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  1. nmaisey

    E46 M3 Touring @ Hellbm

    Those brembos are from a 996 C2 Porsche. Painted in velocity yellow
  2. nmaisey

    FS e46 M3 Imola Red

    Update: SOLD
  3. nmaisey

    FS e46 M3 Imola Red

    Thanks for the feedback. The auction details are updated with pictures too (albeit crappy iphone ones) Will be hard to see it go, its a truely awesome car. I was always a Porsche man before this but this car has converted me to BMW. I'm only selling as I have a touring on the way (and another kid too)
  4. nmaisey

    FS e46 M3 Imola Red

    Yes, I probably need to update the pictures on the auction, but the seats were sold to another bimmersport member, and the brakes are going onto my new car. Both these things have been replaced with the standard OEM M3 equipment.
  5. nmaisey

    FS e46 M3 Imola Red

    Edit: ****SOLD**** thanks for the interest Hi Guys, I have a new car on the way so looking to sell my e46 M3. Some of you may already know the car from the previous owner. All details are in the trademe link below, I've had nothing but time wasters from trademe so thought I'd try this forum. Has been a really cool car to own, never let me down and I've never spared a cent on it. http://www.trademe.co.nz/Browse/Listing.aspx?id=1315371922 Price $34,000 pm me if interested.