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  1. This whole thread is great reading on a 16hr flight. Looking forward to getting home to fix bits and pieces on mine.
  2. Nice purchase, I have the same car (delphin metallic). Was the one you purchased with the m-tech 2 bumpers? Do you have any idea what route you are going to go with the exhaust, I have the same issue where its a bit drony and loud. Cheers
  3. Purchased from BMW Continental Cars for $445. Was expecting the earlier mtech 1 mushroom style but the later facelift model shifter turned up. Super nice feeling shifter, just going for original to my car so will be replacing this with an aftermarket mtech 1 style part number 25111221510 Happy to ship or buyer can pick up from Castor Bay, Auckland. Happy to sell for $399 ono
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