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  1. I have had four beautiful cars stolen and ended up driving an Alfa Romeo for 7 years, cos no f**ker would still one of those.....now, I have a BMW and preying some dumb sh*t don't steal that now. So feel your pain and most of the time, you will never understand why some f**ker thought your hard earn stuff is better off with them..... Good luck.
  2. Bigmor

    Michelin Pilot Super Sport

    Guys, I just went into Firestone and got a quote (18inch wheels). It may have been a bit more, but they had a 4 for three on etc. I actually went for s0001 for around 900 and they performing brilliantly.
  3. Bigmor

    Michelin Pilot Super Sport

    Not sure if they have your size, but my tire guy from fire stone would of got me a set for $1500. Special order from the NZ importers. Could be worth asking, he was cheaper than Beaurepaires
  4. Bigmor

    Mk5 golf gti?

    It's a thrashed GTI with 174,000kms on it......that's why it is 8k.
  5. Bigmor

    First time owner - 135i

    Congratsand welcome!
  6. Bigmor

    Thinking about buying a 135i

    I own one and love it, so might be pro the 135i N54...but here are my learnings from reading to much internet and getting facts once actually owning it. Clogged up values and the need to walnut blast - only a problem if you only do very short journeys, or running tons of boost and even then, only have to be done every 80,000km if it starts running rough. BMW work shop can check to see if one needs done very easily, but it's not the issue made out on the Internet. Also, BMW not me not to bother with oil catch can. BMW will tell you if any recalls are on your car and the major ones that you read about on the Internet like Injector issues, high pressure fuel pump and Turbo issues are mainly from American version of the car. And don't apply to most of our imports. Seems 2009 way better year than the 2008 with some upgrades which make a massive difference...like having an oil cooler and upgraded iDrive. BMW is great place to get inspection. The car is amazing to drive and very quick. Would be great to see what happens if you remapped the ECU and made a couple of engine mods, but I am being patient on that front; as standard still goes really well.s Good luck and if you have any question fire them through,
  7. Keen to get some upgrade to performance suspension for my e82. Key is performance and would ideally like it to sit lower to the ground. I like the idea of doing it properly and am considering ordering Dinan stuff from states, but understand your paying a premium for their products. But if I brought locally, what would people recommend and who would you recommend to talk to in Wellington about doing it?
  8. Bigmor

    Bridgestone My02

    S001s have been absolutely brilliant and holds to the road, which installs confidence. Done 10,000kms on them and wear okay, no difference from my02 that I used to run on my old car. Noise is a little less on the S001 and the biggest difference is the stiff side walls whigh make the turn in more accurate, especially when your pushing hard. MY02 were okay, but performance is no were near what you get out of a S001. Price wise, MY02 cost me about $170-180 a corner and I got 4 S001 for the price of 3 - I think about $990 for four tyres.
  9. Bigmor

    Lost international parcels

    It's with customs?
  10. Bigmor

    Run Flat Tyres and car insurance

    Run flats are sh*t (my car was crazy lose on them) and cost more. I changed to normal tyres and got more grip, quieter and apparently long life...should be no issues with insurance and both the BMW dealer I know personally recommended normal tyres over run flats for the above reason. Oh, bmw sold me a flat tyre kit for $150 in case I got a flat.
  11. Bigmor

    Clean windows with Carnauba wax

    Nice one, will give that a nudge next time as well.
  12. Got today about cleaning car windows with Carnauba wax and decided to give it a go. Worked a treat, probably the best way I have found so far! Worth a go if you also struggle with keeping your windows mint.
  13. Bigmor

    V10 Screaming