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  1. Didn’t know lightbulbs spiked up in price. Anyone want 1 x new licence plate bulb for 5k ONO - I know what I got.
  2. The beast‘s heart has been taken out, just before I’ve become unwell. Coming a bit right now so hopefully will get cracking soon again. I’m going a direction which will probably sting BMW purists 😂. Fingers crossed I can take it to meets this summer.
  3. Calling the wise BMW gents. Does anyone know what these are? Came off my E30 and want to sell it but don’t know the value. Tried googling it but wasn’t that helpful.
  4. Are the pistons and rods from M50b25 similar to M52b28? If so, and if they’re in good working order, would be happy to grab that off you. Cheers
  5. If you don’t mind me asking, how’s the interest on the Baur Graham? I feel it may be more of a niche market so might need some time to get the word out - I may be wrong though?
  6. Here I was, wanting to rant about slow drivers on the fast lane. I think I’ll just come back another day.
  7. E9 3.0 CS going south on SH1 this morning. 👌🏽 Was running late for work so couldn’t get a plate, otherwise I would’ve followed you until we parted ways.
  8. @Vass Surely that car’s owned by these two
  9. Considering @Sammo was selling his for only 1.5k more, which was a manual and in better condition (and personally, better colour too) than this, definitely not worth it. All those “watch lists and e-mails” don’t mean jack until someone actually pulls the trigger.
  10. Surely that’s on some list for subtle traits of a psychopath. Just joking mate, GLWS.
  11. Every time I see that back end I’m mildly annoyed by the off-centre slot for the exhaust. 😂
  12. Orbital would be great! You based in Auckland?
  13. @Sammo How was it? Looks like it’s certed for the swap and the suspension. Wouldn’t be surprised if this goes quick.
  14. Listed at 20k. Not sure what the displacement is but considering prices nowadays and if they’re honest about the rust, not a bad buy for 20k.
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