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  1. BMW 428i M-Sport Gran Coupe

    Thanks Glenn 2.0 twin turbo = complex & stressed ?
  2. BMW 428i M-Sport Gran Coupe

    A friend has her heart set on a BMW 428i M-Sport Gran Coupe.. Since I'd previously warned her away from an N42 mistake, she has asked if the forum (i.e. Glenn) has any advice or warnings. Appreciate your collective wisdom..
  3. WTB E30 Gearbox :Getrag 240 or ZF S5-16 THMH

    Great Bruce, I'm really keen to have a look and discuss. Appreciate your help.. have good trip down.
  4. WTB E30 Gearbox :Getrag 240 or ZF S5-16 THMH

    Hi Bruce, thank you, I've borrowed Rob Wolff's spare for the weekend.. what is the history of the box, what do you want for it ? Cheers John
  5. WTB E30 Gearbox :Getrag 240 or ZF S5-16 THMH

    Thanks Jon, see you Saturday..
  6. Need a replacement gearbox in good condition, no leaks, good synchros.. Prefer Auckland but will travel for a good deal
  7. WTB: E90 front tow eye cover

  8. WTB: E90 front tow eye cover

    bump Brent, Ray any E90 Msport silver front's intact ?
  9. What are the 2x E30 coupes that no one seems to want ?


  10. Priorities

    Glenn. I have valued your advice on E30 slave piston, pre-purchase checks, and especially your N42 warnings. Enjoy your family time.
  11. WTB: E90 front tow eye cover

  12. BMW E36 328i coupe for Targa / track

    .. surgery underway for rebirth.. no longer road legal.. owner re-joining BMW Race Driver Series in 2litre category.. watch out MIRACLE is back
  13. E30 Med Case diff

    Still have 3.9 Medium Case open diff for $350. Excellent condition.