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  1. yep, the '94 205gti-c went to a buyer from Perth. He's a happy chappy!! The Peugeot was moved on to make room somewhere for the replacement car. A JDM....... 1985 Toyota Corolla Levin AE86. A rust-free survivor with a few needs. But I don't think you will find many as original as this one.
  2. Looking forward to summer and getting out and about a bit.
  3. Richard fellow PalmNth local here. Would love to have a look at your project sometime. And if you have not seen, in person, the HellBM s54 M3 Touring build happy to show you and take it for a spin. Yours will chuck out more hp, I suspect.........
  4. "he has enough cars" --- so he would not be interested in my e46 M3 Touring Tribute as a part-payment / trade in??? No?? Pity..........
  5. re M325i -- do you think the km's on this are legit at 330,000km Seems very high to me and the overall condition of the car certainly does not seem to reflect that mileage. Seems a lovely car and quite possibly one that, with less k's on it, I would have thought would appreciate over time as e30 M3 prices go stratospheric.
  6. Guilty as charged, your Honour!!! The carpark was chokka when I arrived (Manfeild vintage swap meet, last weekend....)
  7. best solution -- go see Ray and the team at HellBM and get them to make one of your own.......
  8. That exhaust system alone is worth the asking price...........
  9. I agree. Very tempting. Perhaps not the right colour, but why would anybody buy a near new Toyota/Hyundai/Kia/Mitsi/Holden etc when they could buy this???
  10. the desire here is completely OTT the wallet is muttering in the background........'hey, hold on just a second'.
  11. I have been under a rock, obviously, as this is my very first visit to this thread.......wtf?? Love your work and enthusiasm Richard!! Wish I had your skills and spare time to achieve what will be an awesome result. When the Touring (finally) hits the road - gimme a buzz. I am also in PalmNth. We can do a wee cruise and show the locals what a true e46 Touring build looks like (in my case done by HellBM). Just promise not to embarrass my comparative lack of horsepower!!
  12. Anybody ever considered a diesel Mini?? It's almost a kind of BMW....... Ignoring RUC, they must be hellishly inexpensive on fuel??
  13. If $120k is in the ball park -- count me in!!
  14. leonf

    Official M3 Touring?

    I can vouch for the uber - coolness of an M3 Touring. Would like to see more of them.........
  15. I can appreciate the time, expertise, and money gone into this. But cannot for the life of me understand why anybody would go to all that drama and then sell the vehicle (or at least try to, on TM ffs!!) with a mere 5000km on it. Why not enjoy your pride and joy??
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