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  1. Might be helpful to send a few photos. Should be plug and play if oem.
  2. Hi all, Just seeing if anyone has any headlights like the attached photo that I can buy off them?
  3. Hi readers, I'm looking for a motorsport steering wheel for an e39 (1997), obviously has to be single stage airbag. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think an e38 steering wheel would do the job? Thanks
  4. Depends on mileage, color etc. anywhere between 34k to 40k.
  5. Anyone got an E39 oxford Green rear bumper they are part out from an oxford green sedan?
  6. where did you get the headlining booked? and costs for it?

    FS 2002 E39 530i

    Heading onto trademe this weekend. Wish me luck.
  8. passenger door card and handle available?
  9. Is your 540i an msport? I might know a person that knows a person with an e39 M5 who could be tempted to sell theres for the right amount.
  10. I managed to get a quote to NZ. was about AUD$39.
  11. what is the colour on it? plain non-primed black?
  12. SHRNTA

    FS 2002 E39 530i

    Oh interesting but Why would one want to sell an amazing piece of motoring.
  13. SHRNTA

    FS 2002 E39 530i

    Honestly I wanted to strip more than just take the 18" BBS wheels off it for my touring. I wanted to take all the bumper trim off it but the rear lip sizing wasnt going to fit on the touring so didn't consider taking the front bumper either and left it as is. Yeah it's a pretty nice example, previous owner had it for 10 years (older gentleman) sold it cause of the WOF issues and buying a newer Kia. If you like this, wait till you see the touring. Might consider selling that when my pallet from UK clears customs. Thanks
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