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  1. Looks like brand spanking new @Sammo. Does the Ceriglass get machined on or done gently with a cloth? Presume the latter?
  2. @Kees this is looking fantastic, and your story telling style is also a great read.
  3. The interior is UBER nice
  4. I saw you there @Jun just as you were leaving, fantastic car fella
  5. E28E30

    Quick rant thread.

    Ah that is good to hear!
  6. E28E30

    Quick rant thread.

    If a political party said they’d review NZTA, review political capture of their operations, and focus on other things in addition to speed, people would notice?
  7. @Driftit that new speed limit - sad face emoji!
  8. That doesn’t sound right? If so very expensive. That one I just checked was $1100 I think
  9. @Sammo where was the malachite wagon? Droooooooool
  10. I think its the same firm I enquired about seats with last year, was looking at from memory $1400 USD to send four seats. But my memory may be lacking. They appear to do good work but I wanted cloth, and ideally, Sports seats in “SE” fabric ie a custom build, and they cannot get the SE striped fabric, plus toooo expensive
  11. Is it worth the economy gain v RUCs v diesel now being dearer? You do high mileage I think eh? I did comparison on an F30 320i v 320d and for my use it seemed the petrol was going to be better, just. Would a petrol vRS do too? Must admit I didn’t know they’d imported a bunch of 4wd diesel ones, that’s cool:)
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