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  1. An interesting article. I like the shape but not the pricing for the current offering on TradeMe. When the article is talking about a 10 HP difference between the older M Coupe and the 3.0L (228 HP) Coupe, the comparison is with the S52B32 (240 HP) USA engine not the S50B32 (321 HP) engine that we got in the older M Coupe.
  2. My 2.0L Z3 with a M52TUB20 engine (same as the M54) and 112,700 miles (182,600 km) had the dreaded VANOS rattle really bad. Anti-rattle rings were installed in the VANOS pistons when the seals were changed. This provided an improvement but there was still rattle at idle. Today I changed out all major VANOS spline parts and the rattle is gone. Parts changed were: · 11361744263 Sprocket inlet · 11361438306 Tooth sleeve exhaust · 11361715027 Double spline cup, 2 of Do not attempt to replace or alter the spline on the end of the cam shafts. You’ll totally loose your timing with no way back if you do. You need the double VANOS timing tools to do this job as you upset the timing when changing the parts. Timing instructions are in TIS and are easy to follow. The difficulty of the job is the same as replacing the VANOS seals, so if you are tool handy, you should be able to do the job. The hardest part was getting the plastic bung out of the crank lock hole and fitting the crank lock pin. I did this with the Intake manifold in place (right hand drive car) by reaching up from the bottom and feeling my way around. Very pleased with the results.
  3. Lovely car in a desirable colour, definitely looking for a very keen collector at that price. Makes the rare S54 Couple that sold in December look like a steal. Good luck with the sale
  4. NZ00Z3

    Quick Questions

    Wiring for the multi-function wheel will not be there. I had to add the wire to the DME when fitting a cruise control stalk to a 2000 E46 base model.
  5. Well the coupe owner is up to make some money, it was last advertised for sale in 2015 at $40,000, now at $65,000. A little over priced compared to the rare Z3M coupe with S54 that came up in December 2018 for $80,000.
  6. Yes it looks nice in Daka Yellow, 68,000 km and $39,995. A bit more tempting than the black one.
  7. Looking back at Z3M roadster adverts over the last few years puts the price about right for the km's (128,000 km). Roadsters are way cheaper than the Z3M Coupe. You'ld be in the $45k region if it was a coupe.
  8. Don't see many of these for sale. Nice looking roadster in Black/Red. Similar performance/$ compared to a convertible M3 @ $25k https://www.trademe.co.nz/Browse/Listing.aspx?id=2159720007
  9. Yes it all depends on how you slice the data and which attribute you look at. Had another look and found 3 more Z3M's in the data making it 22. There are probably more in there depending on where and how you look. Made up of: - 19 S50 Z3M's - 1 left hand drive S50 Z3M - 2 S54 Z3M's
  10. I have 2 Z3's. A 2.0L daily drive and a 3.0L garage queen. The 2.8 and 3.0 L cars have the best performance for your money and they are not too expensive being ~ $8k for a 3.0 and ~$6k for a 2.8. If your are after a Z3M roadster, there are only 19 listed in the NZTA database, so they are a rare car and don't come onto the market very often. I keep away from the 1.9L Z3's. Low Performance and very old cooling systems being my reasons. Good luck with your search.
  11. NZ00Z3

    E36 Tonneau cover

    Here's a fresh part out Z3, see if it came with a cover? https://www.trademe.co.nz/a.aspx?id=2022600595&member_hash=64320ec18635a25d41455b85283088e51cf1c6a0f51ad234a9&tm=email&et=46&mt=2A1A6709-5791-44E1-AFDB-C46190AEDD43
  12. NZ00Z3

    E36 Tonneau cover

    Hi John Welcome to the forum. The covers come up on TradeMe every so often. Also keep an eye out on TradeMe for people wreaking a Z3 as they may have one. By memory they go for around $250. The BMW designation for the Z3 is the E36/7. Nice Looking Z3. Regards Murray
  13. Loose spark plug???
  14. Time and effort are free, I'm retired and fixing the car up will help fill the days. Is it worth the money and expense? Only if I don't spend too much in the initial purchase. The worst case parts list is known and priced with an allowance for the unexpected, as is the market price for the completed car. The total $ outcome is positive at the moment.
  15. Thanks KwS, a good read of the basic process. Its a 1999 car, so the higher level inspection/re-certification process will apply.
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