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  1. joshuawelshparrant

    1989 E30 320iA parts car

    Do you still have the valence? Lip? Fog lights? Brake ducts? And how much? A wild cat took out the left side of mine.
  2. joshuawelshparrant

    E30 Power Steering rack leak

    Thanks Allan and Andrew, I am starting to lean towards a E36 rack now just knowing it will be a bit younger. The first rack seems to have lasted 260k km so getting another E30 that’s 30 odd years old may not be the smartest proposition for not having another rack crap out on me in a short space of time. As this is one of our daily drivers i’m trying to keep it off the road for the least amount of time, which kinda puts out getting the rack rebuilt by someone competent, and being way down south does make sorting all this stuff just that more challenging.
  3. joshuawelshparrant

    E30 Power Steering rack leak

    Thanks Nick, I'm leaning towards buying a rack rather than rebuilding, it seemed like such a good idea last night, but in the cold light of day i realised it would be a PITA
  4. joshuawelshparrant

    E30 Power Steering rack leak

    So my wife gives me a call after driving the E30 to work saying it's sprung an oil leak, and sends a photo of a substance draining from the vehicle at a good rate. I go in to see whats going on and discover that the steering rack boot is where the fluid is coming from, sigh a relief that it wasn't worse, leave her with the wagon and baby the coupe home. I think to myself "I'll just order a rebuild kit, it can't be that hard" and slowly as I research and crawl under the car for part numbers realise that this could be a real sh*t job. Important info: Car: E30 318is 1990 VIN: WBAAF92020EE46058 rack part number (also in photo): 7832 955 155 Location: Central Otago (yeah this would be a lot easier in a city) So my question is? do I order a rebuild kit, because lets face it I currently have the time, none of the specialist tools but I'm a kiwi male so I should be able to work it out? or Do i replace the rack with a second hand rack, save myself plenty of cursing but have no idea how good the seals are? With regard to replacement racks, I don't really want to add sorting out steering linkage while I'm at this so potentially E36 etc racks are out (unless you have a good argument). Any and all help would be most appreciated. Regards Joshua
  5. joshuawelshparrant

    Moving Clearance (all sold)

    Hi Fraser, Springs are all yours, PM me with when suits to pick up or drop off. And thats all folks, Graham got in there with the wheels and spacers so i'm all sold out till next time (pending payments) Regards Joshua
  6. joshuawelshparrant

    Moving Clearance (all sold)

    Going on TradeMe on Monday. Would also be keen on swaps for facelift fog lights or OBC.
  7. joshuawelshparrant

    Moving Clearance (all sold)

    Kia Ora All, The wife and I are moving so it's time to clear out some odds and sods. First up Tyres... well they come with rims attached. Hankook Ventus V2 Concept 2 205/50R16 87V x4 Excellent tread. These come attached to ROH sp 4x100 16" rims CB 56.1( I think basically won't fit on e30 hub) ET42-45 (measured with tyres still on so it's my best guess. $350 Tyres and Rims.(sold) Second 20mm (could be 25mm will have to check) Spacers... 4x100 -4x100 CB57.1 come with nuts and nut tool $50(sold) Third Springs... Cobra Super Lows CBFL-203L and CBRL-04L. were in my 320i wagon but are designed for a 4 cylinder e30 (shown next to 320i wagon springs) (sold) $100 Let me know if you want any more pics. All goods are in Auckland though in a couple of weeks I'll be driving down to Alexandra with a van so so long as your not out of the way I can do drop offs.
  8. joshuawelshparrant

    Spring Clean (autumn)

    Do you still have the 15" ?
  9. joshuawelshparrant

    Spring Clean (autumn)

    I would go $500 and Toby can have one of the centre caps.
  10. joshuawelshparrant

    Spring Clean (autumn)

    How much you looking at for the 15" basket weaves?
  11. joshuawelshparrant

    E30 325i SE Partout

    Dam, the search for the perfect wheels for the wagon continues. Are you selling the foglights and switch?
  12. joshuawelshparrant

    E30 325i SE Partout

    How much are you looking at for your weaves? that is if they are still available.