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  1. FYI: https://www.trademe.co.nz/a/motors/car-parts-accessories/bmw/gear-boxes/listing/2865857233?bof=HSpDSeGQ
  2. Hey again Karun! On a related note to your swap ideas, I finally settled on an M54B30 swap. Just didnt think the M30 (of any type) was worth the effort. Got close a couple of times on going the M30 route though. Engine and gearbox are at Auto38 now, just awaiting some space for him to start the swap!
  3. Yeah but then could have just got a premade harness and ECU online from a tuner that knows this stuff. I bought a setup from Redline Motorsport in the US. Shipped in 2 weeks, all wires marked and EWS and rear O2s removed from ECU. Plug and Play. http://www.redline-motorsport.com/main/page_e30_adapters.html E21, E28, E30, E36 The LS is obviously a great engine, but its not an interesting swap.
  4. I think that one is priced more correctly than the other (as nice as it is).
  5. Im still not following? Why would a common as muck (in Europe) 330d be worth GBP12k? That and the 520/530d are the most common BMW's (and therefore cars) in Ireland (and presumably UK) and super cheap. https://www.donedeal.ie/cars?words=330d&sort=price asc There are Alpina diesels, which I get might be desirable but the normal ones? My parents sold their much more interesting 535d E61 for like EUR6000 3years ago.
  6. Now on Trade Me with new images: https://www.trademe.co.nz/a/motors/car-parts-accessories/wheels-tyres/alloy-wheels/listing/2824169586?ed=true&bof=a2RjZMsr
  7. Apparently mine has play in it, teeth sheered maybe. Part 1 here: https://www.realoem.com/bmw/enUS/showparts?id=4142-EUR-03-1983-E28-BMW-525i&diagId=32_0395 Part: 32311153049
  8. I decided to keep them and sell them separately, so still available, off car ready to go!
  9. So bit of an odd scenario! Bought these new a year ago from Europe. Put them in my E28, worked fine but got a shake in the front end which turned out to be the upper strut mounts, the bearing came loose on both sides! I had badly buckled (twice repaired..) wheels on it at the time, mechanic thinks that caused the problem. Anyhow my mechanic thought the shocks have sideways play in them so I bought new ones (went for the B8's instead).. but the thing is, these look like new to me. Have no obvious play in the either. I rang the disti here and they can rebuild them (but like $300 a side or something) or could be a good option for a track car or diy rebuild, or just give them a shot. I can send them back to Germany for a warranty replace at my expense, so they have some value to me, but thought Id ask here first. Looking for $100 for both.
  10. I dont think these suit the E28, but are a nice wheel. Ive brokered a trade against something older, but just incase anyone here wants to buy them outright at $750 (Or very near offer), let me know. I bought both the wheels and tyres in the last 2 weeks: Wheels, with new M badges and BMW centre caps: Fitted and balanced with tyres (not separating!): Can deliver around Wellington area. $750 (Or very near offer), would need this sorted before the weekend, else Ill just part trade them against the wheels I want.
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