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  1. eeee36

    Fuel Pump motor kit E36

    I have a couple of sender units as I got one with a new pump. If it's any use pm me
  2. eeee36

    Getrag 260 and Manual conversion parts (E36)

    Interested in this please contact me. Cheers
  3. One of the first things I did. I'm at a loss either way as scenario 1, the vehicle is recovered, damaged/undamaged would it be good to have it back not knowing how it had been treated... Scenario 2 agreed value was around 2.2k (Purchase price) since then spent around 3k or more on maintenance paint repairs etc......
  4. Hi Guys, Gal's, Today my enjoyed E36 Coupe was stolen from what is advertised as a Secure Carpark as stated in ad's by the Auckland City Council. I called the Council and said how can this happen? They said, "someone just says they lost their ticket and pays the $75 for a lost ticket and drive out, Would you like to lay a complaint?" Even though the perpertrator is likely on camera, they cannot look this up apparently as it would take going through the days footage.... So here I am paid for Secure Parking For What....
  5. eeee36


    Hi mate what are the tyres like?
  6. eeee36

    Full E36 coupe leather interior

    Yup, im interested..
  7. eeee36

    E36 coupe central locking

    I have the same issue. Fuse No. 7 blowing. What could be the cause?