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  1. Hi. Looking for sealed beam pre-facelift headlight assemblies (left and right hand side). Don't care if they don't come with the lights, more interested in the assemblies, and they have to be complete. Cheers. Dean.
  2. Coming up tomorrow to Auckland if that helps someone out. Have to let me know today though.
  3. Hi Nick. Pretty sure it will be out of a PFL. Are there any differences between PFL and FL configurations? I can check the accessible items against my FL car if required. I bought the unit as a spare for my car, but my air con seems to be working well since it's re-gas and it's just taking up space in my shed. Yes, it was working prior to removal. Lines appear to be in good condition. You're welcome to have a look. Send me a PM for my number if you're interested. Cheers.
  4. Going to be in Auckland on 19 or 20 January so can deliver if you're keen.
  5. Feeling the heat? I have for sale an air conditioning system out of an M20 engine car. Not sure what or if anything different is required for a 4 cylinder. What you see in the pictures is what you get. The only other part not pictured but included is the dashboard air conditioning switch. Not 100% sure all the wiring is there, because it's hard to tell what is included in a standard loom, and what is air con specific. $250. I'm in Hamilton but planning a trip to Auckland in a couple of weeks if that helps with delivery. Cheers. Dean.
  6. Hi. Looking for an M54B30 crankshaft. Cheers. Dean.
  7. OK, done some research and the S54B32 crank is not suitable. Looks like the M54B30 crank may be the easiest option.
  8. Just done a little more research and it looks as if the M54B30 crank has the same stroke.
  9. Hi Murray. No haven't tried overseas yet. Thought I'd try local first. Not that familiar with these engines or their availability. Any idea whether the S50B32 crank is the same, and if it is more likely to be more available in NZ? Cheers.
  10. As the title says, looking for a 89.6mm stroke crank out of an S52B32 engine. Cheers.
  11. Looking for an M20 885 head in good condition. One that isn't cracked or has been overheated. Happy for it to be bare. Cheers. Dean.
  12. Decided to replace the engine breather hose on my M20, the one that goes from the rocker cover to the throttle body. Bought a new Febi hose and it was too short on the throttle body end. Pictures below of what the new hose is like compared to the old one, and how little it goes onto the steel fitting. Thumbs up to Gavin at Euro-Italian. He got in two other hoses including genuine BMW and they were the same or worse. I've had to use the short hose but am not happy. Has anyone else had this problem? Cheers.
  13. Thanks Geoff. Unfortunately that won't fix my problem. On my car the bottom aluminium knuckle is hitting the extractors (when taking left hand bends hard). When I get some time in the next few weeks I'll head up to Brent's to sort through his stock to see what I can adapt. I'll let everyone know what I find. Cheers.
  14. That's a good question, which I don't know the answer to. I'll most likely change it, and see if they notice it for the WOF. I'm thinking that if I use factory made knuckles (from whichever car) without grinding or bashing anything then they should be safe. This could be one of those questions that you don't really want to know the answer to.
  15. Can't bring myself to hitting the extractors. I'd have to remove them to do that anyway which I want to avoid. Think I may replace the engine mounts. They're original items and may be contributing to the engine movement, and will then replace the steering knuckles with something smaller. Seems to be the tidiest, although not the least expensive, way to fix the problem.
  16. Thanks Sam. Any idea what year or any particular model?
  17. Thanks Brent. Was hoping someone could put me onto replacement knuckles with a smaller OD.
  18. Hi. The previous owner of my 325i E30 fitted extractors. When I take left hand corners hard, the extractors hit the bottom steering knuckle. It may hit in other places but it is very hard to see. I can however see where the aluminium steering knuckle has been rubbing on the extractors. I have checked the motor mounts and they seem fine. Can someone provide some advice on the best way to fix this problem (slowing down is not an option). The car is fitted with the factory steering rack and I do not want to change it at this stage. Cheers. Dean.
  19. Hi. Looking for a complete and working cruise control kit to fit my manual 325i. Cheers.
  20. Yes it is. Found out the E99 code is telling me to push the reset button on the head unit. It still has the "load" problem though.
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