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  1. Always liked the 66s on a 36. To get the rubberrizing of the rear guards😱😩😩😩.....thats quite a mission. A wire wheel + a drill helps heaps though. ...
  2. 420nm on hub nut...if you man-up😅 150 on wheels
  3. What!!! All that info and you're being a pansy🤨🤨🤨..haha..nah. tough one on the ground man.
  4. Homs Im planning this to be "mark 1" Another 36 next cos I'll have all the jigs and draughts for the build. Love to do the legendary 30 but probably a 46 later on ay.... we'll see. Thought of a few better mount, gear lever, abs pump/linelock & header designs while spending some QT with her on Sat eve brru.
  5. Nah its a "piece of urine mate"...well in a worshop that is😄😄 Like around 4 hrs to remove brru. ...10-12 for the whole job ResTecp for doing it on the floor though🤗🤗. Let me know if you need any tools man. Put some brackets to hold the rack up while you replacing the gasket Cable tie the stabiliser bar up before removing rack then remove it after before removing sump....you'll know. I put a thicker film of silicon on the metal and a lick on the rubber cos the surface area is so small. Also all that weight and inertia of the diff...not such a great design in my opinion to only be held by +-30 m6 bolts with no even dowel pins. I chuck some locktite on all subframe mounting bolts...just to help me sleep more peaceful at night Hope you have some slim az forearms to get that steering shaft in....you have to pull it down as it collapses upwards...and dont bolt it to the frame. ...push the shaft in first.. Uhh..what else...oh yea....cable tie the rear subframe covers backwards so its easier to remove and fit it...youll know. Schweet. ...oh yea..diff seals and orings too
  6. And dont be a wally and forget to loosen & shift the power steering pump ay.
  7. Easier to leave the stabaliser in place, disconnect the steering shaft, keep the lines bolted, loosen front arm at hub side and center one at the crossmember, then get to sideshafts and diff.
  8. = one solid strong rear. E60 M5 LSD 3.62 to fit. Did some reading on reinforcing the chassis. Quite abit to do. Plate kits are quite cheap from the US. ...and the snowball of building one HARD-CORE road/race car gets bigger. The choice was either to get a S1000rr from SA or build a Monster....🤯
  9. Sweet man...support and feedback is quite rare in this part of town😢. ....so....Thanks man ....appreciate it. Ok hows your mathematical equation calculation....?🤓whats pic 1 +pic 2 equals...
  10. Any suggestions for brakes upgrades...? Can any other than the 46 fit..? Im thinking subaru calipers and will source out some rotors to fit..🤔 Will the 36 hubs be strong enough for +500hp..? Will be strengthening up the subframe mounts for sure...
  11. Thanks man. Are you on Viber, Watsapp or messenger?...I will keep you updated with the build. Spoke to the cert inspector today. Enlightened me on all the technical aspects that I need to know.🤓🤓🤓
  12. Passed the first cert inspection🤓🤓🤓
  13. LsBeema

    Camaro SS

    Since we into " American Muscle".... 496 ci.....do the maths.... 620hp with a holley carbi. Loads his R35 wheels in it😎
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