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  1. swapsndeals

    BBS RC090

    Easy to paint them out to any other colour though being 2 piece & wouldn't even need sanded
  2. swapsndeals

    WTB: M52B28 Oil Pan (Sump)

    Just sent one to Auckland with a motor. The guy wont be using it. If you message me i could send you his email. Is the 5 series sump the same as e36?
  3. swapsndeals

    Metellic gumetal 535i with black sports seats

    Cool thanks
  4. Lovely 535i e39. Just 1 problem with trans. I think the bearing on the input from torque converter to trans is gone as its in transfail safe mode converter is engaging but slight buzz from behind it . Decat pipes sounds absolutely amazing. Will part out. $800 black leather manual sports seats. $600 bbs style 5 mag wheels with near new tyres. $120 2 month old 850cca euro battery worth about $600rr. M62b35 motor $1400 may fit in a 3 series ? Otherwise will take $1000 for it as is where is. Would put in a new trans but couldn't find 1 locally. Prefer not to part out as its far too good
  5. swapsndeals

    Transmission Fluid - ZF 5HP18 / A5S310Z

    Mobil 220 is the stuff. This is manufacture specified. When changing you can tell its the same as the stuff that comes out to
  6. swapsndeals

    5hp24 transmission for e39 540i & 535i

    535i v8 thanks
  7. Hi Just looking for bmw trans for v8. Thanks
  8. swapsndeals

    87 M535i

    Tried out refurbished super rare ssr mesh 3 piece mag wheels in BMW fitment, 16x8 et10 on M535i
  9. swapsndeals

    BBS RC090

    Awesome job. Will have to get onto mine. These will be great on anything
  10. swapsndeals

    Borbet type A wheels free shipping

    No tyres $1000 for wheels. Free shipping
  11. swapsndeals

    Bbs rs 061 wanted x 1

    Looking for 1 of these also bbs 005 Thanks
  12. swapsndeals

    BBS RS 005 et11 1 mag wheel

    Also keen on 1 bbs 061 16" Thanks
  13. swapsndeals

    FS 1990 BMW 535i M Sport

    Yip. Ive had a uk hd12 very plain no sports seats or body kit and Basically just means manual with lsd but can have as many extras as you like. The one I'm selling is not an m tech but acs with sports seats. Way better suspension than the sports model and probably a lot rarer body kit than the mtec one on my other car.
  14. swapsndeals

    BBS RS 005 et11 1 mag wheel

    They are 16" not sure if they will work?
  15. swapsndeals

    BBS RS 005 et11 1 mag wheel

    Thanks Gaz but I picked that one up already. There's one in Germany but for almost the price I paid for the 3 on trademe lol. I have 1 full set of 005 & 006 already but hoping to make another. If you find one or anyone else does I'm happy to pay a commission