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  1. Count me in, its been a while since I was there.
  2. Pics never seem to do justice to just how fast you're driving. In the short front straight showing us driving by on the track, we were getting to little over 140kmh.
  3. Yep its a sweet example. Very origional in most ways and the changes made are subtle but effective. I'm not into slamming or sacking good cars.
  4. Hey guys, that was me in the red car which was fast catching up on Brent in the first pic showing me and then catching him a second time in the later pic of me fast coming at him again. Ha ha, perhaps not quite like that but it was his 'good kind' wife taking those pics. And yeah, if you guys want to skill up so you can keep to an E36 328 or a M3 kicking red E28 (I passed one, film to prove it) then get yourselves to the Driver Training days. Racing Ray got a further 2 or 3 secs off my time around Taupo. In some ways I like it better than Hampies. I just wish Taupo track was nearer Ak.
  5. Do you really have to sell one of these?? Just build up your garage a bit more and keep them both. But if worst came to worst then the shark would be the one to keep. Why: It looks great, it's rare, it can be discretly built up to out drive your E34 using origional BMW parts, it is more of an interest car due to it being the classic look, it will appreciate in value, would show that you're more of an enthuisiest (wrong spelling), you don't have a heap of kids so don't need a 4 door. So there you go.
  6. My E28 M535 was the test car on Saturday to try out these new breaks of Martys and see if they do actually just bolt on and how they preform. I had replaced the standard breaks a year ago with 540i front and rear breaks. That showed great gains but step up from there by at least double again and you are close to what I experienced when we bolted on Martys bracket and BIG front breaks. I had to re learn to use less foot pressure to slow down as these breaks are really effective, I was slinging myself forwards in the seat when I hit the breaks hard. My previous upgrade was good but these breaks are awsome. If you want to reduce lap times then good breaks are essential. I am not sure what alternatives are available, probably none as wild and effective as these. My recomendation, get some now. I certainally am going on Martys list of buyers.
  7. Pending payment for car. Then its a done deal.
  8. Yep, I've seen him there; stands around looking perplexed and bamboozled by the task he's set himself. Really, he's checking if Marty or any of Martys trusty staff are watching, then he whips out this pipe and hooks up to any near by gas tank and drains it. Then rattles a few spanners for a while till the coast is clear again. Could take a while to get this 'project' completed me thinks. Lol.
  9. Hey, that's only under 3 weeks away!! Hey guys, To all of you have replied to my topic re various days out on Puke over the next few weeks, it looks like Saturday 23rd of May is looking hot for at least 5 or more of us. Please add your comments re coming out on this day as it could be a great chance to meet up with other Bimmersport guys and gals and for only $90.00 you can spend the whole day at the track, race your car for 20 minute bursts throughout the day. Now is that great value or what!? The $90.00 is what it costs to get offically out on the track. I have been out there a good few times since last December and it represents a great opportunity to eithe show your stuff or develop your talent and managing a car well around NZ's most famous track.
  10. Ian 535

    E28 Race car.

    And by the way, if you have any 3.5 motor bits around that may help my old red e28 then let me know (eg extractors). I need more speed so I can keep watch of you two for a little longer before you dissappear out of sight.
  11. Ian 535

    E28 Race car.

    Hey that is great news David. Now you and Brent can both have M5 motors. You may be in for a surprise next time you pit your lightened E28 against his tight good handling car. May be good timing to get that engine installed.
  12. Now that's a nice car. I hope it continues to go great. And the fuel economy is surprising since its a v8 but I suppose you drove it nicely back which proves what people have said about V8's being not too bad on gas if you drive carefully.
  13. Hey Creaver, yes you missed out on a good day. We met at Greenlane McD's then headed down the motorway to Manurewa turnoff and headed out to Clevedon, then to Kawakawa bay, Orere point and on out to Kaiawa where we all stopped and had fish and chips and other things for lunch. Then out to Miranda and inland to alot of really neat back roads which bought us onto Ponga Rd behind Papakura. We were back home before 4pm but had a solid time driving, chatting and comparing cars. And got to know a few more faces and names too. It was great. I hope Zac is keen to organise another day like this before the year is up.
  14. Yep mate, this is all good but will it mean that you can now remove your smoke screen defence system you installed which was to stop you being overtaken by 318's and the like. I mean, one day you gotta look at the valve guides or something ay. Or onsell the motor to me cheap and I will review this feature you have been utilizing with low effectiveness for some time now. And fix the cigarette lighter.
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