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  1. scott_e30

    328ci nz new 5spd black on black , new daily ?

    These photos taken in April 2008.
  2. scott_e30

    328ci nz new 5spd black on black , new daily ?

    I can have a look, wouldn't think so though (all would have been in glovebox). Ill see if I can fish out some old pictures of when we had it, can still remember the day we picked it up when i was only 12.
  3. scott_e30

    328ci nz new 5spd black on black , new daily ?

    This was my fathers car about 8 years ago, it was absolutely mint back then.
  4. scott_e30

    1985 318i

    Hi there, Managed to pick this up three or so weeks ago - 1995 318i E30 - 119km - Polaris Silver - Manual - NZ New Purchased off a 90 year old that had retired from driving - she had owned it since 1987 Everything down to the stereo is original and untouched - spear wheel looks as though its never been used Have replaced the clutch and radiator and now drives like brand new It is a real credit to its previous owner partly due to the fact that its been garaged its whole life Plans: Reconditioning the alloys Original floor matts Fit the purchased rear heck spoiler Scott
  5. scott_e30

    E30 Touring 320i

    Would you consider selling the 15" weaves separately? Cheers
  6. scott_e30

    E30 glove box Handle preferably in Christchurch

    Latch, the whole things buggard
  7. scott_e30

    Parting FL E30 318i Hamilton

    Hi do you have the rear floor matts in blue?
  8. scott_e30

    E30 Front lip and passenger fog light.

    sorry, facelift.
  9. As per above, based in Christchurch and Auckland. Cheers
  10. scott_e30

    recent shots of my new set up, E46 M Sport

    Looks great! Love the staggered CSL reps
  11. scott_e30

    Rowan's E24 aka The Maroon Princess

    wow. Loving that color also.
  12. scott_e30

    First E30

    Looking good Matt. Finally got you into an e30.
  13. scott_e30

    E30 Parts

    Gear knobs broken Sam, already checked haha
  14. scott_e30

    Various e30 bits

    After the following bits, Drivers high beam Passenger Foglight PFL or FL manual gear knob Blue rear carpet matts Cheers