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  1. Took the bumpers off both e34s for a respray & put a stock bumper on in place of the ACS & actually prefer the front clearance. Probably won't have to go up driveways and speed humps on such an angle. The auto actually looks alright with no bumpers, last time my panel beater tried to flick his own white in rather than using the factory colour like i asked him to lol
  2. Yes everything is cast into the back of the faces. They are 18x8.5 et15 front & 18x9.5 et22 rear they can fit e39 also but I am using them with ACS hub locating rings (orange) I have the blue rings for e39 also.
  3. What style, are they type 2?
  4. https://m.ebay.com/itm/4PCS-70MM-Wheel-Center-Hub-Caps-Emblem-Badge-Decal-Stickers-for-BBS-Golden-Black-/112518572706 There is usually more than one person selling & offering different colours. When I ordered I got 20 I think but used 2 sets in place of old BMW ones on a few sets of 15" basket weaves & also on rs
  5. I should have mentioned the stickers are solid & about 3mm thick mine are still holding up good after two years lol
  6. Urethane on the inside. Otherwise genuine is the way to go. You could try this guy to see if he has spares Paul Ehrlich breytonm20@yahoo.com
  7. https://m.ebay.com/itm/4PCS-70MM-Wheel-Center-Hub-Caps-Emblem-Badge-Decal-Stickers-for-BBS-Golden-Black-/112518572706 I used these in silver. There were already rubber rings/spacers in my hex nuts then just stuck these on top they are lighter than the heavy bbs ones and cheaper to replace, then you don't have to worry about 64mm inside fitment. Not sure it will work on the wheels you are talking about with a home made spacer with glue though. Kind of seems budget but thats how the genuine BMW emblems were fitted before I replaced them with bbs so didn't even look into getting genuine caps
  8. Sure, finally got some lastnight
  9. With a 20mm drop in front from sports. Suspension still settling in.
  10. If it's for rs there is a way you can use the stickers that look like caps from Ali express few $ each lol. That's what I noticed BMW did with their emblem on bbs rs they are stuck to a rubber mounting on inside of hex cap to offset it could be done with other types of bbs psossibly.
  11. Yea your right I haven't got any rubbing though I've got a 2.3% increase in diameter with the current sizing from stock
  12. I believe it was taken to Schnitzer where they added a stiffer & lower suspension package, possibility ruling out the need for the bigger sways although I haven't checked the rear bar yet. There is almost no body roll if any when hitting corners & bends hard & would probably out handle my m535i e28 not sure about m5 because I haven't driven an early one. Thanks for the comments to guys I appreciate it
  13. Thanks, yea hard out although mine could do with the m5 number plate filler 🤔
  14. Picked this up a few months ago. Came with Schnitzer Kit Inc suspension, bodykit, exhaust, strut bar, steering wheel etc. Is a NZ new manual HD12 with black leather m-tech seats. I swapped the original Schnitzer wheels out with BBS rs 005 & 006 that I refurbed a few years ago with new Turanza tyres, it gave me a 1cm lift I needed to get up driveways etc. Very happy with the cars performance & driveability. If anyone knows more about the cars history I would be keen to hear. Previous owner also threw in new Jim Conforti chip I'm yet to install.
  15. Appreciate the 99% though. Thanks