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  1. I can have a look, wouldn't think so though (all would have been in glovebox). Ill see if I can fish out some old pictures of when we had it, can still remember the day we picked it up when i was only 12.
  2. This was my fathers car about 8 years ago, it was absolutely mint back then.
  3. scott_e30

    1985 318i

    Hi there, Managed to pick this up three or so weeks ago - 1995 318i E30 - 119km - Polaris Silver - Manual - NZ New Purchased off a 90 year old that had retired from driving - she had owned it since 1987 Everything down to the stereo is original and untouched - spear wheel looks as though its never been used Have replaced the clutch and radiator and now drives like brand new It is a real credit to its previous owner partly due to the fact that its been garaged its whole life Plans: Reconditioning the alloys Original floor matts Fit the purchased rear heck spoiler Scott
  4. Would you consider selling the 15" weaves separately? Cheers
  5. Hi do you have the rear floor matts in blue?
  6. As per above, based in Christchurch and Auckland. Cheers
  7. Looks great! Love the staggered CSL reps
  8. Looking good Matt. Finally got you into an e30.
  9. scott_e30

    E30 Parts

    Gear knobs broken Sam, already checked haha
  10. After the following bits, Drivers high beam Passenger Foglight PFL or FL manual gear knob Blue rear carpet matts Cheers
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