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  1. I have the DME from my M54B30, think it came from a 2000 530i. I lost out (time limited offer..) on getting it part exchanged for a unit I got modified, so for the same $75 anyone here can have it.
  2. On the cheapness of E63's, I like them too, but they are basically E60's with 2 less door. Price wise, they are similar, so I wouldn't really say they are so cheap, just in the old but not retro cool car-lifecycle limbo period.
  3. I had my Audi S8 D2 (4.2l V8, like the one in Ronin) converted to LPG. Retained the petrol tank so had both but the LPG gave way less range (like <200km or something). Mostly worked fine though at the time people said the V10's and the like would be terrible conversions as LPG is a "dry" fuel and causes all sorts of problems in high HP/high RPM applications. I also converted my Audi Allroad 2.7 Twin Turbo to run e85 with big injectors and fuel pump. It was greaty improved by the conversion though the range also sucked. Sadly e85 died out though.. industry just needed the algae conversion method perfected to get away from the food stock crisis concern..
  4. Don't know about the car, but had a positive buying experience buying from that seller (Eyrewell Forest Motor Company). Got my 760Li off him.
  5. Designed by me and printed on my big FDM printer! M54 conversion is all done and road legal! Just need a quieter exhaust and lower ratio diff and it will be perfect (lol, well, you know..).
  6. What are you putting it in to? You can buy the filters for $100, the housing is the pricey bit. Im prob the only one with a diy Eventuri on an e28..
  7. My listing, I bought 6 of these and stupid shipping delays meant I had sold the car before getting them! https://www.trademe.co.nz/a/motors/car-parts-accessories/bmw/electrics/listing/3507852655?ed=true&bof=3ePjcxTY Part Number BMW: 12138616153 Part Number Delphi: GN10571 Fits tons of BMW and Mini models! Located in Wellington, asking $50 each but would do $45 each for BimmerSport members, which is a total steal!
  8. As KwS, kinda yes, but its more a close relation than the literal engine dropped in.
  9. I guess my E28 is considered a CSL then too?
  10. Yeah.. Looks legit like a competitor, the grille really is holding most of the brands identity!
  11. Shipping a whole diff would be a bit $$ when it's not really that specalist a task! I'd love to buy a complete unit in NZ tho!
  12. Looking at getting a new diff for my e28 (with M54 swap) and the price to import a complete unit, remanufactured ($4k) or even well used ($2k) is too high. Want a taller diff with LSD. So was looking at getting the following from DiffLab.co.au: https://www.difflab.com.au/products/bmw-188mm-diff-rebuild-kit https://www.difflab.com.au/products/bmw-188mm-210mm-differential-bolt-set https://www.difflab.com.au/products/bmw-188mm-lsd-4-clutch-2-way-45-45 https://www.difflab.com.au/products/bmw-188mm-ring-pinion-293 And then getting someone to gut and build into my existing housing. Ive swapped a Ring and Pinion before with some help and didnt find it a fun experience. ( 😛 ) so would rather get someone competent to do it, ideally just hand them the car and get it swapped. Any recommendations in the general Wellington area?
  13. Didn't end up using them for my m54 project. Stubby, tubular type. Price $150 plus postage. Located in : Wellington
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