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  1. On my hunt for an e30, I was messaging someone on fb and found out that they were selling a M325i. Can’t afford it but I enquired since I was curious, and the price was definitely beyond my budget 😂. They’re definitely out there.
  2. Fair enough. Different styles. I feel like I just bid closer to the end since someone can just outbid me by a few bucks which would suck.
  3. I wonder how high it’ll get. Always curious though why people end up bidding so early in the auction.
  4. Agree with this completely. But I guess, to each their own eh.
  5. Reassuring to see that someone else finds that price pretty steep for what the car is.
  6. Preferably factory manual, but having a feel of what’s out there. PM me or reply. Thanks!
  7. This looks like a proper project and a half.
  8. You’ve done such an amazing job so far!
  9. It’s more depressing for someone trying to jump in too late 😂
  10. Mate, went higher than I wanted it to be. Although, it was definitely in good condition. I do wonder at times if one of the bidders is the owner as well. If that was a coupe it probably would be taken by now.
  11. Hell BM? Mate, did the bro just resell for profit? That sucks. I saw that guy post it up on another page, people seemed to be quite surprised on the price. Definitely is quite high though.
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