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  1. NZ00Z3

    M57 cam timing tools

    Hi Looking to borrow/hire a set of cam timing tools for the M57 diesel engine. Based in Timaru. Regards Murray
  2. NZ00Z3

    O2 Sensor Readings

    Could it be that sensors 1 and 5 are pre-cat and 2 and 6 are post -cat?
  3. NZ00Z3

    Couple of Rides spotted recently :-)

    Cool cars, The black one with the S54 engine is very rare.
  4. NZ00Z3

    E30 330 Coupe

    https://www.trademe.co.nz/a.aspx?id=1802815321&tm=email&et=45&mt=2A1A6709-5791-44E1-AFDB-C46190AEDD43 E30 with 330 manual conversion, built as father son project that got away on spec and cost. Sounds like a fun car but it would be almost dangerous in the wet if you weren't a skilled driver.
  5. NZ00Z3

    1999 BMW Z M Coupe

    Its a nice car, shame about being LHD. Get it complied and remove one of the larger risks of purchasing an expensive car.
  6. NZ00Z3

    Notchy Getrag 220 manual transmission

    All Shifter rod bushings, yellow washers and plastic cup where replaced when the clutch was done, so all wear slop has been removed and there is a direct feel to the shifter.
  7. NZ00Z3

    Notchy Getrag 220 manual transmission

    Slave cylinder and clutch are good. Both replaced less than 20,000 km ago along with fitting a stainless steal braided clutch line.
  8. Hi The Getrag 220 manual in my Z3 is getting notchy when changing gear. Car has 170,000 km on the clock and running Redline D4 ATF in the transmission. Is there a better fluid to put in it to reduce the problem? Do the Getrag transmissions have detent problems that can be easily fixed? Regards Murray
  9. NZ00Z3

    Intro - new Z4 owner

    Welcome to the forum, always good to see another Z on here.
  10. NZ00Z3

    E46 transmission issue

    You'll need to get the transmission computer (EGS) codes read to find out what's going on. Your normal bluetooth/WiFi to phone type scanner will not do the job as it only talks to the engine computer (DME). Find someone local with INPA set up on a computer or set it up on your own windows computer with it. Link to INPA below https://www.bimmerforums.com/forum/showthread.php?2184573-The-Z3-Diagnostics-Thread-Instructions-Experiences-Discussions-Experimentation Alternatively, its off to the BMW dealer or independant service center that knows about BMW's.
  11. NZ00Z3

    e36 drums to discs

    Yes your drums to rotors mod will need to be certified. See https://www.lvvta.org.nz/documents/suplementary_information/LVVTA_LVV_Cert_Threshold.pdf Which says that any brake conversion/modification needs to be certified unless listed.
  12. NZ00Z3

    Z1 anyone? 😳

    I'ld love to add a Z1 to my Zed collection. Maybe one of the other 2 Z1's in N.Z. will be cheaper.
  13. What is the total draw once the car has switched into sleep mode e.g about 10-15 minutes after the car was last touched?
  14. In the E36/7 and E36/8 world (uses same 6 cylinder engines as the 728), its common to remove the mechanical fan and clutch to avoid radiator and bonnet/hood damage when they fail with age. These cars have a 2 stage electric pusher fan on the front of the radiator to provide the fan function. Maybe yours was removed for the same reason?
  15. Hi Keith I have not had to take out the seat belt tensioners that are located by the roll hoops yet. What is the problem you are trying to fix? The usual problem of the belts not retracting is caused by dirt in the belt. Pull the belt all the way out and give is a good wash with soapy water, let it dry then give it a go. Yes the head unit needs to come out in order to remove the center console. You use the head unit opining to access: - two screw (sideways) that holds the heater controls in place so that it stays behind with the console removed - two screw (up) that hold the console to the dash. Have you considered buying a service manual for the Z3? The Bentley manual is what I use and it is very good. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Bentley-Repair-Manual-BMW-Z3-96-thru-02/222919850248?hash=item33e70ef908%3Ag%3A2BUAAOSwOvRbZbLg&_sacat=6028&_nkw=bentley+Z3&_from=R40&rt=nc&_trksid=m570.l1313 Hope this helps Murray