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  1. Looks great Jonathan @325_driver , it is an interesting colour I think suits that shape esp. with those alloys
  2. https://www.trademe.co.nz/motors/used-cars/bmw/auction-3259981362.htm check out the air vents @Brianr70 too!
  3. Looks great eh @Simca? When I was at intermediate and early high school my friend’s mother had one the same in Bronzit Beige, with check cloth I think. May have had Momo alloys. It was FLAAAAAASH as
  4. They’re great cars but all have usual issues, eg central locking packs up door by door, AC compressor fails, rattley flywheels, but they also are quick enough, spacious and economical if you want them to be. Have had about 46 cars, settling for the Golf for now is a happy place
  5. Your brother is having a rough time of it @Driftit !
  6. @Kees you’re kind haha. Red is a b#*ch right? It looks pretty good, up close it has the usual signs of a life lived, but is pretty nice. The Golf is an early NZ new Mark 5, and I think they are just Monza (charcoal grey inside spokes) and the Monza Shadows had black inside spoke holes and were for the Mark 6 (just Googled it since you asked…) they’re the 18” factory option style and designed to be curbed 😕 . I like that it is dark blue, bought it 3.25 years ago with 68k on clock, now 113k. PO had stage 1 chipped it and for a 16 year old car it is torquey, comfortable and quick enough for the daily duties. The Euro plates were on it. Am getting Euro plates for the E30 shortly too
  7. Ha thanks Kelvin @KwS, you’re not wrong, I am alas #%*dy useless 😕
  8. Oh that’s a real shame! But thank you @Olaf for a suggestion and recommendation
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