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  1. Looking to see if anyone has anything for sale here prior to sourcing overseas. Will be predominantly be for the track purposes with the occasional weekend drive.
  2. E...

    M20 Headers

    Hi Gus, In talks with BTB Uk on importing some RHD headers. They do offer discounts however only based on no. of headers ordered, this will help reduce freight costs. Will get back on the exact quantity level, they are not cheap by any means over 2k NZD. I have a feeling I may end up being the only one ordering some, let me know if your serious about ordering and can come up with a group buy plan.
  3. More than happy to, the only issue is people showing interest, but flake when it comes to payment time lol
  4. Is there anyone on here who is actually keen to buy a set? Im currently in talk with BTB in ordering my 2nd set (not for m20). I think with the headers and freight cost its looking like $3000 already. If we can get a few others after headers should be able to reduce freight cost. Send me a message if your looking to buy from BTB
  5. E...

    E30 coupe

    have a facelift alpine white coupe for sale. 5 speed manual, lsd, crack free dash and manual window and sunroof. Message me for further details
  6. E...

    E30 Carpet

    Also have e30 carpet, located in Pukekohe if anyone is still looking.
  7. Hey there, This is probably a long shot but does anyone know where I can buy the OEM BMW E30 engine mounts for the M30 engine? Any help/links to the right places appreciated TIA
  8. Performance headers to suit e30 m20 From BTB Uk. Complete 'bolt on' exhaust system. Selling as a complete exhaust system Only reason for sale as plans have changed due to an engine swap Pick up Pukekohe $1200
  9. Hahah love a shed queen. Oh great, I may need to contact him soon. Cheers for that mate.
  10. Not sure I know someone has made an adapter to suit m20b25. Has got me thinking it could be done the same for the m30b34.
  11. Appreciate your opinion mate, the BMW 333i came factory with an m30b32 which was a contributing factor in choosing to go m30. ,I don't think the swap is tardy at all haha, in fact HARTGE and ALPINA have both developed the m30s. Theres only 204 of the 333i worldwide so their more of a spectacle than the standard m20b25 of today. Yes it is a close fit, I'll be relocating the dizzy, will have to get around the booster issue for sure haha Why waste time boosting a m20b25 when boosting a m30b34/5 would give you even better gains...? Like i said before, sticking to N/A is the plan.
  12. Yeah they look and sound amazing. I have considered that, I would need to make an adapter plate to match m30 Would you have anymore info on matching m30 with s50/2 itbs? Its going in my E30 M-Tech 1.
  13. For sure mate, have seen some variations of modified intake setups, Jim Richards group A would be the exception. Looking into the triple weber set up. Crazy how quickly it all starts to add up haha 😕
  14. Great stuff, I don't plan to boost this however headers and AFM delete are definitely on the cards.
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