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  1. After a lot of research on ATF for BMW E36 and E46, I found that Valvoline Max Life Multi Vehicle covers many of the BMW Lifetime ATF's. Here are a couple of links Spec N.Z. supplier HTH
  2. The cars I've worked on had gaskets of unknown condition, was they were replaced. It's up to you to decide on fitting an new gasket or not.
  3. I have used the X8R kit on 3 cars now, its good quality and comes with everything you need including a new valve cover gasket. Always fit the anti rattle rings while you are in there.
  4. Thank you for you replies, grade 10.9 where used and torqued to 115 Nm to provide a superior clamping connection
  5. Hi Fitting a towbar to the E46. Its a secondhand Towbar and didn't come with any mounting bolts. What grade of bolt is required, 8.8 or 10.9? Regards Murray
  6. Hi Brent, Shame to see a desireable manual 2.8 with such a small amount of damage getting parted out. There's another bent Z3 newly in on Trademe with rear 1/4 panel damage and a straight front end. Maybe you should get the bonnet, bumper headlights etc and put your Z3 back onto the road. I looked at doing it before the Turners auction, but the logistics were just too hard from the middle of the South Island.
  7. As its an "out of service" car, is the new owner allowed to do work on all parts/systems to bring it up to standard before the WOF inspection? Was thinking about the brakes, Faded memory has it listed as something the owner/DIY'er can't work on when its an out of service car?
  8. The E36 M3/Z3M rubber bushings (OEM# 31129069035) are a nice halfway spot between OEM and Poly. I use a large vice to press the bushing in and have a large tapered bearing race as a spacer to press the bushing through the housing the 5mm or so needed to set it up.
  9. Thanks @gjm for the pointer on spare wheel well depth. The car has a space saver spare and a plastic packer on top of it. So, I would say the car has a standard spare wheel well. Post #1 has been edited. Regards Murray
  10. Hi Looking for a tow bar with mounting hardware and trailer plug wiring kit to fit a E46 323i sedan. Car has the standard (full size) spare wheel well. To be shipped to Timaru. Regards Murray
  11. Welcome aboard. The 3.0 L engine in a Z is a sweet combination. Enjoy.
  12. If it is the original soft top with zip in rear window, a new window is about $150. Otherwise its a whole new soft top at around $600, assuming you fit it yourself.
  13. Its a NZ$500,000 car before the flood damage. As long as it wasn't salt water, then it could well be returned to its former glory.
  14. Z3 - E36/7 Pro's - Tops off driving - Lovely curved lines - Suspension can be made very nimble cheaply - Quickest steering rack ratio in any BMW - No room for the kids when out for a cruise - Easy to work on - Parts are easy to get new or used off E30 and E36 - Plug and play cruise control retrofit for M52TU and M54 models Con's - The plastic cooling Y connector at the back of the M44 block (1.9L models only) - All the M54 issues for the 6 cylinder models - Scuttle shake if you push it really really hard in the corners - Boot floor cross member/diff mount failure in high powered hard driven models (2.8L, 3.0L and M's) - Peeling leather on the dash if its an extended leather model.
  15. Hi Looking for a rough Z3 to clean up as a project car: - 6 cylinder models only (no 1.9L cars) - Live rego Regards Murray