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  1. Hello everyone, Looking for a steering rack to replace my existing one which failed warrant of fitness. Anyone out there with a good 2nd hand steering rack? Thanks

    SOLD M54B30

    Hi mate, how much did you end up selling this for. I'm trying to gauge prices. thanks heaps.
  3. The grand plan was to do that. but wrecked e39 M5s are hard to find. I'm certainly not transplanting mine into the touring.
  4. what about the S52B32 that Brent has for sale at the moment?
  5. What of the manual conversion have you got available?
  6. Cheers mate. Good to know. I'd suppose thats why I'd pay someone to do the work for me, probably an expensive exercise.
  7. What if I had a running 540i donor car?
  8. tell me more. sounds like you have the bits for the swap, but I'm guessing a lot of mods needed.
  9. fair. not interested in selling. its a bit hard to find oxford green touring with cream interior in a v8. I suppose if anything, just M54B30 swap and manual convert?! at least more torque etc.
  10. Hey mate, you're probably on the boat back to new zealand, but if not, here goes....Sell it if you want (resell is slightly higher in the UK at the moment compared to NZ), however don't expect to buy an e39 M5 back in NZ, everyones got there's locked in the garage and unlikely to sell, as you are probably fully aware, these cars bring amazingly and that fish n chip run sounds like a goer; i might try it myself. If you're gonna bring your motor over, I think it would be worth the hassle to get compliance. Certainly do the work here in NZ when it lands that way it should be sweet for another 20 years. You'll have no issues with emissions etc when getting wof. There's an e39 M5 club here, drop a message when you and the car land in NZ.
  11. Hi All, I've got an e39 525i touring (5 speed auto) that I've picked and wanting to gauge effort and costs to do either of the following: M62TUB46 swap (will need to source everything to make it run), ideally convert it to manual too M62TUB44 or M62B44 (will need to source everything to make it run), ideally convert it to manual too M54B30 (I have a running donor car), ideally I would like to convert to manual. The above order is from favourable to least favourable. I know the M54B30 would be the easiest choice, but since I have a 525i, is it really worth the effort and money for the gains. Then again I don't know the effort or costing it would take to do the V8 conversions. BTW i would need some capable hands to help, i'm not a greasy monkey, just a monkey with a dream There's a few 98/98 e39 540s on trademe at the moment that are ex-project cars that have been collecting dust. Ideally I'd like e53 4.6is thats been wrecked that I could get the necessary parts to do the full conversion (LVV compliant etc). I'd like to hold onto the wagon for awhile cause I just love the e39 shape and it would definitely look sexy towing something (even a trailer with garden waste 🤣) your input would be greatly appreciated. thanks
  12. Hey mate, you got 2 x side view mirror bolts?
  13. SHRNTA

    S52b32 M3 engine

    Likely hood this could be transplanted into 2001 528i?
  14. Morning, Hope all is good with everyone. Just after a navigation/ radio tuner, preferably a later model tuner (with round pin) to fit into an E39. I currently have a japan version (pre Sept 2001) and done wrong and bought a BM C43 US version, unfortunately because its a US version, the frequencies don't line up in NZ. Also, If any one has a worldwide navigation drive (Preferably MK 3 or MK4) that I can replace the Japanese one with that would be handy to. This is for a station wagon project that i'm getting into. Thanks
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