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  1. dkonsta1

    Bmw C23 BM specs and features

    Hi there. I just found a C23 Oceania and plugged it in no RED text... Any ideas if I need to activate it? Cheers
  2. Yes I was planning to check. I Should get pressure with the ignition in position 2 Correct?.
  3. My Mrs used the car today after a long time sitting. She started the engine normally backed of the garage started driving and within the first 100 metres the car could not accelerate. She pulled over immediately and the engine stalled. Now the car won' start again although the engine cranks but it will not fire. I am 99% sure I cannot hear the fuel pump going when I turn the ignition switch on. I am heading away for a couple of days will get back on to it Saturday morning. I suspect fuel pump relay or pump itself or other worst issues (cam shaft sensor , etc.) Any thoughts? Cheers.
  4. dkonsta1

    What'd you do to your BMW today?

    Finally found and installed a mint set of 350M wheels 8x18. Given the chance I put 4 new tyres as well. No more run flats... looks good and most Important did not cost me a fortune. Thanks to Kyu he sealed the deal super fast.
  5. dkonsta1

    What'd you do to your BMW today?

    Who did your arms? Why you say PTA job?
  6. dkonsta1

    BMW 530i 2001

    Nice car. I like the tan motorsport seats. Very very rare find....
  7. dkonsta1

    Bellars motor works. Any experience?

    Any other experiences?
  8. Hi guys. I need to do two jobs on my 540i E39. 1. Thrust arms (control arm bushings) 2. Rocker cover gasket/upper timing cover gasket My first preference for the job was Glenn (i trust him 100%) but he kindly denied both jobs. A bit dissapointed but I understand his rationale. Second preference was BM workshop but i got dissapointed with them as they gave me three different prices in 3 different phone calls and never got a quote from them in writing although I did ask for one. I have now ended up with Bellars that they came back to me fast and with a detailed quote. (Much cheaper than BM workshop by yhe way) My only concern is that I dont know them at all, never dealt with them. Are they reliable?
  9. dkonsta1

    2011 528i F10 imperial blue on Dakota Beige

    This is actually an interesting comparison. The quality is still up there with a few hick ups only (plastics seem to be inferior) The technology is overwhelming and you can feel this is a 15 years younger car. The 8speed gearbox and the active steering are the two biggest improvements in my opinion over the e39.
  10. dkonsta1

    2011 528i F10 imperial blue on Dakota Beige

    Yes that's correct. 3 litres engines straight six no turbo. I kind of like the 528i instead of 530i wording...😆
  11. dkonsta1

    2011 528i F10 imperial blue on Dakota Beige

    The 540i e39 is yet to be decided. Its still a great car. In one hand its a pity to stay locked up in the garage but i am not sure if i will get any serious money by selling it. Big dilemma.
  12. Just upgraded after a lot of second thoughts.... 83.000km good service history. Japanese import fully converter to NZ CIC. Very pleased so far. Will make a review soon.
  13. dkonsta1

    I need help...... electric seat. e39

    Where did you source these? Cheers
  14. dkonsta1

    My E38 740i Sunday Spruceup

    I really want it but worry about the chain guides / millage combo. Great car overall. One of the better examples...
  15. dkonsta1

    E39 2 button key - IR Sender

    Does it have to be blank blade?