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  1. I also look into this exact thing from time to time. I leaned on buying a complete car in the UK (or whereever) and parting it as the best chance of success. You can use Picclick to look at all eBay sites worldwide to get an idea on engine only pricing. FWIW, my brother accepted a $16k trade in on a 2001 E46 M3 Manual in Oz 2yrs ago. Ive seen engines going for that now.
  2. Got an injector from Brent... now stuck trying to get this POS original injector out. Completely seized in there, Im afraid will or have damaged things around it trying to get it out. Literally no one or place in Wellington has a slide hammer to buy.
  3. Well I had no reason to do a compression check from a drivabilty perspective. And don't have the tool. But yeah good point. Was fine beforehand, only clue was that spark plug. Several brittle original crankcase lines broke during the process which is causing other or similar issues too.
  4. I think nearly all these piezoelectric bmw injectors are the same. One of my cylinders (2010 X6M) constantly soots up and it's not the coil. CEL and misfiring. I posted in the maintenance section. I've got index 7 of this part number. 13538616079 Anyone got a index 10 and below known working version to sell?
  5. New to me, bought an X6M 2010 (S63 original engine, ie not TU), swapped out the original plugs (Bosch, M branded!) for the NGK version thats one range cooler (as recommended practice for the S63). When removing the original plugs all looked fine bar one, it was black and sooty. Now the same cylinder (6) is black and sooty and I can feel a misfire plus OBD picks up one on Cylinder 6. Car now in limp mode and CEL on. Since I swapped out the Coil already (no difference) I assume this is a bad Fuel Injector? Its running Index 7 all round. Any thoughts?
  6. Id love the S54 engine and manual for my E28, but Im hopeful I wont need to pay for a whole car to get them.
  7. Some "fence" to do that much damage?? Still, Im surprised this passed the checkmark as bad enough to be an insurance write off.
  8. by chance anyone have an E60 Msport front bumper towing eye cover for sale in silver?
  9. by chance anyone have an E60 Msport front bumper towing eye cover for sale in silver?
  10. Whats mad is I can find no evidence to back up this E53 4.8is that went for 9k I mentioned! I've checked Completed Listing, Lost Items and my inbox. It must not have used very good searchable keywords in the advert.
  11. Eh no, an E70 with a 4.8i is a pretty normal thing (Ive just sold one). The 4.8is E53 is the ones we are referring to and the one I was tracking sold for far less only recently. Maybe it wasnt as nice as this one, but it was the same thing.
  12. One sold here 2mths ago for somewhere (with bids) between $7k and 9k (cant recall) so this is.. expensive.
  13. Listed on Trade Me so even more details there: https://www.trademe.co.nz/Browse/Listing.aspx?id=4570670321 Located in Wellington, asking price is $8500 though I'm flexible. Sharp looking E70, I've fixed a bunch of issues (PCV, side lights, wing mirror caps, new Vanos Solenoids, new FPR valves, new MAF, all filters etc) and added in new style BMW grilles.
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