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  1. As per above, looking for any of the following ratios below: - 3.15, 3.23, 3.46 Please PM with condition and price. Cheers!
  2. @Sammo It really depends - if it’s modified then I’d be questioning the who/where/when/how/what and is it certed, or has it been serviced at all - any records, I’d look at the WOF sheet to see if it failed on anything or any warnings, list of question goes on. I’d be wary of the “no known rust” statement. Some people are just happy to be ignorant of these issues because they know they’re going to sell it off eventually anyway. Whereas, I would actively look for them as I’m a bit more pedantic about a car I want to keep tidy. I’ve viewed several e36s and e30s before buying mine and honestly, I can say that all of the people who said “no known rust” or some kind of iteration of that, I found rust within the first minute of inspection. Granted, some were surface but I’ve found some to have corrosion as well. I’ve even found on an e30 the left side tray in the boot by the antenna filled with water without the owner knowing. Personally, the higher the price tag, the more I’d actually want to check in person as I want to be sure that the car is worth the price. That’s mostly because I don’t have a lot of expendable income and only starting to wrench. If you’re neither of that, I would probably approach it as @BMTHUG would, as long as the seller doesn’t seem dodgy, and has recent WOF and reg. If it’s from someone here that actually posts, I’d buy it sight unseen as most of the members here are enthusiasts and seem to be more trustworthy than the fb counterparts. You could potentially ask a favour from the seller or someone here to have a PPI done, and/or maybe ask them to get you a new WOF with vtnz. In saying that, I missed out on a very tidy one as I was hesitant in buying sight unseen - albeit at the time it was priced relatively a bit on the higher side than market value. So at the end of the day, it’s your money and decision so do your due diligence and go with your gut.
  3. Ghost Chip


    Sorry to hear mate! Electronics alright?
  4. Ghost Chip


    This. My curious nature is wanting to find out what I missed out on 😂
  5. Ghost Chip


    Why am I now curious as to what you actually sold haha
  6. @Palazzo for some reason I feel like that’s quite cheap
  7. @dirtydoogle Oh nah, I was merely saying that you don’t have to be on a track to notice any changes when you have another person in the car. I agree, it is a whole different thing. That was really what I was getting at when I commented that, I was just too lazy to explain myself further.
  8. Even going around town, you’d feel the difference when another person is in the car. Although have never tried with a SUV or a Ute.
  9. Update: Finally arrived this morning! Ended up going with the Toptul 3/8” 19-110Nm as it suited my immediate needs, will probably buy as needed again in the future. Was going to use on the wheels today but totally forgot that I didn’t have a 3/8” to 1/2” converter - big fail 😂. Thanks for all the suggestions!
  10. @Cammsport I’m not sure as I’m not too sure how I would know if it contacted it haha, but even on a straight in the motorway it’s the same. Ah, I’ll have a look at your thread and have a further dig on the old interwebs. Car is certed already so looks like PO got away with it? I wonder if it would be worth doing it anyway to insulate the engine bay from more heat. Cheers for the help Cam
  11. If that’s the reason why, I’m happy to chuck in an ad for you now 😂
  12. Agreed with @Cammsport, but you’re not going to sell it anyway so no worries @E28E30 😉
  13. For context I’m running a m52 swapped e30 with a purple tag rack, and revshift motor and transmission mounts Asked this on the project thread but thought may get more answers here. Getting a lot of road vibrations on the steering wheel in high speeds/motorway, not noticeable in idle or when driving around residential roads. Feel like the two culprits could be the mounts or the steering linkage. Want to ask a question for people who have similar set ups or have a better clue than I do. What are you running for your mounts and steering linkage? Mine currently look like below compared to what it should be like. I was looking at a post that talked about doing a e36 hybrid (upper UJ from e30 and lower UJ from e36) which keeps the guibo looking thing to then hopefully reduce the vibrations. It looks like mine just got deleted to make it fit. Other solutions seem to be to use the barina linkage which I have no clue on.
  14. FACT. Yeah you’re right about that as well. The fun bit is working on it, although have had a few head scratching moments already 😂. Probably will keep rising as supply vs demand but I wonder if it’ll be a bit more relaxed as borders open.
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