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  1. Ooh… there’s an idea. I could throw in a car for barely much more
  2. Maybe I should invest in E30 fabrics instead of E30s? Hehe
  3. Well mine is still floating around for sale. I joined Wastebook to access Marketplace and awesome comments, and have had a few questions and some offers of $22k and $23k. Am not in a hurry but be better if the damned GP would sell
  4. Looking very spic and span!
  5. Indeed. I am not surprised, aiming to help friends sell their deceased Mum’s car and seeing what if any interest can be roused here. The emotion their end has probably contributed to a bit of a delay in selling, it is a great car but I think seeing it there on the driveway is hard. Cars and emotions eh? There may be a deal to be done, I have been managing expectations downwards @E30 325i Rag-Top
  6. Bump … now looking for offers. The trade in value has got lower 😕 If you’re interested in finding out more please message me. I have not put in For Sale as don’t have a fixed price
  7. Wow I love it @Neal
  8. That Mazda is awesome 😎
  9. E28E30

    2006 MINI JCW GP1

    @Kees ONLY a 997.2… haha that’s an amazing car. My Mum drives a Golf and I was happy with that until now I know a guy selling a 2015 RS265 Megane in P North, well I know of him as he offered me that as a trade on the GP. See the comments. He might be willing to sell it your way.
  10. E28E30

    2006 MINI JCW GP1

    Hang on is that a 991 in your driveway?! Jealous
  11. E28E30

    2006 MINI JCW GP1

    That’s a fairly short list of European car love bites hehe! Keeping you keen by keeping things interesting is a very tidy GTI Kees, looks nice and they are rare here in NZ. You can get the whine and similar fun from a Cooper S at 1/3 price of a GP, reduction pulley and a few tweaks. And have a back seat. Am not sure which would be less reliable out of that, a GP or your Pug! If you’re in Wellington anytime you’re welcome to pop it around some corners, if I still have it.
  12. E28E30

    2006 MINI JCW GP1

    I had an R56 JCW with that engine: Went well and had no trouble but first owner had already had it decoked before 40kms. Traded it for an F20 116i 🤔. It might be a case of “never meet your heroes”. Cars are a funny drug.
  13. E28E30

    2006 MINI JCW GP1

    You’re welcome to drive it if you’re down this way anytime.
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