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  1. Is there an "activate" option that will exercise the unit. Had a sticking valve on a ABS unit in a E36/7. Activating it a couple of times cleared the fault.
  2. Welcome Peter. Good luck with your manual conversion.
  3. Hi Do you have the clown nose on the bottom of the rear view mirror? If so, you have the IR system that uses the receiver in the mirror. If not, you have the RF system that uses the receiver in the "C" pillar. See below link on converting a IR system to a RF system. Good learning about the system in there. It does not matter which key you start the programming with.
  4. Looking for an engine stand to fit a M54 engine on. I'm in Timaru and can travel to CHCH and Dunedin to pick up. If its further afield, it'll have to be freighted.
  5. Thank you for your suggestions Should have listed my resources in the first post. I have the following on hand: - Bentley Z3, which covers the M52 and M54 engines - Haynes 3 series (Sept 1998 to 2006) - TIS. Not the best flowing app in the world, maybe my Kiwi brain is struggling with the conversion to Germany thinking and how they put thing into order.
  6. Hi There is an old M54B25 sitting in my shed and winter boredom has got the better of me. Going to pull the engine apart and put it back together a couple of times as a self learning task. Would like to learn the correct way of doing things and tolerances/clearances etc. Depending on what I find (and my skill) it may never run again. Have a couple of workshop manuals that cover the basics but looking for more in-depth books. What are your favorite engine rebuild books for BMW engines.
  7. They are on the Daughter's 323 (E46) and the rear tyres rub a bit when the car is loaded. Should have ET47 on it, but they came with the car. Tyres are 205 60 15's two new Membat (fitted yesterday) and 2 near new Super Cat's (less than 4,000 km). Would work a deal for cash plus a set of 16" BMW wheels with new tyres that are the correct ET for the car. The car is in Timaru and the purchaser would have to pay the freight for both sets. PM me if interested
  8. What's the going rate for a set of 4 AC Schnitzer Type 2's, 7xJ15, H2, ET30, #36113653 ???
  9. Welcome to the forum, always good to see another Z car owner on here.
  10. Sorry, getting off topic here. Thanks guys for showing me the love over owning two of the same model car. How many of you would like to be able to say that you own two (2) 1 of 1 cars in N.Z. of your favourite BMW model?
  11. The plugs were recently replaced and they were checked over the weekend to confirm that they are still tight then removed to check condition. They all looked good.
  12. HiCar:- 2000 E46 323i (M52TUB25 engine)- 120,000 kmSymptoms:- Slight dull knock from engine at idle- Cylinder 6 is off the scale (1.5 to 2) on INPA rough running graph, all others are very even (<0.5).Expected cause:- Run big end (con rod) bearing on #6Question:- How hard is it to remove the sump (oil pan) and replace the big end (con rod) bearings with the engine still in the car?Thanks in advance.
  13. Don't have a blue Z3 (yet). I'm in Timaru and my daily drive Z3 is Mora Red (think purple) You don't know until you try. At the least put in a complaint with the Police. The person will not like having the Police knocking on their door and asking questions. That alone would likely stop them thinking of doing it again.
  14. Under the Trademe terms and conditions you have a legally binding contract. Find it and read it. If Trademe is not going to try and enforce it, you can. Communicate clearly to the seller that you have a binding contract and want to complete it. Do it in writing and keep all correspondence. Take the person to the Disputes Tribunal if the matter is up to $15,000. Doesn't cost much. No lawyers needed. If its not a Disputes Tribunal matter, Lay a complaint with the Police.
  15. Have only seen 3 different cars advertised for sale in the last 3 years, so they are around. Will PM you with details of lasted one from Jan this year.