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  1. Hi Scott @Palazzo you’re right. It’s a niche car, at a niche price. We have had that discussion ie the $150k in the hand may be practical to pursue.
  2. Thank you @qube they certainly will, my friends know the wholesale route is taking a small bath, but are keen to know if the wholesale price is “reasonable”. Have suggested a TradeMe listing first for a while
  3. I will post photos when I get them but a friend is selling his deceased Mother’s last car. One lady owner, M3 CS in Lime Rock Grey, done about 4000kms. Was over $220k new: they’ve been offered $150k as a wholesale trade by Continentals. I didn’t think that was too bad but wanted to check with the experts on this forum … thoughts?
  4. And. Many of them will cost more than $10k to buy if semi decent. Not all, but many
  5. Brilliant, exciting news. Have to tell us all about it when you get time. Looks like a great project and no mucking around, you went straight to MTech2
  6. Suits that awesome interior
  7. I think Webbs also charge the seller 15percent too.
  8. Easier to retrim sports seats than find sports seats to retrim
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