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  1. You have an E60 or an F10, you need to use BMW software to reprogram. Try Guido at the BMW workshop on 317 Great North Rd, Grey Lynn, Auckland 1245
  2. Hi Jochen,
    I read your posts with tips how to reprogram Jap BMW radio to Eur frequencies and I have a question.
    Could you please advise me what kind of European radio module would by proper to my car.
    I bought e39 from Japanese market.
    VIN: WBADT410X0GY27412

    I tried to change oryginal Japanese radio module to European Becker BM54.
    Radio played but didn't display frequency.
    Below you can find photos with oryginal Japanese module from my car and Becker I tried to change.

    I'd be very thankful for your reply.

    Kind regards,






  3. Be aware that when you remove the nav system you loose the ability to adjust and set Date Time Trip Computer Security Code (and more, depending on what options are fitted) All speaker wires are in the rear of the vehicle, you will have to run speaker wire from the front to the rear.
  4. Hi Do NOT fit a band expander, you will always be disappointed with the results. If you value your V8 7-series top of the line BMW, then just recode the car. No physical changes necessary, all you do is reprogram the radio tuner. There are guys on this forum who recode BMWs in NZ (I am not in NZ anymore) so look at the forum posts and search for "recode". hotwire is one guy, he's in Hamilton. And if you want the nav changed, then you're up for a hardware change. But it is possible. Again, talk to hotwire. As for the iPod, google "E65 ipod interface" and you will find lots of threads and solutions
  5. Remember: you only coded the radio, not the car The BMW coding system works like this: 1. First read the VehicleOrder, and workout the vehicle coding. A part of the vehicle coding is the country code, in your case, it is set to JAPAN 2. Then recode all modules according to the correct coding data for the country variant, in your case: JAPAN So: if you ever connect to a BMW diagnostic system and the operator does a complete vehicle recode, then it will detect that the current radio coding (set for ECE) does not match the vehicle country coding (set for JAPAN), and it will do it's job and correct the radio coding to what it is programmed to do: JAPAN Your solution (recode radio only) will work fine as long as you never have a entire vehicle recode Of course, the proper way to permanently set the vehicle correctly for use in NZ, is to change the Country Coding of the vehicle (by altering the Vehicle Order) to NEW ZEALAND (or OCEANIA or whatever the right value is), and then recode the vehicle.
  6. Make sure you never let anyone recode your vehicle, because unless you change the country coding of the entire vehicle, the next vehicle recode will revert the settings back to standard (standard for your vehicle country code, which I guess is Japan)
  7. With or without DSP? With or without subwoofer? Standard amp: DSP Amp: 10 Channels x 25W per channel = 250W (Front = 6 channels, rear = 4 channels) Standard Amp: 25W per bass channel = 4x25 = 100W 15W per mid and per high range channel = 6x15 = 60W Total = 160W Add subwoofer at about another 30W per channel, 2 channel, = another 60W or so.
  8. Check you have a good battery, and that the battery connections are sound and clean. Check the earth cable where it connects to the car Disconnect the battery, wait 10min, then reconnect (to reset the whole vehicle and reboot all modules)
  9. Then the radio is the older model, and you cannot change AREA via software. Replace the radio with the Euro model with is reprogrammable.
  10. Depending on what radio module is fitted, it'll be either: BTL, delivering "high power", around 25W RMS per channel (4 channels) non-BTL, delivering "low power" around 6W RMS per channel (4 channels) So tell us what radio module is fitted (read the label on the module, or query it using NavCoder)
  11. But likely not compliant with the road code....
  12. First and Last Photo: rain sensor for auto wipers. Also is the light sensor for auto headlights Third Photo: oncoming light sensor for auto-dimming rear view mirror 8and also for auto-dimming external mirrors, if fitted) Second photo: unknown. Likely some jap add-on.
  13. Are you using the radio power antenna cable to switch on the amp? If so, it may only switch on the amp when the radio needs the antenna up: ie, when the radio is ON. You want the amp-on cable to be connected to something that powers the amp when needed. The lazy way is to switch the amp on all the time the ignition is on, eg: wire it to the ign switch. the proper way is to wire it to the radio so it is on when the radio is on, buy your 2old skool DIN HU" may not support that function But if it is REALLY old skool, then the glow from the valve filaments will illuminate the dash area nicely at nighttime.....
  14. Yeah right 5000 W RMS would consume 416 amps of current at 12V - thats about as much as a starter motor. A typical 60AH battery would thus go flat in 8.6 minutes when the amp is at full volume and consuming 416 amps. There's something here I just do not believe.....
  15. He is on this forum (but not me) If you don't want to pay the money for someone else to do it, then do it yourself. You'll need a BMW Mk4 nav computer, search ebay for the current going rates....