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  1. adro

    Window rub cure?

    This turned up a few days ago and so far seems to have done an amazing job at curing the noise I was hearing, can’t believe it. What a product. Thanks for the recommendation.
  2. adro

    E46 330i Touring

    Car is behaving as it should now. Have done about 100km round town driving and it's good. I have an annoying noise mostly coming from the drivers window/door. The recommended (thanks bimmersport) gummi pflege looks like it has to come from overseas so might be a while before that arrives. I let the tyres down tonight to 36 PSI (I had pumped them up for storage) and that has made a bit of a difference to the comfort but not to the noise. Will get into some maintenance soon but in the mean time it's back to daily duties. Maintenance items on the cards. - New soft brake lines all round - Expansion tank (pretty sure it's still the original) - Trailing arm bushings - Transmission mounts - Diff bushings - Tensioner spring - 02 pilot mod - RTV thermostat housing to see if it stops the small drip, otherwise replace that.
  3. My E46 sounds like the window glass is rubbing on the gasket / top of the door card. It doesn't do it when the window is down. Anyone had this before? know a fix for it? The noise is something between a squeek and a rattle....and very annoying. CHeers.
  4. adro

    E46 330i Touring

    Battery was suppose to be trickle charged but when I picked up the car the clock had been reset so I assume it had been left at the back of the facility for a while.
  5. adro

    E46 330i Touring

    Yeah Aaron at A1 quoted me the prices of the regulator and the stator and at they were quite steep! I think this one may have already been rebuilt too as there was lots of paint dots on all the bolts? But maybe that’s also a factory thing. Just back in the country with 1 car I really just need this thing to go. In hindsight my expectations were maybe a bit high storing a 22 year old car and expecting everything to work after 12months.
  6. adro

    E46 330i Touring

    Don’t think so, they looked fine When I get some spare time I’ll look to test/rebuild the old unit. Looks like a fun project.
  7. adro

    E46 330i Touring

    229,xxx km Picked up the car from storage this week (12 months). WOF & Rego and then things went a bit pear shaped. Started with central locking issues, moved into abs, handbrake, battery light trifecta and ended with a dead flat battery in the middle of CBD. New battery, new alternator and I think everything is ok. 2 hours waiting for AA. Old one New one overnight via A1 auto electrical. Looking very clean in a not so clean engine bay. Real sweet DIY replacing one of these...it's been a while since i have done any wrenching but i was quickly reminded how DIY friendly the E46 is. I did locate some GM5 relays from chch via get connected however I think* the battery and alternator have cured the locking issue so have ordered relays from overseas at a lot lower cost and plan to replace those in the future, cause man it's a real pain in the ass when only the drivers door unlocks.
  8. Hi all. Just picked up my car from being in storage for 12 months and after 50km the key no longer unlocks the doors. The lights flash but no unlocking, the Central lock button also doesn’t unlock them. Have tried both keys to no avail. the keys will lock the car but not unlock. anyone know of a GM5 module repair in NZ? cheers.
  9. adro

    E46 330i Touring

    Car is looking very sweet! Great work.
  10. Very nice! I've been mulling over replacing my headunit but havent been able to really find enough reviews to make a definitive decision. Where did you get the relocation bracket from? Are you planning on installing a reversing camera too?
  11. adro

    The Barbara Chronicles

    I know this feeling. On par with upgrading to an msport wheel 😃
  12. adro

    The Barbara Chronicles

    Just think how much you saved on all the labour you did yourself 😀
  13. from memory it cost me roughly $800 (hutt automatics @95 an hour) to drop and reinstall the same box on my 540 which i assume will have gone up since that was 3 years ago. I remember as I was quite insensed by it. I think AAAutomtive quoted $650 for labour for Lyall Bay service center to drop/reinstall but then additional cost to freight it to Auckland and back to be repaired. With such a problomatic box unless you are planning to sell the car ASAP for the sake of your own anxiety surely it's worth getting Zane to drop it and take a look, knowing it's had a tonne of stuff replaced already. Real sh*t/expensive scenario though either way. Sorry to hear man.
  14. adro

    The Barbara Chronicles

    Great photos! I agree that Queenstown - Glenorchy road is amazing. What a shake down 😎
  15. adro

    The Barbara Chronicles

    She's looking bloody tough 💪 lots more photos please.
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