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    M5 body kit 18" staggered ACS Racing wheels
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  1. swapsndeals

    Rack end e28 new or near new

    Rack end for m535i. Presume all e28 e34 are the same
  2. swapsndeals

    Wanted E39 M5

    Can pass you on his contact if he lets me, I have viewed the car & would have brought it but like most people couldn't afford it. I thought it was immaculate though & beautiful colour to
  3. swapsndeals

    2001 530i e39 metallic red $4700

  4. swapsndeals

    steering wheel

    Have pmed
  5. swapsndeals

    steering wheel

    Ill buy it. Thanks
  6. swapsndeals

    2001 530i e39 metallic red $4700

    Still for sale with price drop
  7. swapsndeals

    2001 530i e39 metallic red $4700

    Hi, good question. Only the centre badges lol. The wheels are replica but are the ones that are almost identical to look at as genuine ACS unlike the flat faced reps. They are et15 18x8.5 all round. Prefer to keep them for my ACS e34 but look good on this
  8. swapsndeals

    2001 530i e39 metallic red $4700

    Thanks & yes sure ill add some
  9. swapsndeals

    2001 530i e39 metallic red $4700

    172km Would take $4700 with 18" rims with new Laufenn tyres. Has about 11 months wof & 6 moths reg from memory. Goes mint but picked up a z4 as a daily so can't use this much anymore. Rare motorsport Alcantara seats. Interesting paint colour Sienarot 2 metallic Has 2 working remote master keys
  10. swapsndeals

    2005 Z4 thoughts

    Cool. It has an unusual (in a good way) front bumper, not like one i can find on online pictures to.
  11. swapsndeals

    2005 Z4 thoughts

    Ok ill take it for a drive. Thanks
  12. swapsndeals

    535i e34 lsd rebuild

    Ok thanks
  13. swapsndeals

    BMW Running cost

    Agree, if you wait a month & take it somewhere else the old wof sheet dies. The grade of oil could be causing it to smoke more than normal
  14. swapsndeals

    2005 Z4 thoughts

    Oh its a 2.5litre
  15. swapsndeals

    2005 Z4 thoughts

    Hi Theres a guy leaving for Aust to live down here & I can get his z4 with 152km for 7.5k. Anyone know if theres anything to be aware of in buying one. Personally I love the look of them. Looks cool in silver with bbs 2 piece wheels Thanks