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  1. Updated photos now with wheels on car. Yes very boring. But drives nice with them. May need alignment
  2. Hi mate, Grant  here, we met at the McD's Carpark when we were buying bits from the dude from up north. Keen to look at your car and make you an offer, can you drop me a line 0210319282  Thanks

  3. Hi Guys, Sorry for the lack of information posted prior to this. Now updated with photos. For sale is my 2002 540i M sport. Factory alarm 2 keys all electrics work )with exception of rear blind clip has come off. (easy fix) electric seats work perfectly (have fixed the 'twist issue' commonly known on these. sun roof works perfect. This car was bought from a BMW enthusiast/mechanic. He had installed a new engine which has done 40,000km's less than the car which is around 134,000km now (Body has done 174,000km) This can be proved with Vin numbers...... Will sell car without the style 95's as they are too big for the car and has put speed sensor out. This will be sold with stock wheels. Also, i will have new M.A.F sensor put in as this is also needed. Besides this, car runs great. But i don't have time to care for it anymore with having a work car. Car could do with small things done but nothing major seems to be an issue. Let me know if you are interested. looking for around 5.5k. Please note: the photo of back seat looks like wear but its just mud... Also, car is filthy and needs a clean. Thanks, Rich 021766520
  4. realized this after i cut it ha! watched most youtube vids on it too! thanks thanks heaps, ill call them tomorrow
  5. Currently in the process of fixing the 'twist' problem with my e39 electric seats which i've cut a cable consequently 'deleting' the square crimped end that is required to mate into the motor. Does anyone have this cable i can buy? failing that, a old electric seat i can buy for the part. Any help would be appreciated as im currently riding around with no passenger seat which isnt a huge problem as i have no friends because i do this... please see photos of the part... Many thanks in advance.. 021766520
  6. Finally got all the 10" wheels on but not quite their yet... can anyone recommend a good suspension set up. If I just get my standard springs compressed will this suffice? Or is there decent lowering springs out there ? i just want to sit the car a bit lower... any my help is appreciated. thanks,
  7. Hi mate, can I get rough quote for 2 wheels. (Curb damage) photo is of one of the wheels. Also would you paint the wheels? Thanks, Rich
  8. Hi guys, I'm after one wheel as mine cannot be saved. If anyone has one out there if be keen to buy. Style 95 (10" or a 9.5) Thank you
  9. I didn't buy the x6 wheels for no reserve price as listed... I feel I got an okay deal but certainly not a great deal. Either way I need to now pay to save one wheel. i need more kids that no about that 'stance life' to let me know as I just want to make them work. Ha. Cheers for the advise man
  10. So as it stands I have 2 10" wrapped in Falken 255 40 on the back. Which brings me to the front... I'm left with x2 9.5 (one damaged) and x2 10" wheels (one damaged) I'm thinking either way I need to get one fixed but do I go with the 9.5 on the front or shall I go absolutely mental and save the other 10" and do them all around. Tbh I wouldn't mind this look if the tyre profile and width would be happy enough within the wheel arch. It's annoying I can't upload photos as they're too big :/
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