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  1. 3 past keepers traveled 112,300 kms. Maintain and well looked after in very good condition. Full preventive maintenance carried out in Dec 2019 by EuroCare, receipts available. Genuine forged alloy 18" Works Wheel (Japan) sitting on Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymetric tyres: rear (new) 255/35/18 front 225/40/18. Minor exhaust modification with upgraded fast flow rear box (original stainless available). Plates to be replaced. Viewing in Christchurch. Price Neg $9k Jon 0272388362
  2. I had a great experience with Pete @ the team as they specialise in what I was after, knowledgeable passionate guys that take the time to get things right the first time! Come along to next Wednesday's Car Club night at the Papanui Club and we can swap stories on customer service locally.
  3. Hi, the UK plate is what's called in the UK a 'cherish plate' I believe. UK system of Registration is completely different, that plate could be 25 to 35 years old as Registration Plates are allocated by numbers to the different Counties in the UK and can be sold I've been told. Yes B3 3,3 doesn't meet modern Regs for impact or Euro IV but I've made application to NZTA to import & register in NZ under 'special interest vehicle' Application-for-SIV-permit.pdf SIV_-_TB26.pdf
  4. Selling vehicle on TM depends on how quickly the Seller needs to sell the vehicle for financial reasons or even to avoid long over due maintenance repairs. I made the mistake last year of purchasing a pretty special S/C Autobiography on a whim within 10mins of the test drive as the 340 kw hooked me but at $300 a tank to fill and sh*t load of overdue maintenance needing attention I sold it just before Christmas for nearly $10k less, lucky we have $ trees in the Sth Isl ?. Note to self only buy BMW's or Alpina's with full service history and low ownership in the future. Like this superb B3 3.3 which is this years birthday present if NZTA let her into NZ!
  5. Fav M3 model not example. I would never buy off a car dealership especially when the vehicle as had 7+ owners like this one listed by Christchurch European. This series online is interesting for any e46 enthusiasts out there https://youtu.be/ZvJ_v03zreQ
  6. This is my fav M3 model ever made an e46. https://www.trademe.co.nz/motors/used-cars/bmw/auction-2483346861.htm
  7. Thank you for the replies gents. The e12 are a are great shape and pretty bullet proof mechanically I've heard if maintain. This example has an interesting back story being purchased in Germany direct from the factory, then travelled around in Europe by a doctor on a working holiday for 2 years prior to arriving home in NZ. The owner will only sale to an enthusiast, $12-$15k seems reasonable to me. Happy motoring, Jon
  8. Hi all, I need some advise please with what mechanical & body items to look out for on a pre purchase inspection on this 1978 520. I spoke to the owner at length today, the e12 is certainly genuine, low original kms, factory spec'd options with a great back story in Europe. 'Bluey' has only 1 true owner as ordered direct in Germany prior to taking the long way home over 2 years for a valid reason. Any advise would be greatly received. Thank you in advance, Jon https://www.trademe.co.nz/motors/used-cars/bmw/auction-2442251421.htm
  9. Mute the guy's voice and enjoy the sight of these ultimate driving machine side by side.
  10. Thank you @balancerider. I'm a e46 enthusiast, think I've found my 2020 birthday present. Just was wondering if any examples in NZ?
  11. Complements of the season to you all. I'm curious can anyone please confirm if a few if these stunning examples are in NZ?
  12. Thank you @Eagle, @M3AN, @Matth5 feedback much appreciated. My rears 255/18 Front 235/18 on existing F1 A2s came with Milliy on purchase in November which I’m really happy with. The new model F1 A5s on online review came in overall #3 Best Performance tyre which will do me I’m thinking as my little 325ci is more fun than extreme performance. M3 is the next purchase mid next year!
  13. Hi all, I'm looking to replace set of tyres prior to the festive season annual road trips in particular up to Hampton Downs for the BMW Festival. Looking at replacing with Eagle F1 Asymmetric 5 as have the previous model all round now. Does anyone rate theses tyres or suggestions with alternatives please?
  14. @zero nice difference with secondary cats removed & 2" pipes. Sounds better without the typical drone noise and a little difference with performance but in reality like stated there's not a real increase in power which never was the aim. Happy motoring over the festive season.
  15. Hi Pete @TermiPeteNZ my apologies as you where 100% correct with my wheels being after market.
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