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  1. Hi all, just seeing if anyone has an e39 sedan OEM Nokia subwoofer box available? Picture added.
  2. Hi I’d be interested. Sending message.
  3. Will see what BM Workshop and German Kollison come back with in terms of damage. I’ve heard parts and panel is about a 3month wait so insurance company might make the decision for me; since everything has to be fixed and given back within a certain period. I’ll never be able to afford a car like this again so out of my hands at this stage.
  4. Haven’t heard anything from insurance company, who probably has got anyway with the police on it. Not sure Police will be interested now that the car has been located. Hope there’s someone who’s got time to look through the footage to find who gone and done it. Should help Wilson Carpark too to improve there security.
  5. It was the Police that located it. Might have been public rang it in to the Police. Plates were removed and replaced with something else.
  6. Hi All, just wanted to let everyone curious or posted here that the car was found, in Torbay of all places. Police has done their forensics and suggests a “deep clean??!” not knowing who’s been in the car. I haven’t been able to see it and won’t be able to see it till insurance is confident car is what it was before claim. from what I can see from photos was mostly bumper damage and I’ve been told only the battery is missing, not sure about engine etc, but Car is heading to BM Workshop for diagnosis and then German Kollisons for panel and paint. thanks for the discussion everyone. Keep your cars safe.
  7. Well Police gave up after a few days. I suspect they have better things to do than stolen vehicles. I passed information on from Wilson Carpark who could recover CCTV footage (which Im not privy too, but will be shown to the police). Again that's if the police want to pursue it. Insurance company has mentioned if the car is not recovered within 14 days of it being stolen, they will pay out for what it was insured for (unlucky for me because I insured it for market value 6 months ago and prices were a lot lower then). Obviously Insurance company are doing their due diligence when paying out and at times it feels like I'm the one at fault here, "why did you park it there for more than a night" "did you try and sell it in the 6 months prior to it getting stolen" and it it feels like i'm doing all the work "can you get the CCTV camera footage, and give it to the police??" Anyway, i'm over it... Never had a car stolen before, so an experience so far. One thing's for sure, insurance companies work for you if you're not at fault (accident caused by someone else etc), but the moment you claim being your fault???!!! they make it hard...
  8. Hi all, with the events of my M3 having been stolen, It's likely now I will be keeping the 540i I was patiently bringing back to factory before flicking it off. Question I'm having difficult answered is that it's a 1997 540i with sEDC. I'm wanting to lower it as it's sitting a bit high on the 18s (style 65s). Does anyone know what lowering springs would be suitable for the car? realoem doesn't list the factory coils serial number that I can work off (i.e spring sizing to EDC strut etc). Any advice would be appreciated.
  9. Yeah. I imagine it’s going to get parted out 😡😪 Its in the police register now and on NZTA claims… I give myself 30% recovering it with SMG stuffed and engine blown! 5% chance recovering it without issues. Will see what insurance company comes back with -length before payment, process if found pre-payout/post-payout, what payout if found damaged mechanically etc… I’ve resigned to the fact a good car has been trashed now… thanks everyone. It’s in excusable now if you don’t get a tracker for your car, NZ isn’t that lovely safe haven anymore. I hear Iceland is for that.
  10. I reckon it’s someone who works at BMW that has access to a) create a key to unlock the car without activating the alarm and b) coding the fob to the car. I’ve been wanting to get a spare key and everyone says best to talk to Auckland BMW who has access to create it. Never got it done cost to make a spare is madness through Akl BMW. I did see some dodgy kids looking at the barrier arm yesterday when I drove in. will keep everyone interested posted.
  11. Hi everyone, I'm writing this topic with sadness and anger at the same time. Just shocked but hoping that putting this out here would be more eyes and ears in seeing my car. Car was parked at Wilson Carpark in Parnell under the cctv camera. Hopefully the police can get the cctv footage and these pricks are found. I didn't know these cars could be stolen without the key, especially that it's an SMG as well. I'm hoping if anyone sees it can let me know. Photos attached. Rang the police and apparently whoever has stolen it has already put in the paperwork to change ownership (i didn't know this was possible). Tried to call NZTA but they are not online till Monday, neither is my insurance company.... wow! Anyway if anyone sees it - likely with different plates now, but it's got black mags and tints. Has a brand new rear bumper and slight dent to rear spoiler and front bumper has curbing damage to both front splitter areas. You help would be appreciated.
  12. Hi all, I have a full Alcantara conversion available for an e39 sedan. Includes headliner, glass sunroof slider, handles, visor, pillars etc. Just gauging what this would be worth as I’m looking to sell it. I was initially intending on doing a conversion on my 540i sedan but just don’t have the time at the moment and figure to sell the 540i as is. thanks
  13. SHRNTA

    E38 abs module

    There is a guy in Taupo that does ABS module reconditioning. ABS Anti-lock braking Diagnostics — Car Computers NZ Ltd (ecu.co.nz)
  14. Hi team, I just wanted to know if/where I can widen my wheel barrels on a set of BMW style 42's (2 piece). I want to have a staggered fit and currently the wheels are 17x8s and I wanted to see if it is possible to widen the rears to 17x9.5s. I'm wanting to fit these on an e38 and I think these would look great on the car. Who in Auckland could carry this out? Arrow Wheels? Wheel Fixit? or some one else? Thanks
  15. SHRNTA

    BBS CH-R 19s

    Are these still available?
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