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  1. Drea//Mer

    My new car - yet another e36 328i

    Im not worried about the torque loss at this stage, a supercharger will fix that 😜. Need more airflow for my boosting intentions, thats why im putting the m50 manifold on. I have fully prepared myself for the change in torque / hp, read a lot of forum posts, bought a couple of books which detail the mod. I do agree it will be less drivable in the city, sticking to speed limits etc; but i really want to build it to see what it can do on track and passing lanes 😉
  2. estima sc14 superchargers can be fitted quite neatly on the intake side of the engine, theres a local (nz) guy that does a full bolt on kit good for 5-6 pound. Thats the route im looking at going. You could probably use an oil distribution block for oil feed, i bought one from rally road to run pressure and temp gauges. I think the rally road oil distribution block is curretly on sale, its a good quality part.
  3. Drea//Mer

    My new car - yet another e36 328i

    Pretty sure all i need is manifold, but ive seen tutorials using the mounting bars and other wee bits for the swap. From what i've read and have been told, the adaptive fuel mapping in the dme will adjust itself to minor modifications like this. You just need to reset the dme's current memory by shorting the battery leads with battery removed for 30+ mins, after that it will readapt over the next few days to get the mixture right.
  4. Drea//Mer

    My new car - yet another e36 328i

    Some packages arrived today, its like christmas 😄 Kassel performance m50 manifold kit and parts to delete asc from pelican, Also pictured is new metal impeller water pump and thermostat housing. My next order will be from beisansystems, i promise 😋. Im trying to replace as much as i can before the car hits 200,000km, its sitting at 199,6XX right now.
  5. Need door handle assembly with lock removed or with lock & key (from what i've read i need the key to remove the lock barrel and swap in my lock barrel.) Part is required for compact, sedan will work, unsure about other models but from what ive seen they are the same.
  6. Drea//Mer

    What'd you do to your BMW today?

    Looks about the same size as the one i patched. First drain oil, i used an air compressor to blow all the oil out of the sump. Then i hit the area with a dremel to score the surface and give the epoxy something to adhere to, i grooved the crack line very slightly so it would fill and hold. Mix and apply epoxy; then to be extra sure it would hold i repeated the dremel step around and over the dry epoxy and put another layer of epoxy over it. Mine has held out for over 6 years now, no oil drips.
  7. Drea//Mer

    What'd you do to your BMW today?

    How bad? i've had moderate success using permatex cold weld epoxy to temporarily patch a small sump crack (overtightened sump plug cracked along the bottom of the sump)
  8. Drea//Mer

    So i helped my Mrs replace her hood lining...

    We did it for the laughs but its seriously a part of her car now. (makes me cringe a little inside, its my old car 😩)
  9. Old one was touching our heads on our way home from shopping on sunday so we decided to stop at spotlight and take a look at some materials.... In the end it wasnt my decision so we went home with a hugely marked down piece of fake white fur, approx 1.15x1.5m for $15, adding the price of 2 cans of spray adhesive and the whole job cost about $40. It looks kind of odd... but it feels amazing 😆. The whole job took maybe 2.5 - 3 hours, a lot of that time was spent working out how to take interior apart and actually get the fiberglass out of the car in 1 piece.
  10. Drea//Mer

    e46 steering wheel to e36 retrofit

    i see someone pointed out on another forum the e46 runs a 2 stage airbag so definately incompatable... just wondering if the e36 can be fitted inside the e46 wheel, it looks identical
  11. Drea//Mer

    e46 steering wheel to e36 retrofit

    Okay so i impulse bought this : https://www.aliexpress.com/item/MEWANT-for-BMW-E36-E46-E39-Black-Artificial-Leather-Car-Steering-Wheel-Cover-Interior-Accessories-Parts/32816504592.html?spm=a2g0s.9042311.0.0.pWyU3A Then realised it wont fit my e36 steering wheel (same 3 spoke design less buttons). So im just wondering if this shape wheel can be retrofitted into the e36 without much issue? Eg do the airbag plugs match... Im not worried about stereo controls, ill probably rig them up to do something else / try make them work with an aftermarket headunit. I have seen people do the e39 button steering wheel retrofit to e36 so im assuming itl work... Anyway if so i want to buy one! if anyone has one spare please lemme know 😏 And if it cant be retrofitted to e36, does anyone with this steering wheel wanna buy a cheap cover? (black stitching).
  12. Drea//Mer

    Another e36 - My 328 Beater

    would i be able to get a list of all those parts / supplier? i'd really like to also overhaul my 328's suspension.
  13. Drea//Mer

    What'd you do to your BMW today?

    Fitted new cheapo gas struts for my bonnet, Installed 7pin trailer light socket using a TEB7AS relay.
  14. Drea//Mer

    M50B25 Crankbolt removal (help)

    Lol sounds risky, but whatever works
  15. Drea//Mer

    My new car - yet another e36 328i

    Any advice on where i should source the parts for a vanos overhaul?