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  1. Some are vented, some are non vented. I got caught out there once
  2. Best way i found to tune the muffler was to put a 50mm hole in second scuba tank same place and put in a second down pipe, sounds amazing and how a bmw v8 should, throaty and deep rumble. Sometimes i think the single sounds like a very powerful 6 when under heavy load and looses a few hp.
  3. Amazed they haven't sold. They look in good order to
  4. Not selling with the wheels in pictures. But very tidy, well maintained. Have pmd you
  5. Hey, who can do this job? Thanks
  6. Cool that works. Have friends there who will hold for me. Possibly come & collect from Oamaru then to Thanks
  7. Hey I'm keen. Can they be shipped to Invercargill? Thanks
  8. Hi looking to upgrade the wheels on my e30. Any options considered. Basket weaves or similar, Borbet or AC Schnitzer w.h.y
  9. Hi. Have just got a 325i but the nut came off the oil pump or something along those lines, the guy i brought it off said the car stopped & the car was making a knocking sound so he shut it down, oil was not getting to the head when he took valve cover off when he got home? Anyone have a 325i motor for sale, or know of a quick fix lol? Thanks
  10. Can pay cash or trade for 370mm mtech 2 for e36. Any condition considered
  11. Supersports on ebay.de are great, they come with shocks to
  12. Price drop 6.8k
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