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  1. LouisHull


    well even the front page doesn't work, yea that would be algood
  2. LouisHull


    Hi everyone. So this isnt really anything important. But does anyone know why the gallery doesn't work on this forum. Im sure we would see some great photos if it did. I know that you can easily attach photos to a topic, but I would like to have some on my profile, and i think other people would as well.
  3. LouisHull

    In need of E30 expert.

    Do you know what socket i would use for this, or what its called. Its a star pattern, ive got a torx wrench at home to use for it
  4. LouisHull

    In need of E30 expert.

    thank you to everyone thats helped me out here, should be a good friday arvo for me now.
  5. LouisHull

    In need of E30 expert.

    cheers bro
  6. LouisHull

    In need of E30 expert.

    thank you, do you know where I can get some of those clips?
  7. LouisHull

    In need of E30 expert.

    Hey everyone. Im in need of an E30 expert. I have recently try to fix my m tech 2 facelift, I set half an hour aside on sunday arvo, but like every bmw job it turned into two hours and not yet completed. I have identified the problem I had with the front bumper. It was that the hooks that hold the bumper to the inner metal frame are broken and need replacing. This little hook is the only one that wasn't broken out of 5. So I need to remove the other ones, but to do this I think I have to remove the middle piece of the bumper, but how I do this is where im stuck. There are two large start bolts on the bottom of the middle piece that I suspect is where you undo it and it will just slide out but im hoping someone can comfirm this or point me in the right direction of how to do this. Cheers
  8. LouisHull

    Adz intro

    that will be awesome when its finished boss, be good to see how you progress as well. Welcome
  9. LouisHull

    E30 M tech 2 Bumper

    What kinda condition, I'm looking for a mint one
  10. LouisHull

    E30 M tech 2 Bumper

    Hey everybody. Does anyone know where to find good condition M tech 2 front bumpers? Or anyone that makes them. Cheers
  11. awesome car bro, welcome to the forum
  12. LouisHull

    'The New Guy'

    welcome, I'm new as well but its a pretty sweet forum, almost as sweet as your car (;
  13. LouisHull

    noob with my second e36

    haha thats algood tho, it seems like a great place to start! haha cheers bro
  14. LouisHull

    noob with my second e36

    nice car bro, welcome
  15. LouisHull

    Im a noob with a E30

    Cheers buddy