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  1. I think that's called "testing the market...." You'll never know if you don't ask the question!
  2. the ae86 has gone, though not with any lingering sadness. It needed to go to make room in the garage for the car I have been looking for for what seems like ten years+. 1984 Fiat Strada 130TC Abarth. It's mint. Happy as, me.
  3. but gee whizz -- this particular 316i is going to look mighty fine as it struggles to get up any slight incline with a trailer in behind.
  4. The HellBM built e46 m3 Touring replica (which I currently own) has the m texture interior also. I've been a full leather fan forever - but love this texture! I'm a convert.
  5. That's some goodness goin' on right there. Hard to tell in that light - it aint Phoenix Yellow. What colour is that??
  6. Very nice car for sure. Is that somewhere near a new high water mark??
  7. or maybe THIS for quite a bit less. The m5 was 1 of 2 sold new in NZ. And yes, I know this is a replica --- but it is definitely one-of-a-kind.
  8. I recall a v10 m5 Touring on TradeMe a while ago (2 years?). Number plate was "1of2" Why? Because there were only ever 2 of them sold new in New Zealand. Why only ever 2, you ask?? Mostly because the new price of the TM one (it had a few extra's - not that many) was $287,000nzd. Surprised there were 2 sold, tbh.
  9. Me and a mate bought THIS about a year ago off TM. Paid $25k for it and have spent an extra $4-5k upgrading suspension and removing the one (only!) spot of rust in the car. It's underpowered, but reliable and awesome to drive...... Safe to say the JDM market (among others) is kinda crazy.
  10. Hard to see a better, more original 325 Coupe becoming available. Maybe a new high water mark coming here. Lets blame Covid and no overseas holidays for this I reckon. This,,,,,or the Alpina B.3 2.7?? They will end up at a similar price I would say. https://www.trademe.co.nz/a/motors/cars/bmw/325i/listing/3022128646?bof=1iaIfysf
  11. Just one, Balancerider, and this is it, As built by HellBM a few years back. The factory made one (only) concept and never went ahead with production, sadly.
  12. lovely, lovely cars these new(er) generation BMW's But gimme old school almost any time.......
  13. oh, you mean this one then???? (all kudos to Ray and his team at HellBM......but I am super happy to be the lucky current custodian.)
  14. I am in need (WoF time....) of a RH Lower Control Arm (or bushes for) for an e46 M3. Nobody here in Palmerston North seems to want to get back to me re sourcing parts....... Any suggestions as to a reliable OEM supplier anywhere, plz??
  15. the "-c" stands for Classic. Peugeot made 30 limited edition cars to mark the very end of 205 production in Australasia. Fancy paint, leather interior and a nice plaque but no other enhancements. Most of the 30 stayed in Aus but a handful made it here. And my number 26 of 30 has been sent back to Perth.......
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