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  1. Trailing arm bushings x2 (4 in total, 2 per arm) $40 for both located in Wellington. BMW part number 33329061945 These are currently back ordered on FCP and also fit these other vehicles: Part 33329061945 was found on the following vehicles: 1502-2002tii   (03/1966 — 07/1977) 3' E21   (02/1975 — 12/1983) 3' E30   (12/1981 — 02/1994) 3' E36   (06/1993 — 08/2000) 1500-2000CS   (09/1963 — 01/1972) 5' E12   (02/1972 — 07/1981) 5' E28   (06/1980 — 12/1988) 2.5CS-3.0CSL   (12/1968 — 11/1975) 6' E24   (10/1975 — 04/1989) 2500-3.3Li   (08/1968 — 02/1977) 7' E23   (10/1976 — 11/1989) Z3 E36   (12/1994 — 06/2002) [ SOLD] Subframe Bushings [SOLD] $40 for the pair. Located Wellington. part number 33311130537 / 33311129144 Fits 3' E30   (12/1981 — 02/1994)
  2. Hey, sorry this is sold pending payment. I'll get in touch if it falls through. Cheers.
  3. I think I got this from Garagistic from memory however once I lowered my car I figured any lower was going to become impractical so never fitted it. . Located in Wellington. Would rather pick up but I'm sure i can wrangle some cardboard to ship at buyers risk. (NB: No hardware, just the lip itself. But as oer Andy's write up, you want stainless hardware) Andy did a great write up on how to install here:
  4. adro

    E46 330i Touring

    Little follow up. - Wheel is back on with new tyre. Randomly the price was $346….my number plate is DQZ346! - Bank 2 o2 sensor is in, what a PITA. Glad that’s a 160,000km service interval item! - installed new white LED fog bulbs. Before: After:
  5. If there’s a thing in particular you want to check I can take photos of that section for you.
  6. Yeah it is a North American publication. So yeah guess it’s for LHD cars but I never even noticed that till now and I used it for a bunch of trouble shooting on my RHD car.
  7. adro

    E46 330i Touring

    Fell victim to a puncture yesterday. Pretty annoyed as these tyres are pretty new and of course it found the wider (more expensive) rear. shop reckoned it wasn’t repairable so got a new one overnight. Very happy with Tyre Clinics service. Not so happy with PCB builders who have been working down the road where I picked it up.
  8. adro

    E46 330i Touring

    224,xxx km All this talk of o2 sensors in @Vass thread reminded me that o2 sensors were on my list of things to do. If I had of been paying attention @Eagle had already done the hard work and found where to find these unusually hard to find part numbers and posted them in his thread. It's a little confusing as my headers are quite different to the diagram and the DIY tutorials all over the internet. First time ordering from Spareto and i'm thoroughly impressed. About a week to arrive from Estonia. I'm a little premature here and have only replaced bank 1 as bank 2 as you can see is a lot harder to access and will take a bit more time. Old and new bank 1 sensors. The originals are dated 01 so being an 02 build car I'm pretty sure these are original. E30 is departing the garage this afternoon for good so will hopefully get bank 2's new sensor in soon.
  9. +1 for Mtech badge on the seats. Will look perfect!
  10. adro

    The Barbara Chronicles

    Loving the updates, looks like things are taking shape.
  11. adro

    E46 330i Touring

    What a workhorse you have there 😉 I imagine the 3L would be lovely on those Central Otago roads. Have been really tempted by the AVIN 4. Did you get it direct from AVIN?
  12. Looks like the new owner of @Blackies E36 is moving on a low km E46 Touring https://www.trademe.co.nz/motors/used-cars/bmw/auction-3630806499.htm
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