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  1. If you change your mind about the interiors I’m keen for a gander and see if my wallet can take it 😂
  2. Anyone seen this? Pretty cheap considering the probable amount spent on the build. May not agree with all of the choices made with the build but still quite impressive. https://www.facebook.com/groups/911248828906503/permalink/6667085263322802/?mibextid=6ojiHh
  3. Just saw this out on the road the other day/week.
  4. Looking for the above items if anyone has them lying around. Here’s the part number for the rear bumper shock absorber: 51121965860 I think that part number is for the left? But I need the right, looks like I should be interchangeable but not sure. If anyone can confirm that, that’d be amazing There’s an alternative part number I saw in realoem: 51121959128 but it doesn’t look the same, not sure what the differences are. Also after a front left indicator lens. Can’t get a part number but it looks like this. Made by Sidler. Off a facelift model. If anyone can give me a PN for this as well, would be amazing. Thanks!
  5. I can get a better photo later on but here’s what I was talking about
  6. Calling upon the wise and experienced elders of this forum I managed to undo the torsion bars without snapping my fingers off but now I’m having trouble putting it back on. Any tips and tricks?
  7. I bet you there’s rust on the floor pan that just hasn’t been seen from underneath yet. They’re all structural parts as well so can’t just DIY it.
  8. Thanks! Yeah, they have the image I need but it’s not quite the same. There is a lip around it where as they’ve done something different. https://e30garage.no/product/under-fuse-box-repair-kit/
  9. Does anyone have any photos / can take photos of the interior and exterior part of the whole hole where the wiring harness comes through to meet with the fuse box. Wanting to fab up something but don’t have a reference of what it’s supposed to look like, I instead have what the tin worm has left me. Bonus point if you have measurements haha.
  10. Can testify to this. Since borrowing Dave’s one (thanks again by the way!) I’ve ended up buying myself one and have used it for random jobs way more than I thought I would.
  11. Anyone based in Auckland happen to have a car rotisserie that I can hire / borrow? Happy to compensate of course. For context, it’ll be for an E30 that I’m trying to finish off before summer - will make my life a whole lot easier, and probably cleaner. Thanks!
  12. “Will keep if it doesn’t sell” I find that quite funny. If the car doesn’t sell [at your price], of course you will be keeping, that’s kind of how it works… You’re stuck with it until someone offers you your (most of the time) ludicrous price. I know the message between the lines is “not desperate to sell so won’t take your lowball offers” but I wonder if it actually deters people from lowballing?
  13. Didn’t know lightbulbs spiked up in price. Anyone want 1 x new licence plate bulb for 5k ONO - I know what I got.
  14. The beast‘s heart has been taken out, just before I’ve become unwell. Coming a bit right now so hopefully will get cracking soon again. I’m going a direction which will probably sting BMW purists 😂. Fingers crossed I can take it to meets this summer.
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