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  1. Aphexic

    E39 2000 540i Msport

    This looks goddamn gorgeous! I've always regretted selling this car, should've just kept it 😁
  2. I miss this car so much! I take it the lip didn't last long 😅?
  3. Car has sooooold woooohoo! Thanks guys.
  4. Hahah I love this idea and fully support it. Thanks for all the support guys, feels like we're up to page 3 in this thread of "I can't believe this hasn't sold yet"!
  5. Pics taken earlier this week:
  6. Plans to trade in this car fell through after a family member passed away and I had to put money towards other expenses, this is my 4th car and sadly its the one that gets used the least! Cheeky offers may be considered~!
  7. 3.9k ono - Have expenses coming up. Cheers
  8. Sorry yeah, Glenfield Auckland. Cheers
  9. Looks like there's no love for what used to be the fastest sedan in the world!
  10. Thanks for the kind words guys, looks like no ones biting so next week she'll be traded in (would take 4.5k, come on guysssss)
  11. Aphexic

    E36 black 328i sunroof + leather, $700 *headgasket*

    I didn't see any condensation on the cap Ehhhh, dipstick is kinda hard to tell
  12. I haven't been trying tooooo hard to sell it (it's such a great car to drive and I would really miss it) but it's time to move on now hence the cheap price, can't believe it hasn't sold already! Someone come take it for a test drive
  13. Aphexic

    E36 black 328i sunroof + leather, $700 *headgasket*

    Hahah wow so many emails from this thread! The car wasn't overheated afaik, the coolant is gone but the temperature wasn't pegged. My wife's recount of what happened was "suddenly there was a lot of white smoke out of the exhaust and it wasn't running right" so we parked it up and called the towie, has been sitting since last Friday I'm not a mechanic by anymeans - but it seems like HG or maybe a stuck valve (but that wouldn't account for the missing coolant?), but the head had been replaced with a HellBM head about a year and a half ago sooooo..? I don't have a compression tester, I could go buy one but honestly I can't be bothered dealing with it at the moment as it was a bit of an ordeal (had to go buy the Mrs a new car that same weekend for work on Monday, ugh.) If you're interested in the car you can test it if you'd like and have a good inspection before buying. The car starts but idles rough, sounds like it's down a cyl, but you guys would know way more about this stuff than I do. I'm not sure about just driving and topping up the coolant every once and a while, but hey if you live on the edge you're welcome to try Cheers!
  14. Aphexic

    E36 black 328i sunroof + leather, $700 *headgasket*

    Anyone? The wheels alone with the tyres would be worth it!
  15. Aphexic

    E36 black 328i sunroof + leather, $700 *headgasket*

    Fly up and roll it down to Christchurch, that's how gravity works right ?