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  1. NZ00Z3

    Random (BMW) pic of the day

    Not a bad family resemblance.
  2. NZ00Z3

    Help! E46 wont start

    At the EWS plug, short the two largest wires with the 30 amp fuse, one is from the ignition switch and the other goes to the starter solenoid. The E46 wiring diagram I looked at had them at terminals 1 and 3. Turn the key and see if the starter cranks Possible results: - Car cranks = problem with the EWS, it could be one of the "required signals" on being present (something other than the EWS) or the EWS itself - Car does not crank = problem somewhere else. Suggest you get a wiring diagram for your car and a good multi-meter for fault finding. Also get access to a good scanner like INPA that can read the EWS error codes. Most scanners only read the engine codes
  3. NZ00Z3

    Help! E46 wont start

    Unplug the EWS, use a 30 amp fuse to jump the ignition leads (wires that provide power to key and finally starter solenoid) and see if the car cranks. It won't run, but will tell you if it is the EWS that is stopping the crank.
  4. Excellent result. Thank you for posting the instructions. This morning, I've been able to use them to get the remote locking working on the daughters E46 that also has the IR remote. It's never worked since we have owned the car.
  5. Hi Nick I use INPA to scan the cars. It shows you a bit more information. Maybe we should spend an afternoon together to see what it can tell us? Regards Murray
  6. Hi Nick Welcome to the forum from another TImaru BMW owner. The IR remotes are a pain. I have the same problem with the daughters E46. Do you have good diagnostic software/scanner to help with tracking the fault through the car? There is the option of changing it to the RF system, see the below link. While its for a E46, your car may be similar. http://forum.e46fanatics.com/showthread.php?t=1047612 Edit: Just came across this aftermarket kit through another BMW forum https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B006QH9C5A/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o03_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 Regards Murray
  7. NZ00Z3

    Topless in Welly

    Surprisingly well once you sort out a few minor items - Shocks don't last more than 140,000 km's, new ones are great. - Fit E36 M3 or poly LCAB's, fixes any tramlining issues you may have read about - Fit poly rear sub-frame bushes to really plant the ass of the car. You will get more diff whine. - Fit a front strut brace As for driving - 1.9L's are really chuckable around the corners, lighter engine than the 6's, lots of fun. Adequate power for around town and open road driving - 6 cylinder cars are really good fun too, Good choice of engine sizes. from 2.0L to 3.0L - Have a lead foot? Like lots of horse power? Get a 3.0L Z3, great power to weight ratio and spec 5.9 seconds 0-60 miles. Then there are the Z3M's (Roadsters and Coupes) in S50 or S54 flavour. Suggest you get out there and take one for a test drive, topless of course, and discover the fun of the Z3.
  8. NZ00Z3

    Hanging rev's on gear change

    Thanks, Checked them as suggested, only thing found was a lot of slop in the cable at idle. Adjusted it out and the problem seems to be fixed.
  9. NZ00Z3

    Hanging rev's on gear change

    Hi Car: E46 323Ci, manual, 160,000 km Problem: When changing gears, especially 1st to 2nd, the rev's hang at around 1,800 rpm for about a second then drop as they should. Work already done: replaced ICV and cleaned the throttle body Any suggestions on what to look at next? Regrads Murray
  10. NZ00Z3

    rounded breakline nut, help

    Some of the modern flare tools have quite a lot of curved lead in before the hex of the tool. This means that for some applications where the nut hex is up tight to a fitting, you only get to grip the top 1/2 of the nut with the flare tool. Yep prone to rounding it with a flare tool if you're not careful.
  11. Been looking for the "Mark all content as read" button that lives in the top right of the browse screen. Finally found it though a mouse over, seems its now black writing on a black background so its disappeared but still functional. Does that make sense?
  12. NZ00Z3

    trailer wiring on E90

    I installed one of these relay units when doing the trailer wiring for the E46. It was relatively easy. https://www.trademe.co.nz/motors/trailers/trailer-parts-accessories/lights-cables-plugs/auction-1558757631.htm?rsqid=12bdeb367e944c55855633622e0201c9
  13. NZ00Z3

    Topless in Welly

    Hi Paul Welcome aboard. The 3.0 L Z3 is a real blast to drive. I love my one. Regards Murray
  14. NZ00Z3

    Transmission Fluid - ZF 5HP18 / A5S310Z

    After a lot of research on ATF for BMW E36 and E46, I found that Valvoline Max Life Multi Vehicle covers many of the BMW Lifetime ATF's. Here are a couple of links Spec https://attachments.priuschat.com/attachment-files/2017/08/131427_US_VAL_ML_ATF_EN.pdf N.Z. supplier https://www.partmaster.co.nz/valvoline-maxlife-multi-vehicle-atf-4l-413815 HTH
  15. NZ00Z3

    M54 vanos seal upgrade needed?

    The cars I've worked on had gaskets of unknown condition, was they were replaced. It's up to you to decide on fitting an new gasket or not.