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  1. Yeah $249 will cover your vehicle - we only charge more for excessive soiling and per hair that takes considerably longer than the standard time allocated to remove. We've got a free loan car available so give us a call (or a PM) when you are ready to book a couple of days in advance and we'll make sure that's available if you need it. Thanks!
  2. Surge

    1986 E30 325i Manual

    Looking for around $6k - gauging the market too at this stage 1986 325i Manual Converted to the later Motronic (crank angle sensor is on the front of the engine as opposed to the gearbox) Converted to manual - Getrag 260 5-speed Powerflex Bushings throughout the entire rear end (done less than 10,000kms ago) - Nolathane at the front control arms "eye" Lowered on H&R Sports Koni Yellow One-Way adjustable Shock Absorbers throughout Euro Replica Plates - installed only for the photo Headlights have been blackened (glass removed and painted reflectors on the low-beams) Interior has black leather door cards (or at least would appear to be leather) Sports seats in the front - need recovering - I do have covers on them from a later 1 series that could be professionally fitted if interested. Mtech-2 Fibreglass Replica body kit Widened flared arches (1 has been "completed" as in smoothed off and painted - 3 need to be finished - function over form as I ran some pretty wide tyres on this for a while) No sunroof. Had the front kit repainted - the roof and boot were repainted by Andrews and Gilmore in Christchurch. I'm only selling it as we've moved into a smaller place and having 4 cars already means some have to go - I didn't really ever anticipate selling this. Overall it's from 1986 so there is inevitably things that will likely need doing - It's been in the garage for the last 6 months so I'll pull it out and put it through a WOF + get some better pictures. Happy to answer questions (call or private message me) Telecom-200-5693 or SouthIsland-379-1390 in Christchurch. I'll see how it goes on here before TradeMe. Would prefer to sell to someone who looks after it!
  3. Surge

    An easy way to remove Tints

    When we are removing tints at work we use a heat gun to initially get the film off (heat on the outside of the window, moving it around regularly making sure not to get it too hot) and then a solvent on the inside to the remove the glue - which keeps the demisters safe. It's a painful job at the best of times!
  4. Surge

    4x100 E30 Wheels

    Sorry it's got 40 profile tyres on them. That's one of them - it's got the bolts removed as I'm repainting the centres. Outer lips polish up mint. Grid III tyres on the back with 4-5mm tread, Near new Neova AD-06 on the front.
  5. Surge

    Speeding ticket - speed incorrect

    It's worth flicking them a 2 min e-mail to simply get an explanation as to the discrepancy however...
  6. Surge

    Speeding ticket - speed incorrect

    What I'd be doing is.... Go online to the Police website and do the following: Firstly mention specifically that you saw 92km on the radar - and note the difference in the ticket. Secondly, request full disclosure of the circumstances of the alleged offence - request specifically calibration of all the units used to measure your speed. You'll get a rather large stack of paper delivered to the address you provide about the radar gun they used, etc... and an explanation as to the difference between the ticket and the radar speed. Here's some background: http://www.police.govt.nz/resources/2003/speedcamera_cu4_vehicle.pdf http://www.police.govt.nz/resources/2003/speedcamera_cu6_static.pdf
  7. Surge

    4x100 E30 Wheels

    I've got some 5-spoke 3 piece wheels, I think they are simmons - I'm not 100% sure on that fact though. 255/35/17s back, 225/35/17s on the front. Would be looking for a bit more than $800 though. You'd need extended lugs and rolled guards to run them. These were on a former Graham Clyde e30 race car.
  8. Surge

    E30 minor bits

    What wheel bearings are left?
  9. Surge

    10kms out?

    No such thing as the 10km leeway. I made the Police give me a full disclosure of all their equipment etc... when I got a ticket in the holiday period for 4km over the speedlimit. I could reasonably argue a couple of km off that speed to bring it down to 102 etc... but it's still over 100km and it's strict liability.
  10. Surge

    E34 M30 camshaft wear

    From a quick bit of research I've heard BMW updated the bolts that hold the spray bar to ones that have a locking compound applied to them... therefore I'd assume that this motor has had this problem in the past.
  11. Surge

    E34 M30 camshaft wear

    It's done just over 120km.
  12. Surge

    E34 M30 camshaft wear

    Cheers for the replies. That's the problem I've got with the second hand motor - having the exact same problems/other problems. The current engine doesn't smoke and besides the camwear issue otherwise seems fine (eg bottom end). I'm not too fussed about spending a bit of coin if it means that the engine is going to be reliable from there on. Is it worth doing the timing chain/tension guides etc at the same time?
  13. Surge

    E34 M30 camshaft wear

    Just wondering what the options are as far as repacing a worn camshaft (front lobes are worn) - vehicle is a 535i (M30). Obviously the camshaft will need replacing/regrinding but I'm not too sure what else will need to be done (or should be done) at the same time? Ie. is it worth replacing the rockers, eccentrics, rocker shafts etc..? (Pelican parts doesn't seem too bad in regards to pricing) Going from my m20 I'll need to lift the head to get the camshaft out so that will be coming off too... Failing that - is it more cost effective to either get a new (second hand) motor, or a new (second hand) head? Cheers!
  14. Surge

    1989 E34 535i For Sale $2000

    My friend picked this up on Thursday. I've got an E30 so we're slowly building up the BMWs in the work car park. We've had it looked over and only found one engine mount needs doing so rather pleased for the price. Plan is to fix up the odd imperfection (cosmetically) and bring it back to its former glory. We've got a car grooming business so we're going to go the whole nine-yards on it...! And (if I can convince him..) convert it into manual and get some e39 wheels on it.