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  1. Hey there, hope that someone can help I m looking to replace my 320i exhaust with a twin one which we get in 323i or 325i, if someone has that available for sale or can tell me where I can find one.
  2. Thank you for the reply, the caps says ATF only with some japnese letter but when i went to repco they said that ATF dex III is only for cars prior to 2005 and as i have 2010 so it would not be suitable so if someone can help that would be great. regards, Aman
  3. Hello all, i m thinking to change the power steering oil in my 2010 320i but i m confused that which oil should I put in...... on the cap it says ATS oil but nothing else and when I went to check it with repco and supercheap they told me that there are few of them like ATS gen x2, so if someone can help me with this that would be great. Regards, Aman
  4. Hello Daniel, Sorry for the late reply. I ordered it Online, but once you buy the adaptor you will need to buy an application for it as well which is around $70.00 NZD . Its a nice little thing which has a lot of cool function to unlock in bimmers If you would be traveling to rotorua. Let me know and I can help you with coding
  5. that's correct Allan, They should have know better but I hope that this thing will help someone else and will save sometime to go and look for a solution through the dealer.
  6. No Allan, I did that my self as I was going through all possible options in the morning today. They quoted $1600.00 for a new mirror
  7. Just to inform all the Bimmer lovers that I have Sloved the ECT Card error message in Idrive. Just open the ETC Option in the Idrive Then press options button on the controller of the Idrive. it will show you option about the warning message untick it and its all good to go Hope this helps someone in future. Regards, Omi
  8. hey I was just checking that if someone was able to update the gracenote for CIC idrive. I have a japanese import 2010 but the gracenote version is from 2008 and I could not find update on bmw website so any help would be great. if someone has alreay done it for Idrive 320i
  9. I had a word with the dealer fir BMW here and they said that the only option is to take that mirror off and put a new one in and that would be very expensive so i thing I will leave it like this as there is no sound but thanks anyway
  10. thanks for your reply Allan, Just to check if you would by any chance know that where would that fuse be.... My one is in the back of the mirror and its quite alloying to be true.
  11. Hello Friends, Just to infrom you all that I have brought a Carly adaptor to help with but basic coding fir the bimmers so would be happy to help people with the coding. I m based in Rotorua. Regards, Carlo
  12. hello to all, I m have recently brought a 320i 2010 with CIC and there is annoying message from ETC card option everytime you turn the card on it says ETC not inserted so I m checking if someone would know how to turn it off. Regards, omi