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  1. Time and effort are free, I'm retired and fixing the car up will help fill the days. Is it worth the money and expense? Only if I don't spend too much in the initial purchase. The worst case parts list is known and priced with an allowance for the unexpected, as is the market price for the completed car. The total $ outcome is positive at the moment.
  2. Thanks KwS, a good read of the basic process. Its a 1999 car, so the higher level inspection/re-certification process will apply.
  3. Hi I'm looking at buying a BMW with dead Rego and bringing it back and getting it registered and warranted. As it is an "out of service" car, are there any restrictions on the work that I'm allowed to do? E.g. do the brakes have to be repaired by a mechanic? I'm looking at doing suspension and brake work among the wide range of general fix ups. Regards Murray
  4. NZ00Z3

    Wayne Logan

    Would love to see photos of the Z1
  5. NZ00Z3

    Mystery M-Coupe

    While the Duttons S54 M Coupe was a special car at a special price, I still agree with you that the car on Trademe is over priced. $50,000 to 55,000 landed and fully N.Z complied is the going rate for it considering the mileage. Not $50,000 plus shipping and compliance. Having been a member of various UK Z3 forums for years, I've seen some horror photos of rust under Z3's with similar mileages as the M Coupe that would not get through the N.Z compliance system. It may be pristine, but it is an area to keep in mind and get photos of the under side during any negotiations.
  6. NZ00Z3

    Mystery M-Coupe

    Another nice M Coupe on Trademe, this time right hand drive, but where in the world is it located? Waiting for the auction questions to be answered. https://www.trademe.co.nz/a.aspx?id=1957720037&tm=email&et=45&mt=2A1A6709-5791-44E1-AFDB-C46190AEDD43
  7. NZ00Z3

    BMW Z1

    I agree the price is on the silly side. Would like one, but out of my budget.
  8. NZ00Z3

    Number of BMWs of a specific model in NZ

    Thanks for the link to the NZTA motor vehicle register. I've been after this sort of data access for a while and have had a fun morning digging through it all.
  9. NZ00Z3

    850+ HP BMW M Coupé "The Clown Shoe"

    Nice car I do wounder how long the engine will last with 15 PSI boost on a high compression ratio engine.
  10. NZ00Z3

    E85 2003 Z4 softtop 3.0

    Hi John Wow, that's one expensive motor. EBay pricing for a 54347193448 gives - motor only NZ$330 delivered, you need to be able to do the motor change on the hydro unit - complete Hydro unit NZ$920 delivered (around 4 -6 weeks delivery time) Bet the BMW dealer will only put the new motor back into original position, ready for it to fill with water again and fail. Better off doing the job yourself and doing a relocation job at the same time. I have not had to do a hydro relocation on a Z4 but have an electrical fitting background and I'm willing to give you a hand. I'm based in Timaru. Regards Murray
  11. NZ00Z3

    What should I look for when buying z4

    Hi John No I have not done the roof motor relocation on a Z4 myself. Below is a link to a "How To" for the job. https://zroadster.org/threads/z4-roof-motor-relocation-to-boot.19256/ Hope that helps Regards Murray
  12. NZ00Z3

    95 750il - Unable to read DME (INPA)

    When you get the com's fault when trying to connect to the DME, it often gives you some small type message that tells you which DME is installed. Its then a matter of finding a model with the same DME as per the message.
  13. NZ00Z3

    Mini Cooper ABS control unit

    If you purchase a second hand ABS unit. it will need to be coded to the car with a computer. You would need to find someone in the BMW world in Invercargill with a program called NSCexpert and the right cable to do the coding for you. A better approach would be to get your unit repaired, then all you have to do is put it back in.
  14. NZ00Z3

    E46 abs lights, 5DF5 code

    Yes the part numbers need to be the same and the new unit needs to be coded to the car. The coding is not too difficult as long as you have NSCexpert and the correct cable.
  15. NZ00Z3

    Floor Mats

    Do they make Right Hand Drive mats?