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  1. Segedins on Dominion Road sell low profile aluminium floor jacks, good prices also depending on the load
  2. Go back and talk to them about it - a cut and a V band would be a easy fix (maybe a simple mis-communication was to blame)
  3. Be a prick and do it on a road with heaps of speed bumps, midnight should be quiet enough traffic wise XD
  4. Lol okay, no point in arguing whether the CGA prima facie applies or not. I just hope Julian gets a remedy of some sort.
  5. CGA only applies to a 'consumer good' and is defined in the act. If the product bought isn't a 'consumer good' CGA doesn't apply.
  6. Unfortunately, don't think the courts will see a/m exhaust tips being a goods normally acquired by a "consumer". Sale of Goods Act (s15) his ass
  7. Sweet, just use the spare key and remote when you miss it too much....and don't habitually clean it as well
  8. its only on mobile....i've been seeing the same thing on mine
  9. Here's the original description: My name is shawn prince and i am 23 years old. I was/am building a Mazda miata drift car powered by a small block Chevy 350. I was super excited to start it.... I could not start with exhaust manifolds because they would not fit. I have to make my own.... But aside from that, I mounted in the car, via modified subframe and hooked a hoist on the rear to keep the engine level.... I hooked up all the fuel lines and gave it a go.... Resulted in a horrendous fire where I got 1st and 2nd degree burns all over my left arm and leg...the reason for the fire is ignition timing was off and fuel pressure at the regulator was too high.... I killed fuel and spark and I kept turning the engine over so it would suck the fire back into the engine therefore extinguishing the fire but that didn't work and I did not have a fire extinguisher so I grabbed the hose. He just panicked and jumped the gun with starting it....read somewhere his mechanic teacher/tutor said to keep cranking if a fire started so it gets "sucked back in"
  10. ROTA wheels bring them in (I assume they are Varrstoens?) contact them or Platinum wheels(if you bought from them) to see if they can supply them. Then print stickers etc
  11. fits, yes, worth it? maybe not http://forums.bimmerforums.com/forum/showthread.php?2046107-Does-anyone-know-anything-about-E90-Drop-Hats-Spring-hats google some more and it'll tell you some had grinding or binding issues etc. (some didn't, but who knows) ~$100 for drop hats, might as well buy springs for all that hassle and do it properly (then add in some extra coin to shortenshocks for moar lowage)
  12. Who's your certifier? I passed my cert with some generic cheaper non-OEM pads, fresh fluid bleed with Motul 5.1 (boiling points worse than Castrol SRF dot 4 from what i've read), and SAFEBRAKE braided lines from Driven Performance
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