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  1. I'm late to the game but I have a OEM gasket trace & card board template for my firewall repair; done this on my care & holding up without any issues (fitment, water tightness) for the past year
  2. $60 O.N.O Genuine Bosch Aerofit wiper blades. Pair of 550mm 22” inch & 450mm 18” inch. New in packaging. Purchased for BMW F20 1 series - fits F21 also (2011-2019 model). May suit other models. I put a new set on my moms car & it lasted around 3 years (the car was parked out on the open). Better quality & fitment than Wipertech or non-OEM alternatives. Sold vehicle so no longer needed. Pickup in Mt Eden, Parnell or Te Atatu South area.
  3. nothing floor mats can't fix hide 😂love your work on the alpineweiss e30; looking clean!
  4. Put 99% of interior back together (just need to replace front component speakers, speaker panel & carpet trim) Went for WOF....failed 4 tyres due to 10 yr old rotted tyres - easy fix! New tyres next week & car will legally be back on the road. WOF inspectors spent more time looking at engine bay than the rest of the car. Thanks to Aliexpress & Bunnings for having most of the tools, clips & other little loose bits to fix everything 🤣 Rod from @euroitalian has been awesome for parts!
  5. WTB E30 headlight switch - not sure if anyone has one in their spare parts bin/unused parts pile.
  6. New carpets after loom & floor pan tidy up. Fitment wasn't perfect but decent all things considered (easy to cut & trim). The underlay is pretty thick felt; hopefully better than OEM sound insulation (degraded 35 year old foam).
  7. lucky with one crack! I just used polyurethane from Bunnings & levelled it down with mineral turps. When/if I could be bothered to try to make it perfect, I won't level it down with turps & source a textured "stamp" to mimic the OEM pattern from a vinyl repair kit. Most creative one & most OEM looking one I've seen that still had a soft finish, was using shredded cleaning sponge, super glue & baking powder mixture then finished off with vinyl repair kit before respray.
  8. finished with 99% of rust-oration & just need to tidy up some areas with prime & top coat. patched up the cracked dash & went for matte black finish (will be two tone interior with navy door cards & centre ); will see how the dash ages/lasts over time (just don't look at is closely & without dash mat 🤣) got new carpets & mats to go before interior goes back in.
  9. Motor was left in - I had to take out dash as I had to redo the whole area under the wipers & its drainage area. I was lucky the rust didn’t reach the brake booster so it saved me from taking that out.
  10. Wrapping up most of the rust repairs this month after putting in a lot of time over the Xmas break. Starting to re-assemble including DIY resprayed guard, bumper & lip ECU & tune next after going for a WOF....
  11. I got a MaxxECU for my turbo'd M40B18 & need to install an intake air temp sensor. Is pre-throttle body or post-throttle body on the intake manifold the best place to put it? I keep reading different things (accuracy vs. heat soak debate). any advice would be appreciated!
  12. Took me a few weekends to get this done; removed the previous lap weld rust repairs & redid the repair. Tried my best to protect the wiring from heat & the grinder so I don’t have to bust out the soldering iron 😂 Will tidy up all the flash & surface rust before KBS rust seal top coat.
  13. ....and painted the rank looking parcel tray with some Duplicolour Vinyl & Fabric paint (very easy to use)
  14. Was wondering is there anyone else that tunes stock BMW e30 ECU's anymore? I tried to ring up Gavin (Hi Velocity) but apparently he has retired! Otherwise I'm looking at a MaxxECU set up & tune, which probably would work out better in the long run but feels a bit overkill (only intend on running 12psi).
  15. Very slow but steady progress - got the LHS firewall & wiper area drains to do for rust repairs & will be ready for new carpets (getting fresh set made). Cleaned up very small things that you won't even see (prevent future corrosion) & painted with KBS RustSeal (recommend over POR15 as it's more flexible). Also bought some cosmetic goodies to keep me motivated to finish this thing up before Xmas & get it back on the road.
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