But having problems with the starter park/neutral circuit
  12. I got the oil tank back from powder coating today
  13. I have finished making the exhaust. not the best looking system as I just used up what was laying around.
  14. Still the standard ones at the moment, Brakes, springs and sway bar are on the list
  15. I spent today connecting up the Power steer lines, fuel lines, refitted the radiator and hoses. Also mounted the remote oil filter and started to make some of the oil lines. Car is back on its wheels as I'm taking to a mates workshop tomorrow to start making up the oil tank.
  16. I sorted remounting the power steering pump and alternator. I used the E46 pump and alternator so I can reuse the factory power steering hoses and wiring loom for the alternator. Also I made and fitted the drive shaft
  17. Yes the shift indicator/ steptronic, ewb (just for the starter and dme), and DME pin out would be good thanks picture of dme
  18. the drivers side was a mission its an e38 and x5 manifold hacked up. The rear cylinder is very restricted as it had to turn 90 deg within 40mm of the head
  19. the e46 trans was a GM 1 423 820 part number 96022204 I cant seem to find the engine ecu at the moment
  20. The engine is back in the car and all bolted in. I need to remount the alternator and power steering pump as they wont fit between the engine and chassis rail. you can see that its tight for the exhaust to clear the steering I moved the fuel lines and brake lines to be clear of the left exhaust WIN! the v8 shifter is a direct replacement for the standard e46 unit
  21. after what seems like a life time I finally have finished the manifolds and boxed in the engine mounts
  22. I have tried that site but it doesn't show up anything on any of our computers
  23. I still need to make them
  24. The rear 4 cylinder cross member works with the v8 trans, the front of the motor still needs to come down about 15mm ensure that the drive line angle is ok. i'm going to have relocate the abs pump
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