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  1. @Vass Surely that car’s owned by these two
  2. Considering @Sammo was selling his for only 1.5k more, which was a manual and in better condition (and personally, better colour too) than this, definitely not worth it. All those “watch lists and e-mails” don’t mean jack until someone actually pulls the trigger.
  3. Surely that’s on some list for subtle traits of a psychopath. Just joking mate, GLWS.
  4. Every time I see that back end I’m mildly annoyed by the off-centre slot for the exhaust. 😂
  5. Orbital would be great! You based in Auckland?
  6. @Sammo How was it? Looks like it’s certed for the swap and the suspension. Wouldn’t be surprised if this goes quick.
  7. Listed at 20k. Not sure what the displacement is but considering prices nowadays and if they’re honest about the rust, not a bad buy for 20k.
  8. Does anyone have a sander that I can borrow from tomorrow to Christmas? Just need to quicken up the work to make the gift in time for Christmas! Will be used on wood, ideally one that’s able to go from 60-80 grit up to 180+.
  9. @Olaf Haha sorry mate, didn’t mean anything by it at all. It’s your car so obviously it’s up to you, but, it’d be so satisfying to do it when it’s finished and the last thing on the checklist is putting the iS badge in there!
  10. Thanks for the reminder, forgot to top up my blinker fluid.
  11. I’m really curious if people that are into 318is would buy a replica at this price? @Olaf I know that you’re trying to make a 318is replica, what do you reckon?
  12. The photos are stunning! If I had throwaway money, this would be the ultimate resto project. Always so sad that an iconic car gets to this stage. Cue sad Porsche face I do find it funny that the listing says that “It’s a very complete car”. I think when you step in a car and your foot goes through it, “complete” isn’t the right word.
  13. Initially reminded me of the very ‘laid-back’ M3 seller. Turns out it’s actually the same dude. Makes total sense now. I’m honestly quite surprised he’s not getting hounded on TM. Sold pending payment apparently.
  14. E34 535i - quad round headlights, straight six, more modern comforts, can actually seat more than 2 people (comfortably), say no more E34 540i - same as above but a grunty V8 E30 any spec - gotta keep my hands busy somehow E36 328i - 2dr straight six, can’t go wrong Tie between E46 330ci and E87 130i - on one hand you get a more modern E36, on another all the perks of a hot hatch 🔥 Don't know the other models enough to rate 😂
  15. Congrats mate!!! Can’t wait to see it on a meet!
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