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  1. This is now sold, thanks!
  2. My brother is going to trade in his 2001 E46 M3 - Factory Manual, Black on Black for a ludicrous trade in price (IMO). I'd be tempted to just give him over the trade in and get it here and tidy up and resell if the process was straight forward. What I have read however, kinda looks like a huge ballache. Thoughts?
  3. Looking for a cheap coolant expansion tank to see if these slim top/firewall mounted tanks will fit better in my e28 M54 conversion.
  4. Lol, sure, but whats measured? My old M30 prob didnt do 150hp. The new M54 might do 235hp (actually spec is 228hp in us). But those things could also be inverted, the new M54 without its intake ("hot" air intake in the E28) might do less and that M30 might have been singing along at like 165hp... which would mean the increase is not 50%, its definitely less. So IMO the only way this system could work is off measured values, not (unclear) paper specs. I've got an American tune on my M54 ECU (I do!), lets just quote crap USA spec detuned 88 octane, Cali-Smog restricted map then, so its definitely not 50%?? I suspect this system was put in place for people putting modern V8s into old muscle cars and going from 180hp to 400. Not people upgrading family lines in BMWs. Yeah but my question was about driveshaft hoops, which are specifically only required on a 50%+ increase. Which my change is within +/- 5% of.
  5. That's listers fault though, not Trade Me. The problem TM have never fixed is they don't list "5 series", "1 series" etc as categories, but instead list every submodel (530i) as a top level BMW category. With other Marques they mostly do it the right way and even do it correctly for things like X3's, X5's etc. Does my head in.
  6. How is the 50% increase calculated? Paper specs? Crank or whhels? I'm going from a M30B25 to M54B30, 150 to 234hp, at the crank.. In theory.
  7. I think you are right, but you can always do both, have an extinguisher and insurance! I think it's a bit pointless if the Lithium cells rupture and explode (you can't 'put that out' really) though. In this case, sounds like the combustion engine was to blame. I'm thinking about another i8 (used, import) and will prob get BMW to do a service so they can't as easily wash their hands of it should something go wrong..
  8. Yeah, title could be "don't buy a car".
  9. Love the car phone. Id be tempted to get one as a prop for a modern phone in some manner for mine when its finally on the road again!
  10. Lol, ok, I found a Rolls Royce spare parts dealer, which of course has BMW parts and ordered a hodge podge of new parts. I also ordered a used Clutch pedal and spring on eBay UK.. and signed up for a YouShop account to get a UK address. Lets hope this works out.. EDIT: Lol, of course, email from the seller, they cannot get part 35211152013 any more.. which is the stupidly specific RHD + Manual e28 brake pedal.
  11. This is still proving to be the biggest problem with the conversion. Everything else worked out, what a stupid part to be stuck on. We did call BMW, half the parts are gone, NLA and the remaining stuff is absurdly expensive (ie about a grand, for a not complete setup). Can't find anyone in NZ with the parts either.
  12. There are about 7 of them in the $15-$21 asking price range, thats the normal price for this era F01..?
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