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  1. Been looking through TM on my breaks and still didn’t see this until you linked it now. Are you just on TM 24/7?!
  2. I thought it was at asking price the whole time, was chatting to the seller and then had a look to check something and it said sold 😂. Feel so dumb
  3. Nothing like yellow rain https://www.trademe.co.nz/motors/used-cars/bmw/auction-3143292310.htm Better sell that e46 @Sammo plenty of options here.
  4. All the nice cars have come out of the woodwork. It’s like a Christmas shopping list, only I don’t have enough funds for all of them 😂
  5. Thought it may have been one of the members on here. Pretty tempting!
  6. Hey team! So, the drivetrain I bought didn’t end up being a full drivetrain so I’m after a few parts to complete the set up: - Driveshaft/Propshaft for b25 + g260 (If you have the diff and rear axle as well then that’d be a treat!) - Manual Pedal Box - LSD med case 3.73 or 3.91 Send me a message please. Cheers
  7. https://www.trademe.co.nz/motors/used-cars/bmw/auction-3142471096.htm Surely one of you guys saw this up
  8. Not familiar with m30 engines though. The red one sounds like it’s been looked after well if owned for the last few decades. @leichtbau unsure if it’s the same but have contacted a fella that will be selling his mt2 soon, just needed to do up a few things.
  9. Was at work, so didn’t even see it. My bad timing strikes again! @E28E30 I’ve already contacted the 3L one.
  10. Nah fair enough, I wasn’t intending to buy it off him as I doubt that I’ll get it anywhere close to how much he got it for, plus it doesn’t have AC 😂. I’m heading down to Dunedin and just wanted to see it in person
  11. If anyone has two, I’ll take the second one 😂 Feel like this should be moved to the want to buy section though
  12. Thanks! Definitely didn’t do both of those and only realised afterwards (hindsight eh 😅). Didn’t really think since the first bolt was alright. Cheers for the suggestions by the way, been busy so will need to put off until this weekend unfortunately.
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